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Why should you choose a premium theme instead of a free one?

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We are in constant contact with subscribers and customers. During these regular interviews, we study each request in order to offer the best. A after several interviews, we came to the conclusion that almost 70% of WordPress users who administer their blogs for a more or less lucrative activity, prefer to use a free theme. 

This behavior, which should not be considered a sin, is a consequence of the little knowledge that these users have differences between premium and free themes.

The main difference between free and premium themes can be the price. However, when one wishes to create a profitable business, the expenses and the profits must be considered in the long term. So don't be surprised that a free theme gets much more expensive in the long run..

In this article, we want to show everyone the main reasons why premium themes should be preferred over free ones.


The main advantage of premium themes is essentially security. While it is true that most of the themes I offer you come from recommendable sources, I should emphasize that all themes compatible with WordPress are not available on 

the themes-pemiums-are-more-secure

So some often get into the habit of downloading themes according to the presented appearance of the theme, regardless of the source. Sometimes, others become aware of the sources, and still commit to downloading a theme that should be paid, but on these sources (piracy sites) is free.

Believe me, there is nothing riskier than trusting hackers, especially if you want to start a serious business.. Because indeed, in almost 80% cases, these themes contain scripts that make them completely malicious. So do not be surprised that overnight, your blog has become an adult site or a spam platform.

Premium themes are usually developed by serious teams (and often renowned), who are each time obliged to submit their themes to a team specializing in theme analysis, to ensure user safety (that is to say your safety).

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The assistance

This is the service often imposed on theme developers. So you have 95 You're lucky to find a theme that offers assistance in case of concern, which is almost never the case with free themes.


Support may vary depending on the different relationship you have with the development team (Subscription). In some cases, you may have a subscription that extends over 1 year. By support we also mean documentation, it is very rare to find good documentation on free themes, yet it is (almost) still the case of premium themes.

By support we also mean documentation, it is very rare to find good documentation on free themes. However, this is still the case with premium themes.

Maybe you are a do-it-yourselfer, or a seasoned developer. If you have a sense of saving time, you will defer directly to the helpdesk if there is a problem, instead of trying to crack the source code of the theme.


While there is no guarantee that a free theme will be updated, for premium themes, it's almost always automaticThe development team works full time to make a name for themselves in the field, for that, they have to offer impeccable service. These updates can be regular depending on the flaws they might need to correct on their themes.

The quality of the theme

I think this is where we all have to agree. Indeed, most themes (regularly updated) are always up-to-date with the development standards HTML5. Hormy that they offer (ou strive to always offer) a breathtaking design. You can see this in many of our theme recommendations WordPress.

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quality service

Indeed, it is quite rare to find a free theme that offers a modern design. So you can only rely on the flexibility of free themes, although it will certainly cost you a lot of time.

I no longer need to tell you that premium themes are the most beautiful.

Compatibility with standards SEO

We all seek to make our business known on the internet, and the best way is through search engines. To be visible on search engines, we need to be up to date in terms of search engine optimization. 

the themes-premium-are-optimized-for-seo

Most premium themes still meet the standards for self-SEO. So you won't have to worry about this point. It's true that some free themes also meet search engine optimization standards, but that's obviously quite rare.

The multitude of features

It is also on this point that premium themes particularly stand out from free themes. Indeed, most premium themes offer a lot of features. From compatibility to plugins popular on WordPress, different bets en pages through the widgets, everything goes.

Generally, there is something for everyone, especially because they are so varied. So I invite you to take a look at our different recommendations, I am sure you will find a theme that will suit your business.

I might sound like I disparage free themes, but I don't, I'm a fan of free themes myself. Yet when it comes to creating something serious that is supposed to generate income, then I don't go with the back of the spoon.

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I admit, however, that I made an omission, as more and more themes are developed in two versions available in one. So we have "Lite" themes (free) which provide users with a large part of the functionalities they offer in version PRO. 

Still, you will almost always feel the need to upgrade to version PRO, why not do it, if it allows us to have a lot more income?

That's all for this list, I hope I convinced you, feel free to share your opinion.

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