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How to create your affiliate program with Affiliate PlatForm WP Plugin

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Do you want to know how to triple your sales in less time and without extra effort? Yes ? then create an affiliate program. It's no longer a secret for anyone, to sell more products or services you need partners.

On BlogPasCher, we must at least 80% of sales made to our affiliates (resellers) And we return them 25% of the sale price. Affiliation allows you to:

  • market your product to a wider audience
  • Maximize your chances of earning more money in less time

Instead of going through platforms like 1TPE ou ClickBank to sell your digital or physical products and promote these platforms, I strongly recommend that you create your own affiliate program if you are on WordPress.

There are many plugins on the market, but the best in my opinion (in addition he is in French) it is WP Affiliate Platform. It is an easy-to-use recruitment, management and tracking tool that works well on all WordPress themes. It integrates easily with WooCommerce and Wp eStore. This plugin especially allows you to create your own affiliate program and pay commissions to your affiliates.

You can download the plugin by clicking here. do not pay attention to the fact that the sales page is in English. Simply order and come back to follow this tutorial entirely in French on WP Affiliate Platform : The plugin that will boost your sales.

And if you do not want to waste time with the technique (despite this tutorial), then do not hesitate to let us know and we will fully configure the plugin for you.

How to configure the WP Affiliate Platform Plugin

After installing the plugin, a new menu "WP Affiliate" will be added to the sidebar of your WordPress dashboard. Click on its submenu "Settings". On the new page, several fields are available. I'll explain the most important.

General Tab Settings

In the General Settings section

We will begin by determining the language of the affiliate program. Choose French if you want your affiliate space to be in French. You must also name your affiliate program. For example, you can give the following title: "PAffiliate Program " or "Affiliate area". No matter which title you choose, it's the one your affiliates will see when they sign in to their placeholder.

With the parameter Cookie Life (Days) You can determine how many days an affiliate can earn a commission from a prospect who follows his affiliate link and places an order.

In other words, if you choose 30 days as the deadline, then the affiliate will earn a commission if the person to whom he has recommended your product order within a maximum of 30 days after clicking the link. After this period, no commission will be paid and it is the seller (you) who will keep 100% of the sale.

Many sellers who use affiliate prefer to assign to the commission within 60 days. Some, more generous, go up to 365 days.

« Currency Symbol Allows you to determine the currency used on the affiliate program, and Currency Code Allows you to determine the currency code (Eur for € for example).


As an administrator, you must specify your email address to be contacted "Contact Email Address ". You can also set the homepage of the affiliate program " Default Landing Page Is the page to which affiliate links will return visitors by default.

However, you will be able to define different pages for each product or service you promote in your program.

« Affiliate Login URL »Displays the link of the login page to the affiliate system. This is the one your affiliates will receive in the welcome message.

Your blog definitely has terms & conditions. Add the URL to this page in the " Terms & Conditions ". We do not have one on Which means that you can leave this box blank if you wish.


You may decide to display certain information from the buyer to the affiliate, even if this is not recommended. You will need to check the information to display on the option " Show Buyer Details to Affiliates in the Affiliate Area ».

In the Affiliate Signup / Registration Specific Settings section

You can manage the registrations and notifications that result. Especially :

  • Manually control each registration « Manually Approve Affiliate Registration »
  • Prohibit visitors from registering « Do Not Allow Visitors to Signup Which will cause you to manually create each account manually
  • Set the PayPal field as required " Make PayPal Email Address a Required Field », Which means that an affiliate must necessarily have a paypal email to register
  • Hide the tax ID or social security number, checking the box " Hide the Tax ID / SSN Field ". This in principle only concerns US users
  • Receive notifications via your email address. Check the box " Send Notification to Admin Signup To activate it
  • Give a bonus to each new user. Click on " Enable Bonus To activate the option, then set the bonus (names) in the field " Bonus Amount »

SETTINGS-of-registrations des-affiliated wp-affiliate-plateform

Board Settings

In this section, you will be able to set a flat fee for affiliates " Use Fixed Amount Commission , Or set a percentage on the realized sale Level Commission ».

You can also activate an automatic cancellation of the commission in case of refund " Use Automatic Commission Reversal ».

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2nd Tier Affiliate Settings

This option allows to pay a commission for any sale made by the godchild of an affiliate. In other words, if an affiliate registers with your affiliate platform via the link of another affiliate, that other affiliate who is sponsor in this case will earn a commission each time that new affiliate makes a sale.

To use this option, you must enable it Use 2 Tier Affiliate Model Determine the percentage of the commission and the number of days during which the affiliate may receive a commission Duration ».


Affiliate Area / Center Related Options

It is on this section that you will customize the home page of your affiliate platform. You can:

  • Change the title of your program « Index Page Title »
  • Change the message content of this page by explaining how your program works Contents Page Message »
  • Add a welcome message « Welcome Page Message »


We will now go to your home page to see the changes. Follow the following link "Http://", Hoping that " wp-content Is the folder where all your plugins are installed.


Email Settings

This tab allows you to determine some options applicable to emails. You can include:

  • Send notifications to affiliates Send Notification to Affiliates After each sale
  • Receive as an administrator any type of notification
  • Customize the template of emails that are sent, author (From Email Address) subject (Email subject) And content (Email body). Do not forget to keep the " tags templates "({Login_url}, {password}, ​​{user_name})

email-settings-wp-affiliate platform

Autoresponder Settings

You can integrate different autoresponders into your affiliate program. Why ? Well, this will allow you to send specific ads to all your affiliates at one time. With this option, each time an affiliate joins your partnership program, it will automatically be registered on the list of your choice.

Follow our different guides 100% in French on AWeber et MailChimp to learn more about using these services.

Once you have the different information needed to integrate a form (the name of the list for Aweber, the API keys and the name of the list for mailChimp), Return to this page to fill in this information in the corresponding places.

For AWeber list, you just need to put [email protected]. For example, if your list is named "Promo22" then you must enter: [email protected] . This will allow the plugin to know exactly which list it should register new affiliates.


WP users Settings

This tab will allow you to:

  • automatically create an affiliate account for new members registered to your blog « Automatically Create Affiliate Account »
  • automatically connect any user to the affiliate program, having an affiliate account created by the method of the previous option " Automatically Log Into Affiliate Account »
  • to disconnect these users following the same logic Automatically Log out ».

You can leave these boxes blank because there is no point in automatically registering someone for your program when it does not intend to promote your products and services.


How to create & manage affiliates

When you do not want to allow registration for your program, you must create accounts yourself. To do this, click on the link " Add / Edit Affiliates ", Located in the submenu of" WP Affiliates On the left side menu of your dashboard.

Management des affiliates

You can also manage the different affiliates by clicking on the link " Manage Affiliates ". The affiliate creation page is easy enough to understand, you must enter a nickname or login for the affiliate Affiliate ID , A password and its status at least.

You also have the option to set a specific commission percentage for this affiliate.


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Do not forget to put the connection link offered in the general settings (General Settings) available to your affiliates. These will need to connect.


One in their reserved area, they will be able to access their various statistics: clicks, sales and payments.


They will also be able to catch the links of the various advertising banners that you have created and add them to their different blogs or websites.

How to create a banner ad

You will need banner ads to allow your affiliates to promote your products and services. To add an advertising banner, click on the menu « Add / Edit Ads ", always in " WP Affiliate ».


And if you do not have banners and you are looking for one, do not hesitate to contact us. It is with pleasure that we will create your promotional tools.

Management of "Leads": explanation

Affiliation can go well beyond a link. You can also integrate it into your various forms. Wp Affiliate Platform, allows you to add an affiliate link in the different forms created with Gravity Form. But for now, this integration is not essential for the use WP Affiliate Platform.


Payment management

Payment management is done in this section « WP Affiliate >> Manage Payouts ". You have at your disposal 4 payment methods.

The first one allows you:

  • To display the users whose commission is not lower than the amount defined in the field " Minimum Payout Balance And who are waiting for payment « Generate Report ».
  • to create a file (CSV) to trace all operations " Create Payment File Report ". This file can also be used on PayPal to make payments.
  • to mark each commission displayed as paid " Mark as paid ».

The second allows you to:

  • to filter the commissions pending payment until a specific date.

The third method allows you:

  • Filter commissions that are pending payment within a specified time interval (Start Date & End Date).

The fourth allows you to search for a specific affiliate.


Statistics and Reports

You will always have an eye on your different statistics. The plugin WP Affiliate Platform provide you with statistics on clicks, commissions and payment history.


The first statistic will be displayed on the homepage of the plugin " WP Affiliate >> WP Affiliate ". You can get an overview of the different commissions, clicks and payments.

Viewing Clicks Statistics

These statistics are available in the location " click Throughs ". You can see the global statistics " Overall Click Data », Individual« Individual Affiliate Click Data And the ranking of the best affiliates.

Each tab gives you the ability to filter the results in a specific time interval.


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Consultation of Commission Statistics

These statistics are available in the location " WP Affiliate >> Sales / Data Comm ».

Just like the previous one, you can view overall results, individual results and best results. In addition, you can simulate an entry with the fields available in the section " Manual Commission Award ».


Payment History

It is important to have an eye on what you paid for commission. You can do this by accessing the " WP Affiliate >> Payouts History ". As with previous options, you can filter results at a specific time interval.

IMPORTANT: I strongly recommend you pay the commissions manually from your Paypal account. It's safer.


That's all for this WP Affiliate Platform tutorial, the plugin that adds an affiliate program to any WordPress blog. Do not forget, you can get it from The official site of the latter.

Do not hesitate to contact us in case of trouble.

This article features 34 comments
  1. I just did a search for WP Affiliate PlatForm, in Extensions, in the administration of my WordPress but I did not find anything. Is this normal? We can think that is because the plugin is not really popular?

  2. Hello,
    what do you think of Affiliates affiliate plug in? Is it less efficient than WP Affiliate PlatForm Plugin that you present on your blog?

  3. Hello,
    I have two questions about this plug-in:
    Is affiliates have access to an account on the site that allows them to track their commissions?
    Can the commissions be entered manually on the sponsors' accounts? Because my site is not an e-commerce ... it's a rather special system and I would like to find a plug-in that can do the trick while waiting for a developer to make a software.
    Thanks in advance !

    1. Hi,

      1. Yes they have a personalized account automatically
      2. Yes, after command you can assign commissions

      The best is to order it to see if it suits you or not.

  4. Hello Thierry,
    First of all a huge thank you for this article! I want to set up an affiliate program for my site (I sell a board game to learn music theory with family fun). I created the shop with woo-commerce. And after reading your article I want to adopt WP Affiliate Platform as a solution. As I am not at all comfortable with the technique, I am not sure that I will be able to deal with any technical questions that may arise or may be asked by the affiliates in case of a problem. To what extent can you accompany me in this project? I will be delighted to be able to exchange with you, if possible! Thank you! Cordially . Alain

    1. Hello and good year.
      Already it is important for you to understand that we are not the authors of these different plugins. Whether it's WooCommerce or WP Affiliate Plateform, our support can not be limited in the proportions of the tutorials. This does not mean that if you encounter technical concerns, we will not be able to help you. Only then do you understand that such a situation is outside the scope of the tutorial and will require a great deal of attention and a team of attention on it (for more information ask customer service), and therefore this can lead Additional support costs.

      Best regards.

  5. Hello,

    So you can create only one affiliate link that directs to a single sales page. How do we do when we have several products?

    Can we make a pasted copy of the tracking ID and put it on another url?

    1. Hi,

      Every product like every page of your site to have personalized affiliate links. Everything is displayed in the plugin options. Please just keep in mind that we can not support this plugin.

  6. Hello,

    When is it billing? Then what do we pay affiliates?
    Can we Edit / Generate our invoices and those of the affiliates (Pdf) Individual or Professional, VAT management as the case may be?
    Should there be another Plugin for this?
    Is there a Plugin compatible with WP Affiliate and WP Estore who knows how to do all this?

    Thank you in advance for your answers, suggestions!

    1. Hello Christopher,

      For a plugin that knows how to do it I have doubts and I believe that only the seller needs to provide an invoice to the customer, not the affiliate.

      1. Hello Thierry,

        Yes indeed The seller provides a bill to the customer, this is the usual normal process!

        Let me explain, I give money to my affiliate as a company, self-entrepreneur or others I must be able to justify this exit of money from an accounting point of view and according to the status (individual, company, AE ) Of my affiliate I return it with or without the VAT and for this the affiliate must issue an invoice to collect his request for payment, as for example on the 1TPE platform that everyone knows!

        So my question is to manage all this in manual mode or is there a module / tool / plugin provided for this purpose, otherwise hello migraines!

        Thank you for your answers, suggestions!

  7. Hello,

    I have a little question :
    With a lifetime cookie 30 days.
    If at J1, a user discovers my brand by clicking on the link of my affiliate 1. He does not buy a suite.
    A week later, the user revisits my site from the link present on the blog of my affiliate 2. He buys.
    That affects the commission? Affiliate 1? Affiliate 2? Or both affiliates share the commission?
    Is this something that can be set from this plug in?

    1. Hello,
      No I really do not think there can be commission sharing. In your example, it is the affiliate 2 who will touch the commission why? Simply because the visitor will have made the purchase with his link.

  8. Hello and thank you for this tutorial.
    Could you explain to me how tracking works? Is there any info added to the URL of the affiliate sending the customer?
    Does the affiliate have to enter the URL of their site to indicate that the people who arrive on a product page of the site come from home?
    Thank you in advance

      1. Thank you for the quick return.
        OK for traceability. How does the plugin know that tracking should be done on a visitor coming from a given URL?
        Is it necessary to enter the URL in the affiliate card or is it the link of the product on which the visitor from the affiliate site is made from the start with the tracking information?

  9. Hello,

    Thank you for this article and for comprehensive screenshot.

    For digital products, this plugin allows to affiliate tracking from an email capture page (that each affiliate sends its own capture page) or they can send their traffic on the same single page sales?


    1. Good evening, there is actually a tracking link that is created, but it is functional only on the affiliate link (and not on the page where the link is displayed). So it will take every time a person clicks on the link, so that "Tracking" can come into play.

      I hope I have answered the question.

  10. Hello,
    I can not figure out if I can with this plug - in create as many paypal button as I want that each returns to an aweber list and have an affiliate system to the point. Is this the right plug-n for you?
    In the tutorial posted by Arnaud, I have the impression that there can only exist one page of thanks.
    Thank you in advance to enlighten me ...

    1. Hello,

      This is a plugin to create an affiliate program and not an e-mail relaunch system. Please read the documentation.

  11. Hello, I installed everything and seems to have understood everything ... but I miss a capital inofmation:
    What is the bridge between the affiliate interface and PAYPAL? I have nowhere seen instructions explaining how to configure the interface so that it knows what paypal products the customer has purchased ...
    Let me explain: if we make several payment methods via paypal it makes several buttons. We inform the interface and how does it dialogue with Paypal for CUSTOMER payments?
    Thank you

    1. Hello Arnaud,

      The plugin only manages affiliates. However, it easily integrates with other ecommerce plugins like WP eTore, WooCommerce and many others. It is on one of these plugins that the product is sold, and as the integration to affiliate platform is done automatically, then the plugin will assign the sale to the affiliate who recommended the client.

      You should install one of these plugins.

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