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Best templates / Divi Layouts to download for free

Divi: the easiest WordPress theme to use

Divi: The best WordPress theme of all time!

With over 701.000 downloads, Divi is the most popular WordPress theme in the world. It is complete, easy to use and comes with more than 62 free templates. [Recommended]

Important: All the divi templates below are free and offered with the Divi theme. Just buy the theme and you will have one click free access to it.

Download all the templates here

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Business Coach

Divi business coach coaching online consultant wordpress theme
Divi Business Layout
The Business Coach Layout Pack, with an events page and a services page, is ideal for professional coaches ready to book conferences (or workshops) and promote their publications. You will love the professional design and flexibility of this layout pack.

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Wordpress theme divi templates carpenter craftsman carpenter create website layout
WordPress theme for carpenter and joiner

The Carpenter Layout Pack focuses on the appeal of written content. Each of the pages has high quality images that you can use without any restrictions and by simply changing the content to your own content, you can have a carpenter website up and running in no time.

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Farmers Market

Divi template template wordpress theme create organic agriculture food website
WordPress theme for groceries, cooking and selling vegetables,

While there is a lot to like about this layout pack, we want to draw attention to two pages: the Events page and the Donate page. For any Farmer's Market (or other nonprofit), these pages will be essential to the health and continued success of the organization.

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Food Recipes

Template layout templates divi create website cuisine blog recipes cuisine
WordPress theme for nutritionist, organic cooking

This Food Recipe Layout Kit lets you focus on what is really important - the tasty recipes you have worked so passionately on. The various layouts that come with this layout pack meet all your communication needs. The recipe page unleashes your creativity by providing you with all the elements you need to present your recipes elegantly and effectively. You can reuse the recipe layout for each new recipe that comes out. All you have to do is change the steps, media, and copies to suit your new recipe. And with Visual Builder at your fingertips, it almost won't take you long.

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Life Coach


Divi wordpress theme layouts create website life coach sell coaching service
WordPress theme for life coach

The Life Coach Layout Pack comes with 6 different layouts and everything you need to set up a website that strengthens your business. The design elements in this layout pack are both professional and beautiful. In each of the setups, you can find a superb diagonal structure that will surprise your visitors and prospects.

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Real Estate

Divi wordpress theme layouts create website blog sell house real estate
WordPress theme for real estate, sale of houses & apartments

The Real Estate Layout pack is fresh and inviting, perfect for showcasing real estate listings. The color palette works with the light background to make images stand out. The header on the homepage is particularly unique, the double CTA. Perfect for any company or real estate agent!

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Divi wordpress theme layouts create website blog locksmith home security
Locksmith WordPress Theme

The Locksmith Layout Pack is perfect for any website in the service industry. It has 7 different pages, including three layouts dedicated to the presentation of services. The design is both professional and welcoming. And the landing page has clear calls to action with accessible contact information, which is perfect for a locksmith business.

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Yoga Studio

Wordpress theme create yoga sport fitness divi template layout website
WordPress Theme for Yoga Website

This yoga layout pack has everything a yoga studio could possibly need on their website. In addition to having a specialized homepage and homepage, the yoga layout pack also offers a unique and attractive course page that will help your students and prospective students keep up with your class schedule. on computer, tablet or phone.

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Divi wordpress theme layouts create website blog pharmacy pharmacist sell drugs
WordPress Theme for Pharmacy Website

The Pharmacy Layout Pack is perfect for any pharmacy looking to open an online store. Among the six different pages included, you will benefit from a well-defined services page and a store page filled with promotional items. And you'll love the vivid calls to action throughout. This layout pack is sure to bring your pharmacy online with speed and style.

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Divi wordpress theme layouts create website blog marathon sport athletics
WordPress theme to create a marathon website

This Marathon layout pack is perfect for a marathon website. The design is clean and the colors are bright, which makes the content more accessible. The landing page is beautifully designed with special elements, including a countdown to the event and a CTA signup. The Info page is also a smart addition and there is even an app page to market your running app!

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Car Rental

Divi wordpress theme website sell rent buy car auto motorbike rental template
WordPress theme for selling cars

The car rental package has everything you need to get a car rental website in no time. The 7 unique layouts are strategically designed, making it easy for visitors to find and book the vehicle they need quickly. The vehicle listings are clean and professional. And you'll love the vehicle registration forms and featured offers.

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Photo Marketplace

Divi wordpress theme layouts create website sell photography marketplace photo
Divi WordPress Theme to sell digital photographs

This Photo Marketplace layout pack is designed to provide everything an average online photo marketplace will need. I love the call to action (CTA) throughout this layout. You can tell that some ideas have been taken to make them less effective and efficient. This may not be a huge plus for some, but I appreciate the actual copy used for CTAs throughout the layout. This makes it easier to set up and create users. I also admire how the images remain the highlight of the design. The bright backgrounds and simple layouts keep things very clean and non-distracting for viewers.

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Travel Blog

Divi wordpress theme layouts create travel blog easyly fast
WordPress theme for travel blog

Some of the unique features include images with overlapping social icons, featured posts with unique links, and a special layout designed to tell your story in a stylish way. The blog page is full width with large featured images that work well for a travel blog. And the Noto Serif font choice matches the overall design perfectly.

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Insurance Agency

Template layout divi create insurance company website
Divi WordPress theme for insurance company

This insurance agency pack is perfect for any agency looking to promote their insurance services online. It has seven different layouts with attractive and attractive graphics and icons. The landing page is designed to impress and inform. And the services page elegantly presents each service. This pack meets a wide range of needs for any insurance agency.

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Wordpress divi copywriter freelance coach theme create website
WordPress Theme Divi to create a website for Copywriter

This copywriter layout pack is designed to provide you with all the designs, layouts, and elements needed for your website. Besides having 9 unique and elaborate pages that will help you effortlessly attract new customers, the copywriter layout pack also provides you with high quality images that you can use for free and for various purposes. On top of that, the layouts in this layout pack are well thought out and save you time when building your next copywriter website.

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Divi wordpress theme layouts create terapist website blog
WordPress Theme for Therapist Website

The Therapist Disposal Kit is designed to provide a beautiful and heartwarming web presence for anyone looking for your therapy services online. With all the layouts available, a licensed therapist can easily present credentials, questions, service areas, contact information, etc. And the landing page will be a useful tool in driving visitors to book an appointment.

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Coffee Shop

Divi wordpress theme coffee shop cafe bistro create website layout template
WordPress Theme for Coffe Shop Website

This eight page cafe presentation pack has everything you could expect from a cafe site. Mainly; All practical information is continuously present on each layout of the site.

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Digital Marketing

Divi digital marketing agency wordpress theme layout templates
WordPress theme for marketing agency website

The digital marketing layout pack comes with 8 different and unique layouts that grab your visitors' attention right away. Using bright colors and abstract shapes will give your website a modern and trendy feeling. This layout pack is perfect for sharing readable and clear content without having to sacrifice beautiful web designs.

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Divi theme create website wordpress construction templates layouts
WordPress Theme for Construction Website

This layout kit is for companies in the construction industry who want to display the services they offer and the work they have done.

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Templates divi wordpress themes create blog fashion clothing internet
WordPress Theme for Fashion Site

One of my favorite things about this layout is the flexibility. Changing the color scheme of the site would be very easy since all content areas have a white background. This makes it all the more flexible for your branding needs. I can see this is used by bloggers, small businesses, photographers, etc.

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Divi wordpress theme layouts create website blog lms elearning sell online course
WordPress Theme to Create an E-Learning Website with Divi

This layout pack provides you with all the necessary layouts for any online course website. It includes a great marketing page to promote your courses. The courses page displays each course with its brief description in a well-designed grid layout, ideal for listing any number of courses. The CTA at the bottom of every page is also a very smart addition.

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Divi wordpress theme create financial audit consultant accountant website
WordPress Theme to Create an Accountant Website with Divi

The Accounting Presentation Pack combines a stunning color palette with a clean, understated style that will amaze your target audience. With 8 layouts available, including FAQ and Resource Layout, you can deliver a great user experience and turn visitors into leads in no time.

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Divi wordpress theme create babysitting website babysitter nursery nursery children
Template Divi to create a babysitting website

The Babysitter Layout Kit contains eight different and unique layouts. On top of that, it has a ton of included icons and illustrations that perfectly match the layout pack's color scheme (and which you can use without any restrictions). You can also find gorgeous section dividers in every layout which makes your website fancy while still being simple.

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Software Marketing

Divi wordpress theme layouts create site sell mobile applications
Divi templates to create a website dedicated to marketing


The software layout pack can be used for any kind of tech related website. The attractive illustrations included elevate the level of professionalism of your website and enhance the branding of your business. With its 9 different layouts, this software layout pack lets you create a software marketing website and finish it in just a few steps.

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Doctor's Office

Divi wordpress theme create website doctor medical health doctor
Divi WordPress Theme to Create a Website for Doctor and Doctor

The Doctor's Office Layout Pack is both professional and clean (something we all love about a doctor's office). This pack contains 8 different pages designed to provide clear and effective information. The FAQ page keeps the information in order with efficient use of toggles. The services page is designed to showcase your medical services with custom icons. And the single service page is a great bonus.

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Template layout divi create website jeweler sale jewelry luxury
Divi WordPress theme to create a jeweler and jeweler's website

The 7 stylish layouts of the Jeweler Layout Pack, high quality images, and stunning artwork make the layout pack a great choice for building a jeweler website from scratch. The use of soft colors and elegant font families gives visitors a sense of luxury and sophistication that perfectly represents the quality expected of a skilled and respectable jeweler.

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Low Firm

Template layout divi create website law firm lawyer justice laws
Divi WordPress theme to create a law firm website

This layout pack is a smart solution to promote your practice online. The organization of relevant content makes it easily adaptable. The layout sections are moved to expose additional blocks of color, which is a unique and subtle design touch. And the photos used look good and work well with any gradient needed to match a particular brand.

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Divi wordpress theme layouts create website blog restaurant templates
Template Divi to create a restaurant website

This restaurant layout pack is designed to provide everything the average restaurant will need. In particular, all the important information about "hours of operation" at the bottom of each page. There is also a button in the hero section of the homepage and the landing page to make a reservation, although you have to install your own reservation plugin for this to work.

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Wordpress theme author writer create website blog shop
Divi template to create an author, editor, writer website

The Author Layout Pack has everything you need to present your work in a professional and stunning way. On top of that, there is also a store page which allows you to drive sales directly on your website. There is a good balance between presenting the different books and honoring the author.

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Design Agency

Divi wordpress template theme create website agency webdesign design webdevelopment
Divi template to create a web agency website

This layout pack from the design agency will provide your visitors with all the information they need. It will also give you the opportunity to showcase the most valuable things about your design agency in style.

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Template templates create website florist sell flowers internet
WordPress theme for florist

This layout pack is designed with florists in mind. Floral images used everywhere (especially for header backgrounds) are useful and beautiful. The landing page in particular is extremely useful for any florist out of the box by including sections for seasonal items, discounts and even a contact form for special bouquets!

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Business Consultant

Divi wordpress theme layouts create website consultant business business lawyer firm
Divi template to create a business website

This business consultant layout pack is exactly what a consultant needs to market their services online. The landing page is beautiful. The Services page has unique design features that set your services apart. And the layout of the case study has been carefully designed to give the user exactly what they need. The overlap technique used during these CTAs is really causing a stir. Enjoy.

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SEO Agency

Divi wordpress theme layouts create SEO agency website SEO web
Template Divi to create a SEO website

This SEO layout pack follows, in terms of design, many trends that have evolved into 2017 and that will continue to exist in 2018. One of the biggest assets of this layout kit is the backgrounds bringing vivid colors create with this layout pack.

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Travel Agency

Divi wordpress theme layouts create travel agency website easyly fast
Template Divi to create a travel website

Overall this layout is designed to be stunning. A standout feature in this layout pack is the CTA in the footer on the homepage. The use of parallax with these striking images is a nice combination. A similar effect can be found at the top of the About page.

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Tee Shop

Divi wordpress theme layouts create tea shopt website blog
Template Divi to create a tea shop website

This tea room layout pack will definitely take any online tea shop to the next level. The design is refreshing with a modern use of the subtle textured backgrounds paired with a classic font that gives the site a glamorous feel. And the photograph is absolutely delicious, bringing the user almost close enough to smell the aroma.

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Elementary School

Divi template wordpress theme create school website school high school lms elearning
Template Divi to create a website for school, high school and college

The Elementary School Layout Kit contains everything you need to create an elementary and fashionable website. With its 7 unique layouts, vibrant color palette, playful choice of font families, and professional look, the Elementary School Layout Kit will help attract students and parents to your website.

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Digital Payments

Divi payments gateway wordpress theme online templates
Template Divi to create an online payment gateway

This Digital Payments Layout Pack is designed to provide all of the pages needed to set up an online digital payment company in no time. Some of the key pages include a registration page and a features page which provides an exceptional framework to showcase all the features associated with the product.

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Car Dealer

Divi wordpress theme sale rental purchase cars vehicles templates car dealer
Template Divi to create a car sales website

Get Auto Dealers Ready! This new car dealership layout pack includes 7 pages including a finance page and an ads page which are essential necessities for any car dealership site. The landing page is carefully designed, leading the user to view new and used car inventories and financing information. And the professional layout of the ads page is superb. Check it out!

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Wordpress theme divi template create site meeting discussion meetings
Template Divi to create an online conference website

The Meetup Layout Kit has 7 different layouts that allow you to create a beautiful dating website that effortlessly connects you with sponsors and attendees. With a stunning color scheme and multiple backgrounds at your fingertips, you can easily attract and retain visitors to your website.

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Graphic Illustrator

Template layout divi create website graphic design webdesigner webmaster
Template Divi to create a graphic designer website

There is no better way to create a graphic illustrator website than by using illustrations on your website in a creative and professional way. This is exactly what the Graphic Illustrator Layout Pack does. With 7 clean layouts at your fingertips, your website will be up and running in no time, ready to convince visitors of your skills and expertise.

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Template layout divi create website hand made housework handyman
Template Divi

Handyman Layout Pack is perfect for small businesses who want to set up a website that matches the industry they are in. The seven included layouts are solution-focused and aim to give visitors a fast and enjoyable experience on your website. With a service and service layout at your fingertips, you can fully focus on the services you offer.

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Interior design Company

Template layout divi create website interior decoration design
Template Divi to create a home decoration website

This interior design pack represents the core values ​​of every interior design company. style and expertise. With eight elaborate layouts containing stunning and unique images, this layout pack is ready to take your interior design website forward. Each of the layouts is a combination of some of Divi's most desirable built-in options and is perfect for desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

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Wedding Planner

Divi wedding wedding planner wordpress theme create website template
Template Divi to create a Wedding Planner website

Surprise your clients and visitors with the stunning color palette and relevant, high-quality images of the Wedding Planning Pack. This layout pack allows you to create a stylish website while making the most of Divi's built-in options. You can choose from 7 beautiful and unique layouts designed to grab the attention of your visitors.

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Cryptocurrency divi wordpress theme cryptocurrency template layout
Template Divi to create a Cryptocurrency website

This Cyptocurrency layout pack has 7 pages each with a great design that can accommodate a wide range of services in the cryptocurrency niche like advice, membership fees, etc. Each layout features knockout headers, rich custom graphics, and warm radiation effects that ensure an impressive impression.

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Auto Repair

Divi wordpress theme create garage mechanic website auto motorcycle vehicles layouts templates
Template Divi to create a car garage website

The 8 page auto repair layout pack showcases the services you offer. With an elaborate layout of services and services at your fingertips, you can target your potential prospects in a simple, clear and straightforward way. Moreover, the high quality images help you tell your business story in a professional and elegant way.

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Design Conference

Divi wordpress theme create freelance website webdesign divi template layout
WordPress theme for creating a conference website

This Design Conference Layout Pack provides an interesting way to present all your conference information. The graphics really make the headers stand out without being distracting. The home page features a unique numbered list of conference features, including presentations and speakers. Any conference site would also benefit from these important speaker and schedule pages.

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Cosmetics Shop

Divi wordpress theme create beauty cosmetics website templates layouts
Template Divi to create a cosmetics sales website

The Cosmetics Shop Layout Pack contains seven unique layouts that will help you create an online store for your cosmetics shop in no time. There is a dedicated store layout, and to help you showcase your specials, you'll also find a sales layout that will definitely grab the attention of your visitors. With its stunning color palette, high-quality images, and exquisite Divi design combinations, this layout kit will help you create a results-oriented and at the same time mind-blowing cosmetics store.

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Divi wordpress theme create website wedding ceremony souvenir templates
Template Divi to create a wedding website

This wedding website pack is the perfect way to start your next wedding website. Everyone who is getting married these days needs a website, and they expect a very specific aesthetic and very specific features. This website pack has it all! Fully designed pages for: home, about, contact, blog, gallery and details are included.

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Animal Shelter

Divi wordpress theme create website animals animal dog shelter template
Divi template to create an animal shelter website

The Animal Shelter Layout Kit comes with eight layouts, each featuring an alluring combination of warm colors and exciting imagery. It includes all the necessities of an animal shelter, including featured animals, adoption information, events, and clear calls to action. The listings page is organized efficiently with all kinds of information. And the Get Involved page clearly guides the user through the process.

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Divi wordpress theme create online store ecommerce site sell vintage products
Template Divi to create an online store

The 7-page boutique pack showcases your boutique site with its sleek, modern and vintage design. Each of the included layouts focuses on sharing the right content, great visuals, and great CTAs. This allows your visitors to find what they need quickly and become loyal customers in no time.

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Divi wordpress theme creation website company company business
Template Divi to create a web agency website

This business layout pack is designed to deliver everything the average business will need right out of the box. You will find contact information and a contact form at the bottom of each page. The portfolio page and the pricing page (including an FAQ) are two great additions. The landing page includes a full screen header with a dual CTA along with all of these useful things like case studies, pricing table, email option, and testimonials.

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SaaS Company

Divi wordpress theme layouts create saas company website website
Template Divi for business

This SaaS layout pack is designed to get your SaaS website up and running in no time. With seven amazing and elaborate layouts, your website will have all the pages it needs along with the necessary information that you can tailor to your own needs.

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Architecture Firm

Wordpress theme divi architecture architechture construction website
Divi template to create an architecture website

The Firmy Layout Pack architecture design perfectly represents the industry. There is a seamless style combination of sobriety, mystery and elegance. And with high-quality images at your fingertips, your highly professional and visually appealing architectural website will be up and running in no time.

Download    |   Demo   |   Web hosting

Web Agency

Template layout divi wordpress theme web agency create website
Divi template to create a web agency website

This layout pack includes some important "must haves" for a web agency, including a pricing page, a services page, and a portfolio page. The design is colorful and tastefully clean. Background images showcase content creatively and effectively. I particularly like the CTA on the Services page.

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IT Services

Template layout divi create website tic technology computer services
Template Divi to create a computer website

If you want to build a professional IT services website, the IT services layout pack will meet your expectations. With its 7 unique layouts, stunning icons, and advanced built-in settings, you can get your website up and running in no time. This layout pack mainly focuses on a pleasant user experience and highlights your services in a consistent and easily understandable way.

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Juice Shop

Template layout divi create website juice shop sell juice drink
Template Divi to create a fruit juice sales website

The Juice Shop Layout Pack includes eight pages, each offering a wonderful combination of vivid colors and crisp images. The design goes beyond the needs of anyone looking to revamp their online juice store, including a store page, menu page, recipe page, and even a cleaning page to showcase juice cleaning packages. .

Download    |   Demo   |   Web hosting

Job Recruiter

Template layout divi create website job listings job line
Template Divi to create a recruitment website

The Job Recruiter Layout Pack is designed to impress. The eight pages feature stunning typographic design elements, custom graphics, and striking color combinations. The pack has everything you need to make it easy to apply for any recruiting site, including an employers page, an ads page, and a candidate page. Check it out!

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