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Mistakes you shouldn't make when choosing a web host

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A web hosting is an online site in which your blog WordPress will be saved. Just like you save your files and folders to your computer hard drive, you need online storage to keep your blog data. 

Yet in finding suitable accommodation, novice bloggers make a few common mistakes.

the errors-a-avoid

In this article, we will describe these errors, so that you are more aware before choosing a host. We will not discuss all the problems raised, since the field is quite wide. You will even find books entirely dedicated to this part in the accommodation. 

Instead, we'll try to go through the common mistakes of explaining why these mistakes can be fatal for you.

1. Choose a host who does not have a live chat system


You must necessarily make sure that a host has a live chat system available 24h / 7j. Believe me it will save you weeks of waiting. Those who are customers of some French companies know what I am talking about.

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Your blog will hardly achieve success if it is regularly unavailable. A blog unavailable during 1 2 hours, will have a bad reputation, so poor results in terms of traffic and monetization.

You can also make sure that there is space for testimonials. So you can know what customers think of the services of the host (even if between us, these comments will never be negative). Live Chat allows you to have instant answers. Its presence on a site very often means that the latter wishes to answer its customers' questions fairly quickly. Think about it

2. Take the term “Unlimited” literally


It is a trade policy that you must take with a lot of perspective. Because when you think about it, very few hosting providers will agree to sell you unlimited disk space on which you will store all your files.

So keep in mind that whenun host poster “Unlimited hard disk space”, the fact remains that there is a ceiling that should not be reached. Nothing is really unlimited.

3. Make a bad migration

If you decide to changehost before the end of your current accommodation, make sure you leave nothing in it. 

Because by leaving the files in the old hosting, you leave a loophole in the security of your site, because hackers can use the files abandoned to explore an accommodation. This can be very disastrous for other blogs hosted on the same disk space.

The threat is more serious when you are using WordPress and it has plugins that have not been updated. Instead of leaving your website inactive, delete it.

Because beyond safety, your ranking in search engine results will also be affected (Duplicate Contents). In some cases, the new blog may be completely ignored by search engines, especially if this blog is declared as a blog pirate (as it contains the same information as the old blog, it could be confusing with search engines).

4. Find a web host “less Dear" (Low cost)

success on the internet requires a minimum of serious investment. Opting for accommodation that offers you a large hard disk space for a negligible amount to the detriment of professional and globally recognized solutions is a risk. You will understand, do not be fooled by the prices and go for what is best for your blog.

5. Underestimate and Overestimate the resources of your blog

This is one of the questions that most bloggers ask themselves. And it often takes a lot of practice to find the right balance between the minimum and the maximum required in terms of resources for your blog. 

The very cautious newbie blogger will tend to prioritize comfort by choosing expensive hosting with several features, while his blog at full speed will only use 20% of the features of his hosting plan. 

The blogger Radin will insist on cheap accommodation while underestimating the resources required by their blog. (you can always entrust us with the creation of your site WordPress).

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In the end, it will be up to you to find out what your blog needs and to find accommodation accordingly.

We hope this article will help you be more informed before choosing accommodation. Let us know what you think and feel free to share it.

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  1. Hi,

    It's very important to choose a good web host. When I started out, I wanted French, so I took OVH and it works quite well despite bugs from time to time.

    Thanks for the article

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