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ManageWP Orion Developer Diary # 4

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Update: As Orion's development progresses, some of the information below has become outdated. Check out the Dev Diary # 8 for more up-to-date information!

Clients love relationships when they're done right. Most of your customers don't care about grainy details; they just care about the sense of security you give them. It doesn't matter if you store backups in two different geographic locations or check for malware daily or weekly. What matters is that you have your end of the bargain. Customer reporting is a perfect way to impress your customers by going above and beyond their expectations.

The old ManageWP customer report lacked the depth and visual appeal it needed to impress users. When Orion entered development, we decided that the Orion Customer Report would be beautiful and very informative and give you the “wow” factor to justify the cost of your service.

The customer report: what we have done so far

Orion testers are already familiar with the customer report as it has been included in the closed beta from the start. This is what one of the pages looks like:


Much like the Orion dashboard, everything is clean, functional and attractive. We have also simplified the creation of the customer report as much as possible:

  1. Choose the website you want in your report
  2. Choose report content (such as backups, updates, scans, or security)
  3. Personalize it with your logo and your opening and closing remarks
  4. Preview and download the PDF report or email it to your client


The customer relationship: the way forward

We want to address several important issues in future development:

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Complete customization of the customer report: Each customer has their own needs, and you are probably using (and billing your customer for) tools that are not necessary for those needs. By fully customizing the look and content of your customer report, you can finally get the kind of report your business needs.

Planning: We created ManageWP to help you make the most of your time by automating your work as much as possible, allowing you to focus on the things that matter. Scheduling your customer reports and automatically sending them to your customers is the next logical step.

Location: We love our users outside of North America, and we know that while you probably have a good command of English, your customers may not. Paying attention to things like language shows that you are serious about your job. In Orion, you will be able to translate each line of the customer report.

Scope of information: As new applications are introduced in Orion, they will also be included in the customer report. You can expect more information in the future, such as uptime monitoring and security scan logs.

Audit log: Functionally, this might be the biggest change. So far, the customer relationship has been geared towards the customers to whom you provide your service. The audit log will also make it a useful internal reporting tool.. Just imagine that everything on your website is saved, from content changes, user logins and role changes to changes to the website layout. Everything people do on your website will be logged (even if they don't do it through the ManageWP dashboard), helping you monitor your website activity for red flags or someone else. 'one who slackens. Our audit trail can be used in many ways and we are very excited about its development.

Retrieving the ManageWP Worker plugin

We mostly kept this pretty amazing technology to ourselves, so it requires a bit of backstory. If you are a ManageWP user, you may have noticed that your Worker plugin is automatically updated from time to time. Over the past year, we've been experimenting with ways to improve the WordPress update process and have been successful in increasing the reliability of the Worker update by using security measures that disable the plugin in the event of a problem. fatal error. Instead of crashing your website, a failed update will simply ask you to reinstall the Worker plugin and reconnect it to your ManageWP dashboard.

From this week we will go further. Instead of disabling itself and forcing you to reconnect to the website, the Worker plugin can now detect file mismatch, rebuild and reconnect to the ManageWP dashboard, all of this without you taking a single action.

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Next development stage: Skynet

Once we fully implement this technology, it will generally be complete the Worker update before you even notice it. Everything will be done automatically, and the Worker plugins will be able to monitor and repair themselves. Likewise, any potential corruption of the plugin files will be detected and the files will be returned to their original state.

Backup - Tree

You can now browse each restore point and view its contents. We're currently working on two improvements for the tree: the ability to see which files have been recently edited (great for tracking unauthorized changes on your website) and the ability to upload an individual file or folder (which is great) if you want to undo only some of the changes you made on the website).


Orion FAQ

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions in the Orion FAQs. If there is anything else you want to know, let us know in the comments section.

Till next time!

Want to learn more about Orion? Check out our previous Developer Diaries where we discussed the new save system.

UPDATE: Developer Diary # 5 is out, with more Orion goodies! Check it out!

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