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How to Sell Website Maintenance Services to WooCommerce Users (3 Key Techniques)

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Electronic commerce is a booming industry. Currently, more 2,8 million stores currently use WooCommerce at checkout, with related keyword searches having increased by more than 44% Last year. If you sell website maintenance services, you might be wondering how you can most effectively market your skills to the growing pool of online retailers.

Fortunately, you don't have to reinvent the wheel to take advantage of this opportunity. By showing that you understand the specific needs of WooCommerce users, you can appeal to that audience and take your promotions to the next level.

In this article, we'll cover some of the benefits of selling website maintenance services to customers who use WooCommerce. Next, we'll give you three techniques to help you adapt your skills to this lucrative market. Let's dive into the heart of the matter!

The Benefits of Selling Website Maintenance Services to WooCommerce Users

If you provide website management services to clients, you've probably worked with many different types of sites. Still, WooCommerce users can be a particularly valuable demographic. The United States alone boasted 227,5 million online shoppers in 2020. This large customer base represents huge potential for WooCommerce users to grow their businesses, which means they are more likely to need help from WordPress professionals.

In addition to a vibrant industry, WooCommerce stores might also be able to provide you with a more stable income stream. Personal blogs or new business sites often focus primarily on startup needs. However, a more established online store might prioritize continued performance and be willing to invest in long-term solutions.

Still, many WooCommerce users are just getting started. A trader can have great products, but lacks the technical skills to effectively present them on a website. Selling website maintenance services to this crowd can help market their brand to the world.

Finally, you might also consider the sheer size of this field to be an advantage. With more clients to choose from, you might benefit from more business flexibility to select projects where your skills will shine the most.

How to Sell Website Maintenance Services to WooCommerce Users (3 Key Techniques)

Considering the specific needs of this demographic, it's important to target your marketing efforts if you want to attract WooCommerce users as customers. Here are some helpful strategies you can implement to sell website maintenance services to this lucrative audience.

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1. Tailor the brand personalities of your target audience

Let's start by looking at web maintenance through a customer-centric lens. Most online stores operate in a specific niche. This focus helps them target their marketing strategies more effectively.

Most often, a brand personality is part of this approach. Her voice and ideals should embrace this character as well. You may be able to build a more powerful connection with potential customers by fulfilling their self-proclaimed reputation.

Brand personality can be communicated through writing or the aesthetic choices of a website. Consider the alternative clothing site All saints, for example:

Of the society Hope Springs Infernal is the latest addition to its artistic and minimalist identity. For businesses that value consistent storytelling, you may choose to advertise your white labeling options. You can offer to customize error messages for buyers or provide a consistent back-end experience.

Alternatively, let's say there is a WooCommerce store with customer communications emphasizing its effectiveness. You can try contacting the owner with an offer to speed up their pages and monitor site availability.

This identity-based technique demonstrates both your awareness of the store's image and your ability to support it. Since it relies on an individualized sales pitch, this method may require some preparation time. Therefore, you might find this approach more useful when directed towards more lucrative opportunities and high quality leads.

2. Focus on essential security measures

Online stores have to deal with sensitive information on a daily basis. Physical addresses, phone numbers, and payment data are a crucial part of e-commerce. Keeping these details secure is essential, but it can also be a challenge.

All of the different technical requirements for customer privacy can seem daunting to some WooCommerce merchants. One way to sell website maintenance services is to emphasize the need for consistent, high-quality security measures. Then try to follow up by promoting yourself as an all-in-one solution.

Additionally, you can try to use existing locations as a blueprint for outfitting customer stores. For example, Venmo is a leader in the personal payments industry. You can offer to emulate your security choices by configuring Two-factor authentication (2FA):
An image of Venmo's two-factor authentication process, which can be emulated to sell website maintenance services.
Finally, remember to announce your preventive measures. Reactive actions like data breach recovery can be expensive and annoying. Therefore, showing your ability to prevent such scenarios from happening in the first place could leave a more positive impression with potential customers.

Even simple principles such as administrator password protection can be convincing. Additionally, more savvy WooCommerce users might appreciate a long-term security plan. As such, having a powerful security scanner available to you could also be a hard-hitting selling point.

3. Provide your customers with consistent updates

Finally, let's talk about an overall sales strategy. Many online businesses need to keep a close eye on their cash flow. As such, convincing owners to invest in your services can be tricky.

Try to back up your sales pitch with hard data on how you can help. You can also consider including regular detailed reports in your maintenance package. Performance updates can provide customers with factual information reflection of your efforts.

This strategy can be reinforced by personalization features. For example, let's say you have a customer who isn't interested in abstract numbers. You can customize their report to include a short introductory message explaining how you improved their site instead.

In addition, you can also opt for a tool that provides a customer friendly report format. With ManageWP, the performance updates are easy to understand:

An example of a ManageWP customer report.You can customize reports with your logo, your customer's signature colors, and specific WooCommerce data. Besides being able to organize the sections of the document as you see fit, ManageWP can help you provide regularly organized information.

In conclusion, offering relationships is a technique that can go beyond the sales stage. Customers you already work with may also appreciate updates tailored to their unique needs. Integrating this strategy into your offers can help you increase the revenues of existing customers.


WooCommerce users are taking the web by storm. These sites require full and continuous maintenance. Fortunately, you can market yourself as the right choice for providing these services by tapping into the unique needs of online retailers.

In this article, we've covered three effective techniques for selling website maintenance services to WooCommerce users:

  1. Consider the presence of store personalities and help owners maintain their image.
  2. Try to highlight the important issues associated with processing payment information.
  3. Make a gift customer reports who can follow the areas of concern.

What techniques do you use to sell your services to WooCommerce users? Let us know in the comments section below!

Featured Image Credit: Pexels.

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