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What bloggers need to know about content marketing

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Freelance writing and blogging are terms that you know, and with which you already identify easily enough. But there is one that is never very far away, and even if it can sometimes seem distant and without any link with the editorial staff: Content marketing.

Content marketing could save your web editor career.

However, there are really many who do not really know what it is. Here's what you need to know, and why you need to know it.

Content marketing: what is it?

Content marketing is a form of promotion that uses content (blog articles, photo montages, e-books, magazines, videos, podcasts, etc.) to retain potential consumers, instead of selling them a product or service directly. If this sounds far away, it should not! In fact, you are much more familiar with content marketing than you think!

You still need to know that content marketing is different from the simple publicity. When it comes to advertising, you simply create the spot, and you pay a space for it to be broadcast. In content marketing, you create the content that your users have chosen to see.

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What is the relationship between content marketing and blogging?

The focal point here is what? Companies embarking on content marketing need authors who can create content that audiences want to see. And the demand for this type of author is growing! Content marketing is a buzz word in an exceptional way, and more and more companies are willing to incorporate it (and then plan to do) In their marketing plans.

Many of these companies use online content, blogs, long content, photo montages, videos, as major tools in their content marketing plans. So, if you are a blogger, you are already halfway there. If you have or if you can acquire other writing skills (computer graphics, scripts, etc.), you are already very advanced in the process.

And you do not have to be a marketer to get involved, you just need to be a good author. Content marketing is simply about creating content that your readers want to read. In this way, you do not necessarily need to know anything about marketing to get you started in the process of creating content.

So, how do you find yourself in there? As I said above, content marketing can really save the writers, and I firmly believe that. With the fall of printed documents in favor of digital documents, many authors have seen their future " fall apart ". As a result, you could find a million job offers for web editors, jobs that required nothing more than the ability to put words on a page.

After that, freelance blogging comes, and comes to bring some balm to the heart of the job of web editor at the time. And now, online content marketing has arrived. This is an area where authors can really find the quality they had lost with other types of writing appeared on the web. Here is a little how to make you a place in this universe:

1. Find a niche or specialty, and become an expert in the field. While any good author should be able to write on anything, it is better to have a specialty and build your portfolio and your presence in this specific industry.

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2. Start building social monitoring in this space. It will add value to what you do, as customers get on with your work and start paying for your work

3. Make a name for yourself. Start contributing to big blogs and big publisher spaces in your field. Do it for free at the beginning, so that you can be followed later.

4. Start marketing your work in your industry. If you're into fashion, contact companies that offer fashion-related products or services. Ask to write a paid article for their blog, and ask if they have any product that you could promote on your blog.

5. Marketing your content to publishers in your niche and offer your premium content at a certain cost

6. Appointment accessible to customers and publishers. Find carved communities to connect to people " Keywords In your specialty, so you can collaborate and create great content marketing projects. The most important thing that authors need to keep in mind is that they are not just bloggers or authors, but that they are a media company.

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Do the marketing of what you are, but not just your words. So, stop thinking like a blogger, but think like an entrepreneur! This is how you will have greater success in your blogging career!

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