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10 WordPress plugins to post testimonials on your blog

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Testimonials go a long way in converting customers to your blog. They are proof that your product (or service) works, and that it has already helped other people… It is therefore a particularly effective form of advertising.

In this article, we propose you the 10 best premium WordPress plugins to use if you want to post the testimonials on your blog.

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Then back to why we are here.

1. Advance Testimonial

Advance testimonial is a plugin - addon - WordPress that allows you to display testimonials with a beautiful appearance on your website. It is dedicated to the powerful WordPress plugin Visual Composer which you must first installed before enjoying this wonderful extension.

Advance testimonial addon for wordpress formerly visual composer

It has 08 testimonial styles, slider and grid layouts, all with plenty of customization options. In addition, its customer support is very responsive

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2. Testimonial Showcase

Testimonial Showcase is a WordPress plugin that allows you to display testimonials, reviews, or other quotes in several ways. It is fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress and WPBakery. It comes with 5 built-in layout templates, perfect for displaying your testimonials.

Testimonials showcase for visual composer plugin

You will be able to display your testimonials in the form of grid or slider. It is fully customizable and supports the star rating system. You will also be able to allow your users to submit their testimonials on the frontend of your website.

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3. Premium Reviews & Testimonials Widgets for Elementor

This WordPress plugin does almost the same job as the previous one on our list. The only difference is that it is an addon of the powerful Elementor plugin in contrast with Visual Composer of the previous one.

Premium reviews testimonials widgets for elementor

Its features are among others: perfect compatibility with Elementor, fully responsive layout, completely customizable fields, support for several widgets, the ability to connect with the identifier of a social network to leave a testimonial and much more. others.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

4. Instagram Testimonials

The WordPress Instagram Testimonials plugin allows you to display your customers' Instagram posts as testimonials on your website. Don't miss this new trend and use social media to build trust in your customers. If they really appreciate your services and share them on Instagram, why not brag about it?

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Instagram testimonials plugin for wordpress

So display their positive impressions as testimonials on your website with a recognizable design. Add stickers and make them more eye-catching, highlight phrases to catch the eye, set the ranking and you will see how very eye-catching this WordPress plugin is.

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5. Testimonials Slider

The Testimonial Slider WordPress plugin is a simple tool that allows you to display your customer's testimonials in the most vivid and engaging way on your website.

Testimonials slider wordpress testimonials plugin

You will have the option to use it to collect any type of testimonial along with the author's name, author's photo, company logo, and even a client's website URL.

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This presentation will increase the credibility of your product or services at the same time asUser experience. So use this WordPress plugin and strengthen your reputation with real and sincere testimonials.

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6. Excited!

Excited! is a premium multi-purpose WordPress plugin designed for creating an impressive testimonial section on your website. This WordPress plugin is filled with flexible features, which will allow users to easily submit their testimonials.

Testimonials showcase for wordpress - excited

It's an easy to use plugin that works great. By using this plugin, you will be able to fully control the design and customization options of your testimonial section, such as colors, font settings, spacing, arrangement of elements, etc.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

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7. AP Custom Testimonials Pro

AP Custom Testimonials Pro is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to display testimonials on your website without using any code. It comes with a shortcode builder which generates the shortcodes and allows you to place the testimonials on any page, article and part of your website.

Ap custom testimonial pro plugin to showcase user google places testimonials for wordpress

It consists of 12 beautifully designed models, which each offers different customization options. In addition, it also supports video. As a result, you will be able to add video testimonials to your website.

Its features include: support for several options to add social network links, a customizable number of testimonials, the support of shortcodes, several customizable layout templates and more.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

8. Supaz Team and Testimonials

The WordPress plugin Supaz Team and Testimonials is an 2 1 that allows you to manage not only the team section of your website but also the testimonials section. It requires no knowledge in the field of web programming. And support shortcodes to achieve this goal.

Supaz team and testimonials

The Team section allows you to manage your team members and present them by generating shortcodes to display in your articles or pages. These two sections that allow you to present the team or the testimonials has incredible features that you can better understand by trying his demo.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

9. CL Testimonial

CL Testimonials is a WordPress plugin also called Addons. It allows you to easily add testimonials to your website using the Visual Composer plugin. You will therefore be able to easily configure the layout of your testimonial section using this add-on. It is displayed as a slider, grid or list.

Cl testimonial testimonials add on for visual composer

Its main features are: 17 unique styles, dynamic and manual loading of testimonials or reviews, fully customizable appearance, compatibility with several modern and recent browsers, detailed documentation, the ability to hide or show arrows and much more. more.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

10. BNE Testimonials Pro

BNE Testimonials Pro is a WordPress plugin that makes it easy to add a testimonials or reviews section anywhere on your website. It uses featured images to display the review or testimonial author's photo, company logo, and more.

Bne testimonials pro wordpress testimonials and reviews

It has a default visual builder that allows you to change the appearance of your testimonial or critical section. You will be able to add new fields or delete others in a very user-friendly way. 

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So take advantage of this WordPress plugin to display your testimonials thanks to its 4 customizable layout models. The WordPress BNE Testimonials Pro plugin will make it easy to display the same reviews and testimonials on several other websites using the WordPress REST API.

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Other recommended resources

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That's it for this list of the best premium WordPress plugins, designed to help you display testimonials on any website, online store, or blog. If you have some Comments or suggestions, do not hesitate to tell us in the section reserved for these.

However, you will also be able to consult our resources, if you need more elements to carry out your projects of creation of Internet sites, by consulting our guide on the WordPress blog creation or the one on Divi: the best WordPress theme of all time.

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