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Here is how Google determines the ranking of your website / blog

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Have you ever wondered why some websites rank higher than others hard on search engines like Google? Or why is your website / Blog not ranking as well as that of your competition?

In fact, it has a lot to do withGoogle algorithm. This one allows forat least 200 factors when he has to determine the SEO of a blog. As you probably should know, these factors are not easy to understand, making it even harder for you to understand how to adjust your site to maximize your rankings.

To help you solve this problem, here are some simplified components of Google's algorithm. I must admit that this is not the subject with which I am most comfortable 🙂 But for you, I'm willing to turn a few more meninges.

I expect that by the end of this article you will have a better understanding of what Google looks for when it comes to ranking websites.

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Here is how Google ranks a website

The domain

The keywords appear there: If you have a website that talks about selling bags, your domain name could for example be The key word is therefore: "shoes". Generally speaking, domain names that start with their target keywords have an advantage over those that don't.

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However, keep in mind that this is only 1 of the 200+ that Google considers. And so don't force yourself to have really ugly domain names just because you want to include keywords. I recommend this guide to you: How to choose a good domain name.

The quality of the page

  1. The keyword in the description : it's a very important part that sends a strong signal on the page
  2. The frequency of use of a keyword : Having a keyword that appears more often than any other word in the article is a sign of importance. However, you should not overdo it
  3. The length of the content : much more than superficial short articles (300 words), posting a slightly longer article can tell Google that it is detailed and therefore useful
  4. Image optimization : a good description of an image allows Google to "see" it. Describe your images well

The quality of the website

  • The page " get in touch » : … an appropriate amount of information To contact you can boost your ranking on Google
  • Site updates : the number of times the site is updated, the number of times new content is added, is a sign of big freshness " for the latter. And it's no longer a secret, Google LOVES CONTENT
  • YouTube : he offers preferential treatment by Google's robots. Remember, Google has YouTube. In addition, it has been proven that Youtube traffic has greatly increased after Google Panda.

The back links

Returns links from old fields are more powerful than those from younger domains.

  1. The ranking of the page that refers you is an extremely important factor.
  2. The position of the link on the page : Embedded links are more powerful than links at the bottom of the page or at the sidebar

Social cues

  • The number of tweets a page gets will influence its ranking on Google
  • Facebook shares are like backlinks and are more powerful than likes

What you should not do


  • Le cloaking is something you do not need truly not make. If you are caught, your site will be penalized and may be de-indexed.
  • "Paid" links : sites that buy links can be de-indexed or penalized if they are surprised.
  • Self-generated content : Google really does not like it. If they suspect that your site pumps computer-generated content, the result will most likely be a penalty.


The key to getting more traffic is not just creating more links or adding more content. You must also understand Google's algorithm. And if you want to bring it to a deeper level, then you really have to understand your targetbecause Google's goal is to always do what's best for its users.

So, if you want to improve your Google ranking, your best bet is to do what's best for your readers. Your ranking will certainly not climb the way you want in the short term, but in the long run it will be fine.

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And if you want more advice on the subject, here: 22 tips to reference your site on Google

  • So, I really tried to make it as simple as possible, even for me : ) What do you think ?
  • Do you think you've understood Google's algorithm a little better?
  • At what level do you still have apprehensions?

Go! Don't forget to share the article if you found it interesting.

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