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10 WordPress themes to create a business website

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Divi: The best WordPress theme of all time!

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If you are looking for a WordPress theme, which will help you easily create a website for a company, an agency, or any organization that offers the same services as a company, then this list of topics is to consult.

Here are 10 excellent WordPress themes, each of which have modern features, as well as powerful plugins, that will give you control over creating and personalizing each section of your website. You will not need to be an expert developer, only your imagination and creativity will be required.

These themes have fully responsive demos, the contents of which will get you started quickly. Without further ado we invite you to discover our list and especially, do not forget to leave us a comment in the section dedicated to these.

1. Amaze

Amaze is a modern and very responsive WordPress theme. It is a set of solutions adapted to the creation of a website for any business. It has a modern layout, which gives your website a user-friendly look, and intuitive navigation, which will increase your conversion rate.

From the simple process of importing the demo, to the customization of this theme with the Visual Composer plugin, you will have at your disposal, hundreds of elements and thousands of possible combinations of styles, which will allow you to make sure that your website will have an expression that will be yours.

It features more 500 Retina icons and CSS 3 animations, which you can use to beautify the look of your website, and improve all your prospect collection processes, as well as your conversion rate on the internet.

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2. hit

If you are looking for a WordPress theme to create your company's website, while giving you visibility on the Web, then this WordPress theme will be an ideal solution. It is designed only to help you create business websites.

It's a theme packed with tons of widgets, great animations, HTML5 support for YouTube and Vimeo videos, contact form templates and homepage templates, WPML plugin compatibility, WooCommerce , bbPress, Gravity Forms, and many others.

Installing this theme gives you access to a wide range of internal page templates. These templates will give you the opportunity to use different animation effects to catch the attention of your visitors. This theme exposes your broad potential to the rest of the world in a presentation that focuses on the details.

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3. Leeds

Leeds is a WordPress theme whose goal is to help you create a website for an architectural, or interior design company. This is a theme that at the time we write this article, has only a few days of existence, but offers the most powerful features you will find on the most popular themes.

It has a charming appearance, which gives your website a user-friendly look, and intuitive navigation, which will elevate your conversion rate. It is compatible with the Visual Composer plugin, Revolution Slider and WPML and behaves wonderfully on all mobile screens.

After installation, you will have access to a library of useful page templates, which you will appreciate. So, if you want to create a website for an architecture or interior design agency, this theme could be the one you should bet on.

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4. EcoClean

This powerful WordPress theme will transform the potential of your website, bringing to it new opportunities that you will have to seize. Its ability to optimize and organize the display of the content of your website will help you make it unique.

Dozens of header styles, footer options, unlimited sidebars, and beautiful color combinations will be at your fingertips. This is a new WordPress theme, which offers huge possibilities in its customization, as well as a good set of features that will help you to create an excellent website with ease.

It is entirely dedicated to cleaning companies.

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5. Trucking

Trucking is a WordPress theme, which belongs to a very popular niche today. To be brief, it will be said that the latter will help you to create a website for any company that offers services in the areas of logistics and transportation.

It is a fully customizable theme, specifically designed, to be a website creation solution. It is primarily aimed at beginners and experts, which makes it a very user-friendly theme.

Its many demonstration models will get you started quickly. And no matter which ones you choose, you'll have a professional website at your disposal, with the perfect look that's right for your vision.

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6. CoBiz

Cobiz is a WordPress theme dedicated to website creation, which offers services in the areas of coaching, training, advice and more. Its layout is almost perfect and gives you the opportunity to create any other corporate website.

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The appearance and behavior of your website on mobile devices these days are features that many users focus on. That's why this theme offers a unique browsing experience on all recent devices and browsers.

It is compatible with the WPML plugin, which will help you turn your website into a multilingual platform, able to offer you the opportunity to conquer the international market. Its customer support is excellent and the features it offers are those that many developers of WordPress sites like.

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7. Deliver

Deliver is a multifunctional WordPress theme, clean and flawless, elegant and attractive, fully functional, mobile and user-friendly.

With full integration of the WooCommerce plugin, promoting or marketing your products or services from your website will be easier than ever. The help provided by the various portfolio configuration options can help you improve the sale of the portfolio.

It has been designed to offer great ease of use to developers and novices, which is why a shortcodes builder supports the powerful Visual Composer plugin built into them. With a ton of layouts, 10's different styles of headers and 15 footers, your website will undoubtedly have a unique and recognizable look among thousands.

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8. Palovit

Palovit is a professional WordPress theme that you can use to create the website of any construction company or those that offer similar services in this niche.

Its layout is perfectly on any mobile device. It comes with more than 44 page templates, which you can use to get you started quickly. Its SEO is optimized for different search engines, and you can also translate it into several languages.

It comes with the Visual Composer plugin that will help you give your website the intuitive look and feel you want. So if you're interested in this corporate WordPress theme, you'll definitely have to take a look.

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9. Carspa

Carspa is a WordPress theme whose purpose is to help you create a website for a car garage, a car mechanic workshop, or for any company that also offers car rental or spare parts services.

It's a theme that offers the most powerful features you'll find on the most popular WordPress themes. It has an excellent control panel, it will allow you to have control over every element of your site, which is why it requires no knowledge in web coding.

This WordPress theme deserves special attention, which is why we invite you to check out its demos.

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10. You

You are an incredibly responsive and versatile WordPress theme. It is a solid ally for webmasters of any skill or experience who are looking for an easy and quick solution for their creative tasks.

From corporate and personal blogs to online stores of used furniture, and video game websites to professional websites of lawyers, engineers, doctors, dentists, and businesses, this theme offers excellent tool that will suit your needs and your requirements.

You will find several templates of websites that can be customized to dozens of websites belonging to different niches. With the Visual Composer and Revolution Slider plugins at your side, meeting the graphic expectations and customization requirements will be extremely perfect.

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