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Do you need a little comedic console relief? Presentation of DEV pixels!

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WPMU DEV now offers DEV-related comics and cartoons that you can use for free on your websites and social networks. Plus, regular caption contests are coming soon (with some great prizes, for info).

Introducing The DEV Pixels: a comic book section entirely dedicated to WordPress developers, designers, and techies in general. In short, comics made for you! And also designed to help your agency or independent business (more details later in this article).

Along with our award-winning plugins, hosting, The Hub, and other perks we offer, we thought we might as well add comics. And, like many of our plugins, we allow them to be used on your WordPress sites (or social networks, applications, etc.) free!

The comics will be regularly updated on our site, emails and social media.

So, do you want a preview of what we have in store?

There will be nuggets like that ...

Funny image of cavemen talking about the dawn of coding.
Long time ago…

… Familiar characters like this…

Waldo on a smartphone with Google wanting to use his location.

… And some hazelnuts.

A robot trying to solve CAPTCHA.
It's not easy to be robotic.

Some will make you laugh like an emoticon; others will make you cringe like you do when you encounter a console error. At the end of your long day working remotely, we'll be sure to have some that you enjoy.

A quick glance

The DEV pixels are still in development, but here's a look at what we've got so far and what you can do with the comics. You will also see how they can benefit you beyond just a laugh.

Access the comics

Quickly access DEV Pixels from by home page. The good thing is that you don't even have to be logged in to see! This makes it particularly easy to access when you are on your mobile or when you have no reason to log in.

The DEV pixels are located towards the bottom of our Resources Region.

Location of DEV pixels.
Its name is unique and easy to find.

This brings you to Dev's Pixels home page. Here the latest comics will be featured at the top and updated regularly.

The Dev's Pixels home page.
There will be a comic book for all things development! And more added regularly.

The functions of the home page vignettes of each cartoon, the days) of each comic, one possibility to download, opt for a subscription to The Dev's Pixels, And a link for everyone to share. However, to get a better view of each one, you will want to ...

View individual comics

The thumbnails are cool, but to experience each comic up close and personal, click on the thumbnail of the comic you want to view.

This will make it bigger, giving you a better view.

Is this one… bad?

Download or share comics (and how you can benefit from them)

Like I mentioned, you can upload or share any comic you see! It's completely free and they're all up for grabs. All we ask is that you log into WPMU DEV by doing so (e.g. The source:

Sharing these comics on your website, social networks, emails, eBooks, and newsletters provides additional engagement and fun for your users! Content that includes cartoons receives a lot of attention.

As stated by Bob Mankoff, former cartoon editor of The new yorker:

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, a cartoon is worth 500.

“Cartoons are fun that way - no other art form can communicate an idea faster or more effectively. Humor disarms, connects, then communicates in a fraction of a second. In a world where every eye is bombarded with thousands of messages daily, cartoons grab attention and get your message across instantly.

To use the comics, you will see the option of Share ou Download the thumbnails below.

The download and share buttons.
Click on any option you want!

By clicking on the download button, you will immediately download the comic to your computer. If you tap share, it will link you to the comic you want to share.

The shareable link for comics.
The share link can go to your WordPress site, social networks, emails - name it!

Additionally, you can access the download button or the link from the enlarged comic.

Link to share the comic on the larger image.
Everything is instantly available for your use!

They're free, easy to use, and can benefit your site more than you can imagine with open emails, shares, likes, and engagement! Think of them as your own.

Search for comics

There are two ways to search for comics: Keywords and Search bar.

Searching for comics can be done from our Search bar at the top of the home page. From there, type in a category of interest and all of the results will appear.

Type any category you want to search.

Keywords are located under the URL of each comic. They can also be found under each thumbnail on the home page.

If you like this category click on the tag and all the other comics tagged in that category will appear.

The tags area for comics.
As you can see, the tags of it are Coding and Web Development.

Can not find what you want ? Please keep checking that we update regularly, or send us a request! We will actively produce comics that are in demand.

To hire

We have several ways of approaching comics. One will be our caption contest (which I'll talk about next), and another way is to leave your comments!

Every comic has a comment box, so you can let us know what you think about it, give your opinion, add a fun gag - whatever!

Plus, you'll find them on our social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter), where you can engage, share, and love them however you want.

Caption this! DEV Pixel legendary contests

In addition to the usual comics, you will soon be able to have fun! we will have Subtitle contest, where your participation will earn you Hero points and a chance to win by having the best and funniest legend.

Oh, and we're going to give away some amazing prizes (free hosting, anybody?).

Natasha has just graduated from college and has been working as a WPMU DEV illustrator for almost two years now. She is responsible for the best banners, graphics and illustrations found on the WPMU DEV blog and social media.

Plus, we've got a talented team of writers and developers behind the scenes to help us know what's funny and contribute (when they're not slacking off on Slack).

We hope you are drawn to DEV pixels!

DEV pixels is a great new feature that we know you will enjoy. We also hope you enjoy sharing the comics where you feel good, even if that includes printing and snapping on your MacBook.

As you can see, besides enjoying them for fun, they can be invaluable to your business! Hope you will see for yourself the attention grabbing comic book superpowers.

Make sure you check out The DEV's Pixels homepage here and subscribe! And we will be announcing the caption contests soon. Stay up to date by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Stay toned for more!