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Copywriting: should you write a long or short title?

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One of the most frequently asked questions about writing articles, the one that comes up quite often is whether you should publish short or long articles on your blog.

The correct answer often annoys many: Both walking !

Before you start throwing me in the face, I'll explain myself. 🙂

Titles: 8 words or less, except ...

La "Wisdom" traditional about accocheurs titlesasks that they be short. There are many exceptions to this rule, even though the early hours of writing have devoted titles with less than 8 words.

However, the authors of the time had a length problem because of space problems. Today, we realize that titles of less than 8 words are part of 50 to 60% of the most effective titles. Which leaves a gap enough for the longest titles ... which works so well.

Now there is an exception that applies online. Maybe you have sales letters that have titles that look like small paragraphs. It's amazing that these titles work isn't it? 🙂

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One study has shown that when readers arrive on a page, they first look for where the title should be and then look for something interesting below. So that's why more information should be added in the title, so that the rest of the article is read.

All the same, short titles are easier to scan. What I will advise you is to write the shortest possible title, as long as it convinces the reader of a profit, so that he reads the rest of the text (It must therefore contain enough incentive information, even if it is short).

It's not always easy, but it's extremely important.

Article long against short article

Is anyone reading those long, endless sales pages?

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Yes ; and people do it for many products. Long articles, at this level, sell better than short articles (by far). The basic rule is the same as for titles: as long as necessary, but not more.

The key is to write a copy that is both interesting and informative to the reader. There are still a few guidelines that can help. Let's take a look at what the experts are saying about this:

The length of your items depends on 3 things:

  • Product : The more features and benefits the product has, the longer the item will be
  • the audience: some people want as much information as possible before making a purchase. This is especially true for those who buy on the internet, and again when it comes to informational products
  • The goal : What is the goal ? Generate a list of prospects? But an advertisement that aims to provoke a sale must overcome any objection that a potential buyer might have.

2 factors create the need for more length

  1. The price : the higher the price, the more it is necessary to justify it or create the need
  2. An unusual item: the more unusual the article, the more you need to link it to the buyer, clearly demonstrating the benefits.

There are 4 product categories which, respectively, require longer articles:

  • Convenience products: they respond to an immediate need, hence a low price, a simple thought, a short article
  • Shopping products: a price a little higher, a slightly more advanced reflection, and a possibility of buying burst. So, a slightly longer article
  • Specialized products: with exotic goods, luxury cars, expensive jewelry, art, etc. long articles are essential
  • Little sought after products: when people have never realized that their lives are incomplete without your product, be prepared to write something particularly long

All sizes are effective

Here. The circle is complete. The guidance given by the experts and that I took up there may help you, even if the answer remains the same:

The length of your title and article will depend on what works for what you sell. And the only way to know what works is to test different approaches to see what captures the most attention and gives a benefit. Test the amount of information you provide.

Which of the longer or shorter articles get the action you want? Ultimately, this is the only answer that matters to you! 🙂

So, are your articles rather long… or rather short on average? How do you determine the length of the articles you write?

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Are you in favor of very short titles, or do you use mini paragraphs as the title?

At your comments!

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