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Make your customers happier with improved customer reports

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While a personalized approach is essential to delivering engaging and positive customer experiences, it can be difficult to maintain that personal touch on a large scale. We understand how important it is to strike the perfect balance between personalization and the automation that inevitably comes with scaling your business.

That's why we've decided to invest more in improving our customer relationships and to offer you more options that will help you deliver an even better customer experience to your customers. I am pleased to officially announce the beta of our new redesigned customer reporting experience.

Redesigned customer reports

We have done more than just refresh the new report. It has been rebuilt from the ground up, vastly improved and best of all, it was all primarily driven by your requests and feedback. While we may not be able to make every wish come true, we are delighted that we can finally make at least some of them come true.

In this article, I'll walk you through some of the changes and show you how you can use the new options to further improve communication with your customers and strengthen your brand image.

Which is new?

We've added a few new features and customization options, all neatly packaged into this easy-to-use interface you're already used to.

New format and style

While the initial idea behind the landscape design of the existing customer reports was the landscape-oriented displays that we primarily use, an overwhelming number of users requested the portrait version of the customer report. The new report template has been integrated portrait fashionable, with a modern design and plenty of customization options.

Let me dive into some of them and show you how you can use them to personalize the report, strengthen your brand and even more personalize communication with your customers.

New branding and personalization options

Personalized cover page

You now have several options for the customer report home page. You can use the default design page or choose to upload your own image and color that matches your brand.

Yes, you read that right. You can now download ANY design you want to be featured on the Customer Report home page.

Introductory and Closing Messages Improvements

Intro and Closing messages now not only support the reserved spaces you can use to automatically insert customer name or website name, but also the reduction option. This will allow you to better format the post, highlight key elements, and even add links or images.

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We've also added support for multiple logos (up to 3), allowing you to add your client's logo in addition to your own.

Color and font options

The main color of the report is used for key elements such as headers and icons. It is important to mention that the color of the home page may be different from the main color of the report and that you are free to use any combination of your choice.

There are 2 font options for the new report; regular and condensed. While we may extend this in the future, the condensed option now allows you to add 30% more information to the same view space.

Customizable header and footer

The header and footer can now be further customized by using the default placeholders, adding new ones, or just typing in whatever text you want to see there. Whether you want this place to display the name of the website, the company, the name of the clients, or something else is entirely up to you.

And you even have the option to customize the header background by choosing a pattern, solid color, or no color at all.


The new beta version of the report will support all languages ​​currently supported by the old design. You can get the exact list of supported languages ​​by testing the report or by reading our blog post from last year.

While these options allow you to improve the appearance of the report and make it more aligned with your brand, we've also added some new features.

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New options

Select the order of the sections

Gone are the recognizable blue section icons in favor of our new feature - the ability to change the order of sections. You can now rearrange the sections however you want by simply dragging them to the positions you want.

Number of articles per section

We have added support for several options regarding this topic. You can choose to include / exclude all events for the chosen data range or limit the number of items in the report to the last 5 or 10 items.
New section options

What is coming?

It's NOT everyone! We plan to keep improving this feature and already have some ideas for the next version:

Based on your feedback and requests, we plan to add support for the 'custom text field'which you can use to present all your extra work to your clients that is not currently displayed in client reports. Whether you're looking to include plugin updates done outside of ManageWP or viewing your development hours for custom work, this will be the place to go to list it all.

We are still working on the final solution, so we have plenty of time to suggest what would work best for you. A custom text field that will be added to manual reports? Nested table with fixed columns to show work done, description, time spent and cost? A field that will be imported with an automated report at the end of the month? Share what would work best with your current workflow.

And the next one on our radar is the compact mode. Specially designed version of the report to show only the main highlights without going into too much detail.

This is certainly not all we have planned for the next releases, but we don't want to spoil the surprise.

How can I try it?

1. Log in to your ManageWP account and navigate to the Customer Report section.

2. Choose to create a new report and the new design template will be selected by default.
Customer report page
From there, feel free to test the new options and experiment. If you need more detailed information on any of the options mentioned, take a look at our User Guide and dive into a more in-depth explanation.

We hope the new options will help you better personalize communication with your customers and further align reports with your brand.


The new customer report template will be available under the same conditions as the old version. We wanted to improve the value you get from it while keeping the costs at the same level. The customer report will remain at $ 1 / month per website, with bundled options also available.

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We plan to phase out the old design over the next 3-4 months (March 2019). After this period, it will be impossible to generate or send a report with the old layout.

Make sure to test the new design and let us know what you think about it so that we can make sure that the new design supports all the features that are important to you and that you are well prepared for the change.

We look forward to any comments, ideas or suggestions you may have.

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