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How to Create an Online Store with WooCommerce: Step by Step Guide

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It is well known that these days competition in the online market is stiff. And while you are one of the hundreds of shops out there, a stylish e-commerce site just might be the thing that sets you apart from the rest. In fact, on your own website, the brand you bring to life is completely up to you. So, having a modern eCommerce website gives you an easy way to get to know yourself or your brand, helping to connect with customers near and far.

In other words, why tell someone what you have to offer, when you can just show it off - with your own website full of links, photos, and work samples giving a much more vibrant feel to your offers? Picture this: today you can build a stylish e-commerce site for your online store without digging into the coding. Faced with this, most of us are not professional designers, so this step by step guide can help you to build a WooCommerce store easily.

Don't worry, it's not complicated. However, it can be both daunting and exciting. Still, it takes creativity and your desire to become a major player in the modern web market. But all of your efforts can pay off in more than one way when it comes to creating a WooCommerce store of your dreams.

First stage

Choose the platform for your website

If you are new to ecommerce, determining your ecommerce platform is both important and complex. This is because you want to select the one which may be the best option for your particular ecommerce business. The point is that ecommerce platforms come in a lot of different price ranges. A lot of them are really great but it all depends on your specific needs and your business model. And of course, there is no one quick fix that works for everyone.

The good news is that WooCommerce can be a great way to get a head start in your web contest. In fact, it is the best choice for those who are new to the world of online business. WooCommerce is the trusted solution. And there are reasons for this. Lets go see.

Why choose WooCommerce?

So, why choose WooCommerce? Well, we are glad you asked. Starting any new online business is difficult, but WooCommerce can help facilitate this process.

  • WooCommerce is a powerful platform and plugin for WordPress open source. It can quickly turn your website into a powerful online store. WooCommerce has grown in popularity just like the superiority of WordPress.
  • He has for freewhich means you can easily download the WooCommerce plugin for free and start creating your own online store without having to use any third-party software.
  • WooCommerce is a solution feature rich and highly customizable which makes it a perfect option for all kinds of online stores. With a few hundred free and paid extensions for inventory, marketing, accounting, and more, you can extend the functionality of your online store however you want.
  • It is completely savvy social media and SEO-friendly.
  • WooCommerce offers in-depth analysis to help you keep up-to-date on aspects such as sales figures, miscellaneous statistics, orders, and more. It also makes it possible to follow and visualize the orders in progress and accomplished.
  • He has Easy to put in placewhich simply means that you can start selling goods and services within hours.
  • On top of that, you can set up WooCommerce on any template you want.

And there are many more benefits that can help you easily run a fully functioning online store and make sure it's profitable. So, don't spend your fortune. Just create a fully functional e-store with WooCommerce.

Choose a WooCommerce template

Now when your choice is made, let's learn what it takes to start a WooCommerce store. First of all, you need a modern website template to start the magic. Whether you know it or not, there is an endless ocean of sleek and modern WooCommerce templates designed with the end user in mind.

To be more specific, there are some essential ingredients which you should be careful of when looking for the right model. Just take a minute to enjoy the collection of WordPress themes for a training company.

  • Mobile-First approach. Think mobile-first unless you have a very good reason not to. Don't miss a single customer who uses mobile devices.
  • Compatibility with all modern browsers. Customers use different mobile gadgets to surf the Internet, which is why their browsers can vary widely. The task of your modern WooCommerce online store is to provide a top-notch user experience.
  • Remember, if you want to strengthen your brand and guide your customers through a smooth shopping experience, look for templates that give you additional plugins, modules, or widgets.
  • SEO Optimization is another essential feature that can help increase exposure and traffic to your WooCommerce online store. Help your customers discover your content.
  • If you are not a professional developer, a model with complete documentation is at your fingertips. With the Customer service available 24h / 24 and 7j / 7, you are not alone.

We are getting closer. Now, it seems like you're ready to dive into this infinite ocean of WooCommerce templates stylish and find the one you like the most. The best thing is you can always start small and then grow taller. Can't decide on a good theme? Do not worry. To help you, we have decided to select this model:



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But why an organic cosmetics store you may ask? No worries though. The trick is that WordPress is a very flexible platform giving you a fantastic opportunity to change the way your business works. Once you have chosen the right model, check if it contains the same essential ingredients as mentioned above and start creating magic. Now it's time to use your imagination and make the changes needed to become a global player on the web. Believe us, your WooCommerce store is one click away from your prospects.

Second step

Domain name and hosting to launch the magic

Finding a domain name for your future e-store is as important as choosing your WooCommerce model. Do not get me wrong in thinking that free hosting providers can handle all your tasks. It is best to consider what the goals of your business are.

If you are planning to launch a small niche store, then a shared hosting plan is probably what you need. But, if you are planning to become a global player in today's competitive web market then you need to choose reliable hosting providers who can ensure the right level of scalability for your business. So it's at your own risk.

Websites on WooCommerce aren't very demanding when it comes to hosting. However, there are a number of critical points you need to get, such as an extra level of security (SSL certificates) or any other eCommerce site specific consideration. We recommend that you pay your attention to hosting providers which are considered to be the best options these days. These are Inmotion, Bluehost, SiteGround, and A2Hosting hosting. And it's not only the best hosting service available, but also great customer service that they provide.


Third step

Setting up your WooCommerce website

We continue. The next step is to install WordPress. Fortunately, there are already countless tutorials written on how to install WordPress manually, so we better ignore this part. Let's start setting up whatever template you've chosen to help the magic happen. It is important that the exact installation steps depend on the model you have.

So, once WordPress is installed, you will see your dashboard with the following menu. Well, go to 'Appearance' -> 'Themes'.


Next, let's install the theme you chose. It's simple. Just click the button 'Install Now' and select the package you have already downloaded.


Now, when your theme is installed, it's important to click the button 'Activate' to set your theme as the default theme.


So if done correctly you will be taken to the list of currently installed themes. Notice, above you will see the list of recommended plugins which should be better installed to help the template work properly. So you had better click 'Begin Installing Plugins'.


Now you will see the list of all recommended plugins. You can install them one by one, or all at the same time.

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Once you have activated all installed plugins, click on the button 'Return to the Dashboard'.

Make your model look like the live demo

If you want your model to look like the live demo, you just need to import all the demo data that came with your model. Go to menu 'Tools' -> 'Import'.


Now you have to install the 'WordPress Import' that you should choose from your list. In case it's not on the list, go to the plugins directory. Once installed, click 'Activate Plugin & Run Importer'.

Select the .xml file in the 'sample data' folder and click on the button 'Upload'. Then you need to choose an author for manual import or select the one from the list of available ones. Check the box 'Download and Import File Attachments'. Return to the dashboard.


Either way, you can just download the Importer plugin and install it manually like a regular plugin.

Configuring the WooCommerce plugin

Finally, when WordPress and your template are installed, you will notice the following notification of the WooCommerce plugin in your Dashboard.


Click on 'Run the Setup Wizard' and apply the button 'Let's go'.


Now the plugin warns you that it will install the necessary pages for your e-store such as Shop, Cart, Order Page et My Account.


Then fill in all the essential data that should be used in your store - like country of origin, currency, dimensions, etc.


Select the type of goods or services your online store will ship. Say, it will be some physical elements or digital services. Make your choice and continue.


Choose the payment services you prefer to use. Tip, you can always add other payment methods that you need to use from your WooCommerce dashboard.


Well, here ! Your WooCommerce store is ready to go online.


Probably not that fast, yet you are much closer to your goal. There are some necessary things that you should modify to start selling with your website. And maybe adding your products can be a good start.

Easily create your Online Store

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The icing on the cake: Give your WooCommerce website a perfect look

This is because to make your WooCommerce store look awesome, you might want to make yourself a bit more attractive and eye-catching. So add your products, change the font styles or color scheme to best match your brand identity, configure the necessary settings, expand your store's functionality with a range of premium WooCommerce extensions, and more.

Don't be afraid to try. It's not difficult. It is simply a modern necessity. Take it, learn it and use it. The more you try, the better the results. But, if you don't put in the time and effort, there is very little chance that you will become a major player on the web.

Final word

Online stores powered by WooCommerce are winners. Is yours among them?

We now hope you know where to start and how to grow your business online. Good luck !

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