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How to use the right mouse button on Divi

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Every time you right click on something with Divi Builder, be it a module, line or section, you will get a list of the different actions that can be performed. These actions include: Undo, Redo, Save to Library, Deactivate, Lock, and Copy and Paste.

You may already be familiar with many of these functions because they are quite common. That's why they have been added to the right click controls for your convenience! This way, you don't need to delve into the module's settings to access the most used features. Some functions, however, are specific to right clicking and are only available when you right click the mouse. These include: Copy, Paste, and Lock.

action cancel and redo divi.png

Undo & Redo

Any action you perform in Divi Builder can be undone and any undone action can also be re-performed. The Undo and Redo commands (which are also available using the Edit History button located in the main page controls located at the bottom of the visual builder interface) can also be accessed by right-clicking the mouse.

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Save in the library

The option to save an item to the Divi library has been added to Divi right click commands for convenience. With this feature, you can save items to the library without having to open the corresponding settings box.


Any module, line or section can be deactivated. Once an item is disabled, it will appear to blend in with the background. This reduced opacity is intended to indicate that the element is deactivated but nevertheless allows you to see it and modify it when the Divi generator is activated. When this action has been recorded and the visual generator has been closed, the disabled element disappears completely.

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Disabling is a great way to remove items from view without deleting them in the builder. They can then be reactivated in the future.

disable a divi.png element


Locking is a function only available through Divi's right click controls. Once an item has been locked, it cannot be moved, edited, or deleted until it has been unlocked. Only users with the administrator role can lock and unlock items. This means that you can give your customers a lesser role, such as editor, and they won't be able to edit any locked items. It's a great way to control what your customers can and can't change. Often times, you might want to lock everything down except for text modules, for example, which would allow your client to edit their content, but not allow them to adjust more advanced module settings.

lock delement divi.png

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Copy paste

With Divi's right-click controls, you can copy a module, a line or a section from one area and then paste it into another area. You can even copy and paste only the style of one element and copy it to another element of the same type. For example, if you have four blubs in a row, you can create one however you like and then just copy and paste the style of that text onto the others. These copy and paste functions will save you a lot of time and annoying repetitions!

copy paste divi.gif

That's it for this tutorial, hope it gives you an understanding of how the right button works on divi.

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