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10 WordPress plugins to create a contact form on your blog

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No matter if it's a contact form, subscription, order or a quiz, as long as this form is beautiful, it will always give a professional look to your website or blog. A contact form is a great way to give your readers the opportunity to get in touch with you without showing your email address.

While most WordPress themes come with built-in contact forms, it's often best to create your own form with a specialized plugin. This approach allows you to customize the look you want to give your website, to add additional fields; in short, it allows you to have full control over your forms.

There are many premium WordPress plugins in the field that offer a range of different features. The choice must be made according to your needs. But to help you quickly find your rare pearl, here is for you the best WordPress plugins, perfect for creating a professional contact form on your website or blog.

But before, let's discover together How to Install a WordPress Blog in 7 Steps et How to search, install and activate a WordPress theme on your blog.

Then, back to why we are here.

1. Contact Us Form

Contact Us Form is a responsive WordPress plugin and a simple but rich customization tool that displays a clear and encouraging form, where your visitors can contact you with their message.

You will have the possibility to define the necessary fields, to choose the best layout of the fields and to personalize it entirely for encourage your customers or visitors to leave their suggestions or messages.

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Just set up the e-mail address where you want to receive the messages and use it to grow your business in the most profitable direction.

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2. Ninja Kick

Ninja Kick is a WordPress contact form plugin that allows your visitors to instantly view the contact form without waiting for the complete loading of the contact page.

This WordPress plugin comes with 3 great themes, a bar dedicated to sharing on social networks, the integration of Mailchimp and a great customization of its look. He uses modern CSS transitions, has a layout that responds to changes in screen size and it works well on mobile devices and responds perfectly to the touch.

So, if you are looking for a more universal WordPress solution for create a sliding panel with beautiful effects do not hesitate to take a look at this WordPress plugin.

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3. Slick Popup Pro

Slick Popup Pro is a fairly simple and lightweight WordPress extension that converts any form created by the plugin Contact Form 7 in a popup. She uses the form and converts it into a beautiful and perfectly responsive popup.

The form popup can have several uses including: an information collection form, a contact form, a registration form, a quote form, a suggestion / complaint form and others.

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4. W8 Contact Form

W8 Contact Form is one of the most popular contact form plugins on WordPress.

It offers full features such as submission to multiple recipients, animation support, unlimited creation of forms, different styles, and a wide variety of additional customization options.

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In addition, it offers your website or blog a professional system to more easily connect with your customers. You will be able to personalize all of your forms according to your needs and your tastes.

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5. Slick Popup Pro

Slick Popup Pro is a fairly simple and lightweight WordPress extension that converts any form created by the plugin Contact Form 7 in a popup. She uses the form and converts it into a beautiful and perfectly responsive popup.

The form popup can have several uses including: an information collection form, a contact form, a registration form, a quote form, a suggestion / complaint form and others.

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6. Gravity Forms

Without a doubt, the Gravity Forms premium plugin is one of the plugins les most popular of this list. Last week, data from Datanyze revealed that it is used on 53% of the best websites classified by Alexa as using hosted forms.

GravityForms allows you to design and create your own forms using an intuitive visual editor. Its main features include: easy and intuitive creation of Forms of contact, thequiz performance, the creation of surveys, the creation oformals of quotes, the seizure control, the support ofstandard and advanced hamps, and many others.

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Prices start from $ 39 per year for a personal license and customer support. It also has a lot of add-ons (Extensions) available that will allow you to integrate GravityForms to MailChimp, PayPal and other services.

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7. Contact Form 7

If the GravityForms plugin is the most popular form premium WordPress plugin, ContactForm 7 is probably the most popular free plugin with over 5 millions of downloads

ContactForm 7 is easy to use. It can handle multiple contact forms, and you can customize forms with HTML. This plugin also supports AJAX validation, the CAPTCHA et Spam filtering with Akismet.

If you are looking for a free and powerful solution to create a contact form on your WordPress website, then this plugin is for you.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

8. Ninja Forms

The WordPress Ninja Forms plugin is another popular plugin. It has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface and allows you to create contact forms, email capture forms, or any other form you need.

Some features of this plugin are: a preview mode available, options for customizing styles and layout, limport and export options, the support of anti-spam fields, dReusable custom fields, and others.

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Even if this WordPress plugin is free, know that you have to pay to have some extensions (there are several of them).

Download | Demo | Web hosting

9. FormCraft

The FormCraft plugin is a simple and intuitive premium WordPress plugin thanks to its drag-and-drop interface that allows you to create complex and responsive forms without writing any code.

This plugin offers: the support of pread 20 special fields, tThree types of form display (pop up, mobile and fixed), un analysis form, several style options, support for math formulas, support for conditional logic, seamless integration with other WordPress plugins, the presence of many templates and many more.

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At $ 36, this WordPress plugin is not expensive, but it is certainly worth it if you are looking for a powerful, flexible and customizable extension to create a beautiful contact form.

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That's it for this list of the best WordPress plugins for contact form creation. If you have some comments and or suggestions, do not hesitate to let us know in the reserved section.

However, you will also be able to consult our resources, if you need more elements to carry out your projects of creation of Internet sites, by consulting our guide on the WordPress blog creation or the one on Divi: the best WordPress theme of all time.

But meanwhile, share this article on your different social networks.


This article features 10 comments
  1. Hello,
    I look for a plugin for creating quotes forms (up to, I think I'm on the right article) multiple choice with the option of integrating a CSV file. for multiple choice and add at the end as a quotation to be sent.
    In the mind that is site:
    At the end it there's the cities that I think are in a BDD and I would like to achieve the thing mm.
    Would the plugin Gravity good or you think you need to manually insert them one by one in the form?
    Thank you

  2. Hello and bravo
    There is something I do not understand, how do I view the data collected by the form on a page on my site?
    I understand how to create forms but I want the results to appear on a page of my site.
    For example, I want people who organize tournaments to post their tournament on my site via a form, they fill in the fields and the data appear directly in a table on the tournaments page of my site!
    If anyone can help me thanks bcp!

  3. Hello,
    Thank you for these useful infos.
    I am looking for a plugin to establish a quote request form with different dropdown menus or visitors could fill in the fields: place of works, type, price desired, tec ...

    which plugin worpress simple to set up, attractive for visitors advise me?



  4. Hello,

    Thank you for this list. Personally, I used Contact Form 7 until then, but I'm satisfied. I therefore seek a new and I'll try some of that list.

    See you soon,

  5. Thank you for this post. I have no luck, I tested Contact form and 7 Formidable forms and I do not receive any messages in my inbox. I put my email in the fields provided for this purpose yet. They are not in my spam.

  6. Hi Thierry,

    I personally use the contact form application included in JetPack on most of my sites.
    And on the other, I use often the contact page template included in the theme.



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