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How to influence a purchase decision and sell more products

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So people visit your website. It's good. But how many of them actually buy the products you offer? Chances are, less than 1% of them actually do, right? And you are probably wondering: how to sell more product? Or, how do you influence a prospect's buying decision?

However, you don't have to panic. You can actually push your visitors to make a purchase. How? 'Or' What ? Take note of the tips I'm going to share with you below, and come back and share your results with us!

Do you know the millennial generation?

These are people born between 1977 and 1995. These are people between 19 and 37 years old. This generation spends around 600 billion per year. By 2020, this generation will have spent an average of 1,4 trillion per year.

Less than 30% of the time this population spends on the media is spent on content created and shared by third parties.

According to an analysis published in January 2014, the millennium generation spends an average of 18hours of their day on media, via multiple devices, and simultaneously.

Here is roughly the distribution of their time according to the media:

  • 20% of web browsing
  • 18% social networking (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • 13% live TV shows
  • 10% of pre-recorded programs
  • 10% of video games
  • 7% of radio
  • 7% of cinema sessions
  • 6% on live dialog applications
  • 6% in discussions with others about new products and brands
  • 3% in reading magazines or newspapers

We can see that barely 40% of the time spent on media is spent on traditional media. Millennials place less trust in traditional media sources.

According to a survey conducted among 58 countries in 2013, the following sources are more trusted:

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  • Word of mouth (84%)
  • Branded websites (69%)
  • Consumer opinions on the canvas (68%)

User-generated content therefore obtains the most trust, among all information sources.

Here are the types of media that have influenced the purchases of Millennials:

  • User Generated Content: 53%
  • Traditional media: 44%
  • Advertising banners: 23%

Let's talk a bit about user-generated content

  • Conversations with friends or family about a brand or product: 74%
  • Comments peers: 68%
  • Emails and other cats with friends or family: 56%
  • Content and social networking: 50%
  • Blogs, bulletin boards, forums, etc. : 48%

How do brands take advantage of this?

Let's see some cases:

1. Ford

Ford has engaged hundreds of influencers, including bloggers, tweeters, and celebrities, providing them with 6-month Ford Fiestas (gas, parking and insurance included). In exchange, these people created quality content, shareable content that was featured on the brand's TV channel and in print ads.

Result? Ford was able to engage a younger audience, and secured 6 vehicle orders.

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2. Verzion

Verzion has driven influencers to create and share content and engage in conversations with their audience.

Result? Verzion was able to increase its social commitment

3. J. Crew

To promote their new Madewell brand, JCrew launched a “Flashtagram” program in which 500 of these employees, consumers, and seasoned bloggers and editors shared their best photo with the hashtag #denimmadewell in one simultaneous action.

Result? The campaign resulted in several million social impressions within the target audience.

Tips for implementing these tactics

  • Create conversations about the content in question
  • Turn people who love your brand into evangelists
  • Think long term
  • Invest in relationships with people of influence


One of the things you can most easily influence is the feedback from your consumers. By encouraging your current consumers to leave some and showcasing them on your website, you can increase your conversion rates.

Don't forget your customer service. If you can do more than what your customers ask for, be sure word-of-mouth recommendations, which greatly influence buying decisions, will increase.

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So what is the other way you can offer us to convert customers into consumers?

I look forward to hearing from you!

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