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Bulk change presentation and multiple selection on Divi

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Today, we discovered a new feature on Divi namely: Multiselect (multiple selection) and Bulk Editing (Bulk Editing) for divi, an incredible new feature that allows you to create websites with new speed and efficiency . You can now select multiple items at the same time and perform global actions on the entire group of items.

You can drag, drop, copy, paste, delete and even change the design and content of everything at the same time. Instead of making tedious edits to a group of items one by one, and over and over again, just select them all and edit them all at once. It is really impressive.

Edit multiple items at once to save time

Editing multiple elements at once will save you a tremendous amount of time by removing the repetitive, tedious and expensive tasks associated with designing a cohesive website.

Hold Cmd / Ctrl or Shift to select multiple

selection of several elements.gif

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When you are building in Divi, you can now hold down the Cmd or Ctrl keys and click on the elements to select them. You can select multiple elements as many times as you want and you can even select a combination of modules, rows and sections. You can also hold down the Shift key and click to select a series of modules in a column, a series of rows in a section, or a series of sections in a page. Once selected, you can bulk edit the entire collection of items at once.

Bulk modification of several modules

block modification.gif

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When you bulk edit the design of multiple multi-selected elements, they all update live, saving you tons and tons of design time. When you open the modal settings for a collection of items, Divi automatically displays a list of shared settings. When you change the design, all of the selected items are updated accordingly. You can even bulk edit a collection of different items. For example, you can add a shadow box to a Blurb pod, Image pod, and section simultaneously.

Drag, drop, copy, paste and delete quickly

move modules en bloc divi.gif

Multiple selection is a great way to quickly copy, paste, and delete multiple items at once. It's also a great way to move a series of items to a new location, rather than dragging and dropping them one by one. You can even drag and drop modules, lines, and sections at the same time, and Divi will automatically combine the elements and drop them into one location.

Better understand your page structure

how to understand the structure of a page.gif

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Holding down the Cmd or Ctrl keys is also a great way to better understand your page structure and quickly select small, individual modules that might be hard to find using Divi's minimal build interface. When you hold down the Cmd or Ctrl key, you get a clear overview of all modules, lines and sections, giving you a perfect picture of your entire page and how all the pieces fit together.

Multiple selection and bulk editing are available on Divi, so download Divi and test this new feature.

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