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10 premium WordPress themes to create an online store

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If you own an online store, then you probably know that the picture is all there is to it. So it's not worth selling quality products if your website does not match the quality of the products.

Your website must be modern, less imposing in design, fairly simple and elegant and allow products to stand out with details that highlight every feature of your products to the millimeter. But finding a WordPress theme that has all these features can take you days to see whole months and the guarantee of finding the right WordPress theme will not always be assured.

That's why we wanted to save you time, by offering you in this list, the 10 best premium WordPress themes designed to help you easily create an online store that will demarcate your products from the competition.

1. eme

Eme is a WordPress theme dedicated to the creation of any online store selling clothing, and whose structure is based on the WooCommerce plugin. It's a WordPress theme dedicated solely to this task, thanks to its plethora of features that showcase your products.

It natively offers a full range of features dedicated to eCommerce. These features will allow you to create an eCommerce website, which will have nothing to envy to the most popular eCommerce websites.

Like the majority of recent WordPress themes, this WordPress theme does not deviate from the principles of versatility, which apply to the layout of these. Features such as the contact form, excellent typography, child theme support, responsive layout, portfolios and documentation will help you give your website the look that will appeal to your visitors or potential customers.

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2. MixStore

MixStore is a WordPress and WooCommerce theme, clean and perfect for any type of online retail business. This WordPress theme is fully compatible with WordPress versions 4.2 and later.

This WordPress theme is very easy to install and customize. It offers an unlimited number and predefined colors that will necessarily suit your brand. It is powerful but very easy to use the control panel allows you to customize the style of the WordPress theme, its fonts and modules.

It comes with a Mega Menu and an editor of the latter and has tons of useful widgets. This WordPress theme is built using the clean and valid HTML5 and CSS3 to help you keep pace with new web standards. It is also developed to work with all major modern and recent browsers and furthermore it is optimized for search engine optimization.

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3. VG Emodern

VG Emodern is a clean and elegant WordPress theme that offers an almost complete solution to help you create an eCommerce website, to sell supplies or interior decoration.

Its power allows it to enhance your products, thus promoting them. It supports the WooCommerce plugin to help you sell, accept payments and manage inventory of your products with ease. It offers great customization options, such as unlimited color schemes, slider integration and a wish list that you can activate for your customers.

Its code is well commented, which would be useful if you want to use a professional developer who will bring more customizations on your website.

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4. Exizt

Exizt is an elegant, professional, competent, flexible and easily customizable WordPress theme that will help you create an eCommerce website dedicated to the sale of clothing, footwear and other fashion products.

It is fully customizable and features such features as: mega menu, multilingual support, Visual Composer and Revolution Slider integration, excellent SEO, transparent headers and more.

It comes with 12 complete and functional homepage templates, whose layouts and content can be imported to help you get started quickly.

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5. Wibar

Wibar is a responsive and modern WordPress theme dedicated to the sale of wine or any product from the vineyard. It deals with difficult and boring technical aspects, and lets the user focus on creativity and content creation.

If you access its control panel, you will be able to customize and modify all the visual elements of the website. Its code is excellent and gives it enormous performance, which is appreciated by the various popular search engines.

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6. upscale

Upscale is a WordPress theme that will allow you to easily create any online store to sell your clothes and shoes. Much more than a WordPress theme, it includes a customization module dedicated to your website. Thanks to the latter, you will be able to modify the layouts, deploy shortcodes and customize all the parameters in a few clicks.

It's a website development solution with a myriad of professional tools designed specifically to optimize the functionality of your website. You will find 6 unique demos, which can serve as a starting point to get started quickly especially if your time is tight enough.

Among its many features include: comprehensive documentation, excellent support, a payment management system, a very easy and automatic installation, management of advertising space, a powerful control panel, a contact form, a newsletter , a zoom on the products, a catalog mode and many others.

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7. Backpacker

Backpacker is a modern, and extremely versatile, WordPress theme that will help you create an e-commerce website or online store for the purpose of selling fashion-related products such as: clothing, apparel, shoes, and any other accessories of the field of fashion.

Its layout is beautiful, and its design will be modern and simplistic. In terms of customization, everyone will become expert. Even those lacking skills and knowledge in programming or website development will be able to successfully use this WordPress template.

It has many versatile and innovative features, but no more important than the WooCommerce feature, which is one of the most popular plugins on WordPress and a leader in creating internet shops in this community.

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8. Oregon

Oregon is an amazing WordPress theme, designed by one of the most prolific teams on ThemeForest. It will help you create any e-commerce website to sell clothing, food, appliances, electronic gadgets, phones, tablets and more.

Equipped with a user-friendly interface and a flexible layout, it will offer you the opportunity to customize each section and detail of your website. You will be able to use this WordPress theme to display your products in a pleasant way, thanks to the sliders and other features integrated natively to it.

It is compatible with all popular plugins on WordPress, and the number of features it offers is really impressive. You'll want to take a look or check out its different demos to find out more.

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9. Ocin

Ocin is an intelligent and accurate WordPress theme, specifically designed to meet the many needs of new and seasoned webmasters who want to create eCommerce websites, in the simplest, most cost-effective way, with professional quality results.


With its intuitive user interface, fully optimized coding that deploys the latest and best HTML5 and CSS3 resources and multimedia management technologies, all coordinated by a modern and modular design that relies on the Bootstrap Framework, it remains perfect for Webmasters who seek to target several types of audiences.

It also has great layouts for product display, category pages with unique layouts, unlimited color configuration options, sidebar, header, footer, and more. the shopping cart will bring all the professional stature that your website will need to prevail.

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10. Polaris

Polaris is an eCommerce WordPress theme fully ready to handle a wide range of websites of all kinds of content and of any kind. It is tailored and specifically designed for the creation and maintenance of ecommerce related websites, online shops of all kinds of websites that sell merchandise to a massive online audience.

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Polaris comes with everything you will need to create a professional website and easily set up an attractive customer interface in a very short time that will allow you to sell your products and services.

Plus, powerful product filters, an AJAX cart, a wish list that works from the catalog page, predictive product search under Ajax, the RFQ form and many other powerful eCommerce tools , combined with a complete search engine optimization make Polaris a WordPress theme to consult very closely.

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That's it for this list of 10 best premium WordPress themes, designed to help you easily create any eCommerce website. Overall, you can choose one of the e-commerce WordPress themes above and you will have at your disposal a premium quality product, ready to help you sell online easily.

However, you will also be able to consult our resources, if you need more elements to carry out your projects of creation of Internet sites, by consulting our guide on the WordPress blog creation or the one on Divi: the best WordPress theme of all time.

But, if you encounter any concern in this area, find us in the comments section to discuss. In the meantime, share this article on your favorite social networks.

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