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How to use the blog posting formats on Divi

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When you write a blog article to include in the blog module, you can use one of the 6 different publication formats. Article, video, audio, quote, gallery and link. Each of these formats structures your article differently, with a greater emphasis on the type of content represented by the format.

presentation of the type of content divi.jpg

When writing a blog post, you will notice a box to the right of your text editor called "Format". In this box are the 6 format options. If you choose "Standard", you will get a normally formatted blog post, while each other option will have a unique design associated with the format type.

choose a tutorial format divi.jpg

Using the video publishing format

Selecting the video publishing format will place a video at the top of your article. It will also replace the standard thumbnail image on index pages with embedded video. Once you have selected the "Video" publishing format in the Format Options area, the next thing to do is to add a video to your publication. The theme will automatically use the first video in your publication as a video format. To add a video to your post, simply enter the URL of your video (Vimeo or YouTube) in the Publisher or use the "Add Media" button to download and embed your own video file.

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add a video wordpress editeur.jpg

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Using the audio article format

Selecting the audio article format will display an audio player on your article. It will also replace the standard thumbnail image on the index pages with your audio player. The audio player plays the first audio file that you embed in your article. To add an audio file to your publication, use the "Add Media" button to download your audio file. There is no embedding of the audio file. Once you download a file, the theme automatically uses it for the article you are editing. The audio file must be downloaded when editing the article.

add audio file divi.jpg

Use the Quote Publishing Format

The quote publication format will display a stylized quote at the top of your message. The quote will also replace the standard thumbnail image on all index pages. Once selected, the audio publishing format will use the first Blockquote in your publication as citation content. Block citations can be easily added from the publisher. Simply highlight your text, then press the blockquote button to turn it into a quote.

type of advertisement quote wordpress.png

Use the publication format of the gallery

The publication format of the gallery will display an image gallery at the top of your article. It will also replace the standard thumbnail image on all index pages with an image slider. Once selected, the gallery publishing format will use the first gallery you added to your publication. Galleries can be added to your article using WordPress Media Editor. Just click on the buttonAdd a mediaTo create a gallery and add it to your post.

add an image gallery on WordPress.jpg

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Using the link publishing format

The Link article format will create a stylized link and add it to the top of your article. This is great for sharing short information with your readers. Once selected, the link article format will use the first link in your post as the primary link URL. The link will be placed at the top of your article, and it will also replace the standard thumbnail on all index pages. To add a link to your post, you can use the "link" button in the Publish Editor on WordPress.

public link format on WordPress.jpg

That's all for selecting the publication formats available on Divi.

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