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Reduce options and increase your product sales

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We often think of ourselves as saying that the more we do, the better. But, this is not always the case when we want optimize conversions.

It's a bit like when you take a kid to a candy store: They simply do not know what to buy. They are left with so many options that they don't know which one is the best.

It's the same with the net. Giving people too many options or asking them too much information on a signup or sale form (for example) could quickly reduce your conversions. For example, by reducing the options on your forms from 6 to 3, you can increase your conversion rate up to 66%.

Let me help you reduce your options by presenting some interesting little strategies : )

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1. Some data on the reduction of options

Out of 100 prospects

If you ask

  • the phone number, you will lose 5%
  • street address, you will lose 3%
  • the country and the region, you will lose 2%

2. Reduce the number of fields in contact forms

In your contact forms,

  • If you keep 3 fields (Names, first names and Email), you will get up to 25% conversion rate
  • If you keep 5 (the first two + phone number and company name)you will get to 20%)
  • to 6 fields and more (the first 5 + "your message" for example)You get up to 15% conversions.

3. Reduce drop-down menus

  • With 1 submenu, you will get up to 16% conversion rate
  • You will go down to 15% to 3 submenus
  • 14% at 4 sub-menus and more

4. Case study

Come on, let's do a little case study. It will not hurt.

Here is an experience made in an 2 confectionery shop on Saturday.

  • The first stand provided 24 different flavors while the second offered 6.
  • 60% of the visitors stopped at the first stand to taste the jams, and 40% at the second.
  • At the end of the experience, 3% visitors made purchases in the first stand, and 30% in the second!

Result? 600% more sales!

The stand that offered more flavors as an option attracted more people, while the second one attracted fewer. However, it was the second booth that made more sales (up to 600% more sales).

So how many options should you be offering your consumers?

Even the Amazon site does not present more than 6 products in their section those who bought this product also bought" page (in French).

What do you think?


The jam case study really takes a bite out of me. Who could have imagined such an effect following the simple reduction in the number of fragrances offered? 🙂

If you are not sure how many options to give your visitors, always choose the smallest. If you want to add more in the future, do some A / B testing.

So what do you think of limiting the options of your website?

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