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Tutorial: How to reset your WordPress blog

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Have you ever wanted to press the reset button and start over with your WordPress site? Did you want to fix an error on your site permanently to the point where the only solution is to redo your blog to zero?

Resetting your WordPress blog can be useful if you are testing a bunch of plugins and themes and want to restore your evaluation environment to clear the options and all the information added to your database. And if you do not know how to proceed, we do not worry because we have planned a tutorial for you.

In this tutorial therefore, we will show you how to quickly reset your blog.


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To reset your WordPress blog, download the plugin « WordPress Reset ". This plugin will allow you to restore your database to its original state. It will remove all customizations and content, leaving your blog in its state right after installation.

After installing and activating WordPress Reset, a new item will appear on the sidebar of the dashboard. Navigate to the location Tools >> Reset To configure the plugin.

All you need to do is enter "reset" in the text field. Then click on "Reset". You will be redirected to the WordPress dashboard with all your reset settings.


If you want to keep your plugins rather than delete them, you can try this plugin WordPress Database Reset.

This plugin will allow you to choose between resetting a specific table in the database or resetting the entire database. You will be able to reactivate the current plugins after the reset.

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It goes without saying that the plugins mentioned in this article, will completely erase all data from your blog, which is why they are not intended for blogs in production.

We hope this article will help you properly reset the website. If you liked it, then feel free to share a review, and share it on social networks.

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  1. Hello I start a site with siteground, it is a shop woocommerce. When I click on my account, or payment in the basket it puts me unsecured site ... someone has an idea of ​​the problem?

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