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Do you know how to add captions on Gutenberg? Legends are brief textual descriptions that you can add to your images. They are typically used to provide additional detail about an image.

WordPress has a feature that lets you edit captions and metadata, including a title and alternative text for each image.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to easily add a caption to images from Gutenberg.

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Then back to why we are here.

Add a caption to images in WordPress

The first thing to do is upload an image. On the post-edit screen, click on the “Add block” icon and select the “ Image" page (in French).

Add a gutenberg image

Clicking on it will add the Image block to your publication area.

Gutenberg image areaYou can now click the upload button to select and upload an image from your computer to WordPress. You can also select a previously downloaded image by clicking on the button Media Library.

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As soon as you add an image, it appears in the editor with a text box titled " Write legend… Below.

This is where you can add the caption to your image.

Write the gutenberg legendOnce done, you can save your article by clicking on the button Publish ou Update profile.

That's all. Wasn't it easy?

Add captions to images in your gallery

The WordPress editor also comes with a Gallery block which allows you to upload multiple images and display them as a grid with rows and columns. 

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Let's see how to add captions to images in a WordPress gallery block.

To create a gallery, go to your page or edit screen. Then click on the " Add block "And select the block" Gallery In the Common blocks tab.

Gallery on gugenberg

Then you will see the Gallery block added to your post / post area. Now you can download images one by one from your computer or select the pre-downloaded images from your media library.

Add an image to a gutenberg galleryIf you upload images individually, you can add a caption after uploading each one. When an image is uploaded, just click on the image to display the " Write a legend ...". You can add a caption by clicking on it.

Write the caption gallery image gutenbergIf you select images from the library, you can add caption to your images from the image metadata section on the right. If the photos already have a caption, you don't need to add it again.

Wordpress image gallery

Adding captions to images in the WordPress Media Library

WordPress allows you to upload images directly into the media library without embedding them in a message or page.

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Here, we'll show you how to add a caption to images when you download them directly to the media library.

You must first visit Media »Add a new page in the admin area of ​​WordPress.

Add wordpress media

From here you can download an image by dragging and dropping or selecting one from your computer. 

Once done, you will see the uploaded image under the Upload New Media dialog box. You must click on the "Edit" link.

Edit a wordpress image

Then it will open the media edit page in a new tab. You may notice that the media edit screen looks like the main edit screen. This is because WordPress treats attachments (e.g. image) as a post type by default.

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This allows it to store image metadata like title, description, and caption in the WordPress database.

From this screen, you can edit your image title, add image metadata including caption, alt text, and description.

Add a caption to an image

Once you have added the necessary information, you can update your image. The metadata of this image will now be saved in your media library.

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You can add this image to as many posts as you want without having to add the caption and other metadata. Whenever you add this image to your post from the media library, it contains the metadata already saved.

Add a multimedia library legend

Add a caption to images in WordPress with the Classic Editor plugin

If you are still using the old classic editor on your WordPress website, follow these steps to add captions to images in WordPress.

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Just click the Add Media button above the post editor to upload an image or select an image from the media library.

Add a classic editor imageOnce the image is uploaded, you can enter metadata such as title, alt text, and a caption for your image.

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Select mediatheque image

Click the " Insert in publication To add the image to your post or page.

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You will now be able to see the preview image in your post editor with the caption. You can save your changes and preview the post to see what it would look like on your site.

Image legend classic editorAdding captions to gallery images in WordPress with Classic Editor

You can also add captions to images while creating a gallery using the classic editor. Simply upload and select multiple images, then click on the “Create Gallery” link in the left column.

Classic editor image gallery

Then you will have to click on the " Create a new gallery In the lower right corner of the window.

Now you can add captions directly under each image or click on an image to load its settings in the right column, then add the caption.

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You can now click the Insert Gallery button to add a gallery to your publication or WordPress page.

Classic editor legend gallery

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