Starting a business on the internet is easy compared to other so-called physical businesses. The cost of hosting and running a blog has made this adventure very profitable for many entrepreneurs. But to blog successfully, you have to put a lot of effort into building a targeted list of prospects (readers).

That being said, we need a smart approach that allows a blogger to build their lead list without having to offend their readers. And it is at this stage that the plugin OptinMonster comes in.

the plugin OptinMonster provides ways for a blog to convert visitors into subscribers and customers more effectively than any other plugin on the market. This is vital because the success of any blog is closely related to its visitor conversion rate. (And not just the number of visitors).

OptinMonster Is a premium plugin (Fee) which allows you to easily create highly efficient and convertible email address capture forms.

It also has an A / B testing module that allows you to increase your conversion rate by testing the effectiveness of some. It comes with a lot of powerful features like: A / B testing, Page level targeting, Technology Exit-Intent and Analytics.

The OptinMonster Plugin

Before, I used the Ninja Popups plugin, which is still part of the list of the best prospect list building plugins at a very affordable price. (about 14 € to be exact).

There are so many WordPress plugins that claim to offer a 100% conversion rate. From what I have seen, these plugins do convert visitors into subscribers and customers, but at the same time also they increase the bounce rate and sometimes even slow down the Website performance.

All, in most cases, do more harm than good to your blog. Especially with those pop ups that readers hate when they appear seconds later.

So, How the plugin OptinMonster is it different from all these other email capture plugins? Let's hear what Syed Balkhi, the founder of the plugin has to say about it:

«OptinMonster offers Exit-intent technology, customizable design and is better coded than any other plugin (in terms of speed and good practice) ».

The plugin uses Exit-intent technology, which detects a type of visitor and pushes them into a targeted campaign at the exact moment they are about to leave the site. Which brings a solution to a huge dilemma because, pop-ups capture more email addresses than any other form or capture page.

However, as mentioned above, visitors quickly leave sites that automatically display a pop up after a few seconds.

Thanks to the Exit-intent function, the pop up will only be displayed when the visitor decides to leave the site. So he won't be able to complain that you showed him a pop-up during his visit. This is the type of plugin that we install in our WordPress Professional Blog creation packs: Discover our packs..

Well, now that I've said a lot of complicated things about this plugin, you might think it's going to be a complex install, but think again! It took me less than 15 minutes to install this plugin and I will show you step by step on " how to configure the OptinMonster plugin" page (in French).

How to install the OptinMonster plugin

First, you have to Buy the plugin, which is a bit expensive compared to other plugins, but well worth it. But it will definitely increase your conversation rate. Prices range from 37 € to 266 € for the version ultimate.

Buy Optinmonster here »

Now, download the .zip file and install the plugin by going to your WordPress dashboard «Extensions» «New» Download and download the zip file. Once you press the Enable button, a new menu option at the end of the navigation will be added: "OptinMonster".

Click on this button and you will be taken to the plugin options page, which will allow you to create a new optin form. But before doing anything, you need to paste the license code in the "Miscellaneous" section, so that the plugin will work without any problems.


Create your Email Capture Pop Up

To create an optin form, go to the tab Options, click on "Create new optin" and on the next page, select the type of optin form you want to create. There are currently four types:

  • OptinMonster Light Box (This is the pop up)
  • OptinMonster Footer Optin (Displayed at the bottom of the page)
  • OptinMonster SlideIn Optin (Displayed at the bottom right as on this blog)
  • OptinMonster Exit-Intent (allows the form to be displayed at the exit of the blog)
  • OptinMonster After Post (displayed at the bottom of articles)

The Exit-intention option is only included in the “ultimate” and “Pro” versions.

1. Installation (Setup) : this is where you will select the type of optin you want to use.



2. Configuration : this is the place where you will configure your plugin. Give your email capture form a title, set the form display timeout (I set mine to 100 milliseconds), the number of days before a visitor sees the form again. It currently supports: AWeber, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, GetResponse, iContact, Infusionsoft, Madmimi and Mailchimp. but you can also add the HTML code of your platform (Ex: SG autoresponder)



3. Design After completing the setup, the next page will show you the optin forms designs. There are currently 6 different models.


Once you have chosen the design and put it in place, click on the button "Open Customizer Design" to fill in the info you want to display in your popup box. The process is quite simple, choose the color, the font size, the font style and click on the button Save ».


4. Display settings : activate the optin and define the place where you want the popup to be displayed on your blog. You can also configure the optin on a particular page or a particular post.



Is this plugin really useful? Well when i OptinMonster, I thought this would be just another pop up plugin, but after doing some testing I found that this plugin can be a lot better in terms of features and performance, compared to the others.

The proof is the one I use here. And thanks to it, I increased my conversion rate by over 280%. Which means I highly recommend it. You can always entrust us with its configuration.

Download Optinmonster Plugin For WordPress

 Do you already use this plugin? if yes; Share with us your impressions of this plugin in the comments section below this post.