Who said that blogs (video blogs) are the only ones that should contain videos? All blogs should incorporate different types of content into their articles. How many of you are interested in a blog that never changes the way it displays its content?

Blogs with rich content tend to captivate a large number of readers, especially if the video is posted using YouTube. It expands your audience from readers of your blog to your subscribers on YouTube to all other YouTube users.

And if your video is good enough, it will spread through other sites and blogs, as well as through social media to reach a larger audience across the web. In other words, it will become viral. So the question is: how to create a video good enough to become viral?

Well, there are some key ingredients for a blog article to become viral.

1. Make sure it is useful or interesting
For a video to go viral, it is necessary toto teach something really usefulOr very interesting. You could give fans of a certain game a new tip, show home cooks a handy cooking trick, or your video could be about the craziest extreme sports on the planet, or even about dogs. the most expensive ...

Whatever your subject, the video needs to grab the attention and give the viewer an incentive to share. Either it's so useful to them, or so interesting or cool that they can't help but share.

How To Moon Walk Like Michael Jackson (How do the moonwalk like Michael Jackson) was a viral video. This video has had over 30 million views. This is a great idea for a video of type "how to do", with a viral potential.

2. Have a sense of humor
Humor is the key to making a video go viral. But it has to be the right kind of humor. Think about your target audience, and who will be doing the social sharing. Humor crazy is a great tactic for a young audience. The content is original and often a little weird. You will see tons of videos like this on the web.

If your target audience is older, or in a specific niche, make sure you choose a type of humor that works for them. The wrong kind of humor for the wrong audience can take your potential viral status from ten to zero.

3. Cross the Line
That brings us to the next factor, which is content that crosses the line: it's a bit shocking, lascivious, politically incorrect, adult-themed, etc. After that, you don't have to go overboard and offend a bunch of people, but if it's inappropriate in a hilarious way, you're just on your way to viral success.

People share videos that are drôles et extraordinary. And what makes a video even more viral is the adult humor. Take the sketches of Jackass, for example, which use a great mix of humor, vintage, shockingly valuable to create funny and hugely viral videos. Remember, in most cases you are targeting the lowest common denominator. The more people "pick" the joke or find your content humorous, the more your content is shareable.

4. Give it a reversal
Videos that have a slight twist (which seem ordinary at first glance and end in an unpredictable way) gain people's attention. Even if it starts out weird, getting even weirder is the best thing about a video.

5. Follow in the wake of a popular trend
There is nothing more viral than content that hints at a popular trend or current fad that people recognize and identify with. A video that incorporates something like an expression, song, word, dance, or style that is currently shaking the media can be pure great.

When an Internet user sees something that speaks specifically to his generation and his mood, he likes it and shares it with his friends; and from there it spreads like wildfire.

For example, the expression "YOLO" is currently generating enormous enthusiasm. It means “you only live once”. Yes, it sounds silly, but it's popular, and if a video blog post incorporated that phrase, it's almost guaranteed to go viral.

Having brilliant ideas that are yours can be difficult. Therefore, tying in the wake of current trends and popular fads is an alternatively safe way to viral success.

What is your idea?
All of these factors can help make a video go viral and get shares on social media, blogs, articles, and word of mouth. All it takes is for you to think about your target audience, who is going to share the video (and yes they will), and what is going to make that audience want to share the video.

These five main ingredients are a sure-fire way to get your video article going viral! But if you have any other tips, please share them with us in the comments section.