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Everyone has "amazing web hosting support"! Here's how to find out the truth ...

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There is a lot of humility when it comes to WordPress hosting support. While self-promotion is important and expected, it is also a chance to be transparent, honest and realistic.

So how do you distinguish the semper fi from the polite lies?

There are many criteria that go into defining a good web hosting, but the one that tops the list is support. To really shine, you have to be better than good; you have to be Fantastique!, exceptional!, phenomenal!

In this article, we'll take a look at the different aspects that contribute to great web hosting support, and then focus on how to make sure you get it.

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All right, let's get into it.

Excellent web hosting support settings

Customer support is the heart and soul of any business. You can come up with flash & slash deals to attract new customers, but if you can't keep them, you won't be successful for long.

People often won't remember specific things you said or did, but they will most likely retain residual feelings from any interactions they've had with you. Because the way you treat people leaves a lasting impression.

Let's take a look at the specific areas that include great web hosting support. Some are pretty basic, but all are worth mentioning.

Assistance channels
Not just more channels; quality channels.


There should be a variety of different avenues available to you to seek help, such as:


It should be easy to locate and read, and written in plain language and not bogged down in technical jargon.

It must cover all the subjects applicable to the services offered by the company. It should also be easily navigable (referral links or table of contents) and intelligently organized.

Tutorials and articles

An active blog is an invaluable resource. Its content should be timely, engaging and useful. And while it's okay and okay to promote yourself, all of each post should be unbiased.

Articles should cover a variety of concepts, topics, and procedures, with key insights into what the business (and, comparatively, savvy competitors), has to offer.


Unless a business is brand new, there should be a decent amount of accumulated Q&A, with both historical and current messages.

Look for patterns in response and resolution times. It's not a good sign if people hang around for days or weeks.

Also check the tone and language used to convey the information; does it sound easy going and respectful? Is the answer comprehensive and relevant to the topic?

Open ticket

It should be easy to complete and submit one of these forms.

Post submission, is a confirmation link to a post created on a forum provided or an email with the content of the ticket sent?

There should be a definitive path to easily check for health checks or released updates at any time.

Live chat

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Nowadays, this tool is essential and must be easily accessible 24/24.

The initial request for entry should only require the basic information necessary to direct the chat to the correct service. Having to answer many detailed questions or compose a mini novel is neither reasonable nor necessary at this early stage.

The software / chat plugin itself needs to be solidly reliable (so sudden outages rarely if ever happen), and have some thoughtful features (like emailing transcripts after the chat is over) .


Here are some important questions to consider when it comes to engaging with support:

How easily can you contact them?

Making that first contact should be easy; if you have to go through menus / submenus to find a viable channel, the rest of the process probably won't go smoothly.

How long does it take to get a first response?

Live chats should get a response in seconds (if they're the first in line) and in minutes (if there's a queue). For tickets, you should hear within 24 hours of submission. Other delays exceed the limits of acceptability.

Support staff

What is the most direct line of communication with a company's customers? You guessed it, their support team. It is therefore vital that they present themselves in the most positive light.

Did you know that you can convey a nicer tone when you smile?

The following should be inherent in excellent support staff:


Support should be ready and happy to engage with you. There is a lot to be said in a friendly tone and pleasant demeanor.

Well informed

Officers cannot simply have the knowledge, they must be able to transmettre that to you.

They're there to help you out, yes, but they're also great opportunities to come away with technical and development knowledge for practical use later. You are talking to an expert, after all. 🙂


You shouldn't experience any sense of annoyance from an agent, nor a sense of rush to finish. Being pressured by communications or feeling insignificant are two indicators of inferior support.

Trained by experts

Support messages should be conveyed in easy-to-understand language, so that a person who does not speak the mother tongue has no difficulty understanding them.

It is also important for the agent to get to the heart of the problem, so that they can provide the most appropriate answers and solutions without wasting time (yours, in particular) being distracted.

Advanced troubleshooting skills

The assistance must be competent in escalating problems and able to coordinate the different levels of assistance if the situation warrants it.

For example, if you need to go from level 1 tech support to level 2, or some other service, it should be done with minimal transfers and without waiting for a terminal.


As we all know, submitting a problem is just the start. Seeing it through is another essential test of quality customer support.

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Here are some important questions to note in this area:

Is the time taken to resolve the problem reasonable?

Not all problems are resolved instantly. However, the interval between presentation and resolution should match the complexity of each issue and the order in which they were received.

Lost time can mean lost revenue and increased bounce rates for your site, so exorbitant wait times, especially for minor articles, are a deal breaker.

What is the ticket lifecycle? Are open items closed prematurely?

A customer should always be the one marking an open item as resolved, not the support team. (With a few exceptions, i.e. duplicate threads.)

In this way, the customer decides and indicates when his problem is solved, according to his level of satisfaction. Support teams who close tickets as they please are a red flag.

How are unresolved issues handled?

In the rare event that the problems cannot be repaired, the customer must be compensated in a different way.

Much like those "delivered in 30 minutes or less, or your pizza is free", but something of value in the hosting business.

Control List
Finding a reliable and robust hosting service at a fair price is quite feasible in today's market.

Getting the best web hosting support

So we know why good accommodation is important. Other than what we've talked about before, how can you be sure you're getting it?

Well, here's a list of some things to stick to:

Things are running efficiently.

If you never have any issues and your website is just buzzing in the background, part of the reason is great hosting support.

That's not to say that you should never expect problems, even in a well-supported hosting environment; just that its absence indicates professional-level care behind the scenes.

Support interactions are quick, easy, and produce the desired results.

If you can't remember feeling angry or helpless after asking for help, you've got a winner.

If you could go so far as to give a glowing testimonial for the help you have received, written or verbal, that is enviable support.

Tools and services are updated, changed or added.

If new versions of your plugins or service features are rolled out to the registry (or new ones are added to the existing library), this is a host that works to stay relevant and provide you with the most value.

Communication flows freely, regardless of any problem, and is non-invasive and helpful.

If your host sends out occasional emails or posts with relevant tips or news (no hourly or daily spam), they are a forward-thinking knowledge sharing provider.

Complete web hosting considerations

To make sure you're getting the best hosting support possible, there are a few other things you can do.

Try experimenting with different hosting companies by doing a live chat. Then judge accordingly on the following points:

How quickly did they respond? Were they polite? Did they ask intuitive questions? Did they answer your questions succinctly and intelligently? Was the chat littered with unsolicited sales pitches or “act fast” offers?

There is nothing quite like testing the waters yourself to decide if you prefer to hang out or go quickly.

Live chat test
A live chat test that lives up to expectations.

Also, evaluate the ratings of potential hosting providers. What others have to say about them can certainly shed light.

Keep in mind that there are likely to be false positives and negatives floating around in any sea of ​​reviews, so consider the general direction of the tide and go with your inner ear (that's i.e. reviews that resonate with you).

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Trustpilot and are two of the many reliable and trusted sites for consumer reviews of hosting providers.

The exam begins
Although not definitive, customer ratings are a good indicator of the reliability of web hosting support.

Additionally, check to see if the providers offer a free trial or money back guarantee (and if they support them).

Finally, don't forget to inspect the fine print. Sometimes what seems like a good deal erases next to nothing in these asterisk additives. Read. Them. Carefully.

Marketing jargon
Make sure the offers aren't just a marketing ploy.

Host-Test with the most

A skilled salesperson can sell just about anything once. But it's the ongoing interactions that determine whether you'll win a lifetime customer. A quality business will strive to build a relationship, a beneficial relationship that people will want to keep.

Take due account of all the different elements of website hosting. Research and review, digest and debate from the many offers available.

Then give it a try with any host of your choice (hey, our support is awesome!), And see how their features, service, and support really stack up.

Whichever hosting provider you choose, know that you don't have to stick with the one that doesn't meet your expectations. Don't settle for substandard quality when the best web hosting medium for you is available, ripe for the picking!