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How to Easily Create a WordPress Review Site

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You've probably noticed that the reviews are everywhere these days. You see them on almost any website that has a service, product sales, or entertainment focused site.

So, it's worth asking yourself, have you ever wanted to build an awesome review website using WordPress?

Maybe it's for fun - you're the type of person who feels the need to share your thoughts on your favorite restaurant, movie, or game - or maybe it's for profit.

Whatever your motivation, creating a WordPress review site is within reach of even the most novice WordPress users.

review site for wordpress
You can have a review site up and running in no time, despite your WordPress skill level.

Setting up a WordPress review site is, on the surface at least, relatively simple: you just need to choose the right theme, the right plugin, or both.

Rather than providing a massive list of options for you to browse, we've done this for you with just a handful of selected themes and plugins that will allow you to build a review site.

This article explores the ways to easily build a review website. When you're done, your 5-star site will be up and running in no time.

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Things to keep in mind

Reviewing paid plugins is a matter of trust

Obviously, when it comes to reviewing products that cost money, there is a heavy reliance on demos and reliance on the documentation and supporting copy.

For themes it's pretty easy to check how the theme looks and works, but for plugins it's a lot harder.

Support for

Google loves and supports, and so really, every review site should make sure that their reviews are tagged according to the Examine the schematic.

If your reviews are properly tagged, Google will display your listing in its search results along with the rating, which will make it much more visible:

Screenshot of the IMDB entry in a Google search results page for the search term Casblanca
What? Only 8,6 for the greatest movie ever made?

In fact, this IMDb page is a great example of using multiple schemas, not just reviews. If you are interested, take a look using the Rich results test.

If the scheme is not included in a particular theme or plugin, a free plugin like ours SmartCrawl can help. It comes with support for schema markup, which can help search engines more easily understand the meaning of your content.

So let's get started! We'll cover themes first, and then we'll take a look at plugins.

WordPress review themes

  • Two is no stranger to WordPress, given that it is the most popular theme. It makes designing flexible and easy for a theme with endless possibilities and design options.

    Since it is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin and its built-in review and review feature, it can serve you well as a review theme.

    You can try Divi for free. Then you have the options for an annual subscription or lifetime options. They constantly have promotions (at the time of writing this annual access is $ 67 and lifetime access is a one-time payment of $ 187) so check their site to see the offer or cost current.

  • OrginMag by WPZoom is a clean looking magazine theme that can work as an eCommerce store and review site.

    It's WooCommerce ready with plenty of layouts to choose from. You can also change the position and size of the slideshow option from a full width version to a smaller version.

    Some of its other features include logo entry, SEO friendly code, and translation is ready.

    OrginMag is a premium theme that costs $ 69. It is well maintained by WPZoom and comes with support.

    You can check out a live demo of this theme here.

  • le Diagram theme of mythemeshop was made for the critics. Its sleek design includes a built-in review system, so you can easily build your WordPress review site in no time.

    This attractive theme features custom option panels, rich snippets, and SEO compatibility.

    It has detailed information on how the theme works and is assembled on the theme page. In addition, there are good examples in action with their demos. The demos include a Default, Minimal, and Shop theme to check out.

    The price is $ 59 for three sites. This includes one year of updates and support.

  • le a review The theme works well for affiliate marketing reviews, movies, or games. It comes with custom widgets, color control, and more.

    Some of the key features are:

    • Responsive theme
    • Customizing your home page and blog layout
    • Google fonts included
    • Ready translation
    • Carousel to present your opinions

    aReview is free, which is another interesting attribute of its use. The theme even comes with 24/24 support, although there's no charge.

  • Magnitude by AF Themes is a stylish way to list reviews in blog or online magazine form. It's compatible with WooCommerce, so you can easily link your reviews to products that can be sold.

    It is also well optimized to help your search engine rankings and maintained regularly.

    Some other key features are:

    • Live Editing in the Customizer
    • Preload option
    • Customization of logo and title
    • Featured categories in the banners section

    It's a free theme; however, there is also a Pro version which has advanced options like typography style, dark mode, gradient effect, etc.

Just like themes, plugins can also do the trick when adding reviews to your site.

A plugin is useful if you've already set up the perfect theme and want to include reviews on your established site.

That being said, here's a look at seven WordPress review plugins. All of them are highly rated, updated regularly, and have a decent number of active users.

WordPress review plugins

  • With Site review plugin, visitors can submit reviews with a 1-5 star rating on your WordPress site. It's similar to the review system on TripAdvisor or Yelp.

    You can pin your top reviews so that they appear first. Additionally, you can require approval before posting new review submissions, require users to be logged in to write a review, and send personalized notifications on new submissions.

    Some of the best features of this plugin are:

    • It is actively developed and supported
    • It has avatars provided by the WordPress Gravatar service
    • You can blacklist words, phrases, IP addresses, names and emails
    • The ability to add categories

    And more…

    With a 5 star rating and over 20k active installs, this plugin is definitely a good choice to try for your WordPress site.

  • le WP customer reviews The plugin allows you to set up a specific page on your WordPress blog to get customer testimonials for your business or leave product reviews.

    This plugin is multi-site and multi-user compatible. Along with this, there are other cool features, such as:

    • Moderate all submissions so you can choose which reviews to display
    • Several anti-spam measures are used to prevent automated spambots from submitting reviews
    • Fully customizable
    • Works well with caching plugins and custom themes
    • You can add your own custom fields

    This plugin also has its own dedicated website.

    Speaking of reviews, they are good for this plugin. It has a solid 4,5 star rating and over 50 active installs.

  • Google Reviews Widget displays Google Business Reviews on the sidebar widget of your WordPress site. What is unique about this plugin is that it logs reviews in the WordPress database; therefore, it is not dependent on the services of Google to display the reviews in the widget.

    It also offers auto-refresh revisions and keeps them in a list theme.

    Some of the other strengths of this plugin are:

    • Displays the "Based on ... opinions" section
    • Personalized workplace photo
    • Pagination
    • Shortcode support
    • Optimized for SEO

    You can also upgrade to a Professional version for additional features like slider / grid themes, Google Trust Badge, Write Review button, etc.

    This popular plugin ranks up there with a 5 star review and over 70 active installs.

  • le WP Product Review The plugin allows you to display your reviews in an easy to read way and will also help you generate money by adding a Buy Now button in your post.

    This plugin will create a best product review widget for the product or service.

    Some of the features of this plugin are:

    • Easy updating of all colors of the widget
    • Include a download button in articles
    • Add a summary widget at the end of your posts
    • Add a rich snippet to your messages

    This plugin has a nice 4,5 star rating and over 30k active installs.

  • le WP Exam plugin has all the goods for adding reviews to your WordPress site. It includes several rating systems including star, point and percentage.

    This plugin supports 19 different pattern types and customization with styling options.

    Some other features are:

    • Add reviews easily and quickly
    • Visitor Ratings
    • Premium Assistance

    You can get a pro version of the plugin for $ 87. With the pro version, it will support three sites and comes with features like compatibility with every theme, Yelp! examines integrations and comparison tables.

    This plugin has a 3,5 star review and has 60k active installs.

  • When a site is brand new, it can be difficult to get people to agree to take a leap of faith and buy a product from a stranger. To get things done faster until you generate a constant flow of customers and reviews, you can motivate people to do so by offering a discount with this WooCommerce extension.

    Review the discount allows you to offer discounts to buyers who provide product reviews. With this plugin, you can automatically create coupons for customers who leave product reviews in your WooCommerce store that are redeemable at checkout.

    This plugin comes at a cost ($ 29 per year), however, the rewards can outweigh the costs once product reviews arrive and sales increase.

  • If your store is powered by WooCommerce, then the WooCommerce Pro product review plugin will be a great option for you.

    It allows you to collect robust product reviews, display and filter them on your site in a way that rivals Amazon. You can also collect user generated photos and videos which will add a whole new level of quality to product reviews on your website.

    This premium plugin comes with a price tag of $ 79.

What is your opinion?

Now that you've had a chance to check out some review themes and plugins, what's your take on them? Hopefully a few get a high rating from you for your WordPress site, and you can start implementing a theme or plugin today.

For more information on adding reviews to your site, be sure to check out our article, How to seamlessly add product reviews to your WordPress site.

Also go the extra mile and consider adding testimonials. We show you how to get creative and do it right in this article.

With all the tools for product reviews, testimonials and contributions from your users, your product or service should be receiving high marks in no time.