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4 tips to create a list of subscribers in WordPress

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As a blogger or business owner, it's hard to know which marketing tasks are worthy of your time and which are best left on their own. For those who don't have a lot of experience in email marketing, building an email list may seem to fall into the latter category. But don't be fooled. This is, in fact, one of the most valid growth tactics worth considering.

4 ways to grow your email list

“Email is king. This is, by far, the best way to build an engaged audience, to sell a product or to generate excitement around your next project ”, explains the blogger Jeff Goins. “Without an email list you will be hard pressed to get the traction your message deserves and leave your fate to chance. "

The beauty of an email list is that you own it and manage it. Unlike social media, SEO, content marketing, and some aspects of web design and development, you have complete control over your email list. You can use it to sell current products, market future businesses, or do almost anything else that adds value to your bottom line.

But before you can harness the value of email, you need to build and grow a list. Here are four tips that will help you do that.

1. Develop a main magnet

The first key is to build what marketers call a “prime magnet”. It's something that attracts people and makes them willing to provide you with their email address. The classic example of a main magnet is an ebook or a webinar.

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Not only does a magnet attract people, it also increases their confidence. They see you as someone who creates value, who doesn't just take. It is really the act that will become relevant in the eyes of your audience.

Financial guru Dave Ramsey is especially adept with using lead magnets to build his list. He still offers free downloads, ebooks, and guides in exchange for email signups and it works well for him.

2. Optimize your subscription forms

Whether you're using lead magnets or just presenting a call-to-action and asking website visitors to sign up for your newsletter, optimizing your subscription forms is imperative.

A good sign-up form has between one and three fields, which integrate seamlessly into your theme and feature a simple and straightforward call-to-action button.

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3. Expand your reach

develop the door.jpg

The more exposure you get, the faster you can build your mailing list. The problem is, most bloggers and business owners aren't doing enough to actively increase the exposure of their landing pages and signup forms.

One suggestion is to work with other bloggers in related niches and forge guest blogging relationships with them. This will help you reach new people (and maybe generate some fresh content for your own blog).

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4. Courrier of artisanal quality

Getting people to subscribe to your email list is important, but it's a worthless investment if you don't keep them subscribed. In order to keep your email list happy and keep people from unsubscribing, you need to create quality emails that are highly relevant to your audience. There are entire books and blogs out there on this topic, but the underlying premise is that you need to deliver relevant content that puts your followers first.

The benefits in the long run

Building an email list is a long term game. Not only can it be used now, but it can be leveraged as you grow and scale your business. The more you focus on building and growing a sustainable list now, the longer your profit will be.

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