Have you ever wondered: Which WordPress theme is used by this website? or even What are the WordPress plugins this blog uses to do this?

Knowing what tools a website uses can help you improve yours. Because it allows you to know which plugins and themes to use to have a professional blog and sometimes… profitable. 

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So, how do you know which WordPress theme a website is using?

Well, the fastest and certainly the easiest way is to look at the source code of the website (hope you can read it). 

On almost every browsers, it's possible. You just have to do Right-click> View source code On the context menu.

Through this procedure, you can find out which WordPress theme ou WordPress Plugin a website or blog created under WordPress uses. Still, you have to know how to read a source code.

To make your life easier, you should know that there are free services specializing in theme detection WordPress used on some websites. I will propose 2 because each has its particularity.

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1. WPThemeDetector

WPthemeDetector is a free resource that lets you know with one click which WordPress theme and WordPress plugins are used on a website.

What WordPress theme is used

All you need to do is enter the URL of a website in the corresponding field (see image below).

The tool will perform an analysis for you and display a bunch of information about the topic and the plugins WordPress used by this website. From this analysis page, you can immediately download the theme and extensions (if they are free of course).

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2. Whatwpthemeisthat

Whatwpthemeisthat is another free service, created to make it easier to get details about a WordPress blog, especially regarding themes and plugins.

How to know which theme is using wordpress blog 2

To do this, just enter the domain name or the URL of the website you want to review and the system will display the details.

It may happen that a website that uses WordPress does not offer enough information, because its theme may not be popular, and so are its. plugins. And if the website uses a " Child theme“, There is a good chance that the real name of the theme is not displayed.

Do not expect to have a complete list of plugins used by a blog. Both tools usually offer a maximum of 8 plugins.

If you want to go further in the creation of a professional website, we offer: a premium WordPress theme and 2 WordPress plugins premium perfect for this task.

1. BeTheme

BeTheme is a modern and professional WordPress theme, one of the best designed by its developers and this observation is easy to do. In short BeTheme will help you create any website.


The creation of pages is intuitive, thanks to the perfect integration of a visual page builders, which will give you the possibility to organize the elements of your website, while moving them with the help of a mouse, which eliminates the need of knowledge in programming, and puts the grip on this theme WordPress available to everyone, even those with no knowledge in web development.

In order to improve the experience, and the handling of this WordPress template, detailed video tutorials have been made available to you. These videos explain the main features of the WordPress theme, and they walk you through all the installation and customization processes.

DownloadDemo | Web hosting

2. Essential Grid

Essential Grid is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to display different content formats on a highly customizable grid. The possible applications of this plugin are portfolios, blogs, galleries, WooCommerce online stores, price lists, services, product sliders, and many more.

Essential grid gallery wordpress plugin

Its features are: super easy to use for beginners, management of rows / columns / spaces adjustable to your liking, support for images, YouTube and Vimeo videos, iFrame content, various types of animations and preloads, responsive and compatible with mobiles, wide plan, framed plan, or full screen layouts and many others.

Download | Demo | Web hosting

3. Elementor

Originally launched in 2016, the Elementor WordPress plugin is one of the youngest page builders on this list. Despite its late start, Elementor quickly racked up over 1 active installs on WordPress.org, making it one of the most popular WordPress page builders.

Element Pro

What makes its reputation is its fluid visual interface, its different style options and other powerful features such as the complete creation of WordPress themes.

Its interface is divided into two main parts, with a third area for certain parameters. The free version of Elementor offers 28 free widgets. The Pro version brings around 30 other widgets, making a total of 58 widgets in the Pro version. The free version includes around 40 free templates, while the Pro version brings hundreds of additional templates.

 Download | Demo | Web hosting

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