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Google stops authorship: authorship of the content is completed

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It's an ad that may not be immediately understood by new bloggers, but worth its weight in gold.

So I'll go back and explain what it was (before) about the ad in question. Okay?

What the authorship?

Personally, I often prefer to use the phrase " sponsorship " " or " paternity " in French. Although it is sometimes difficult to find adequate correspondences between the terms of English blogging and French blogging, the fact remains that the richness of our vocabulary allows us today to position ourselves, as " holders " or some " creators Of vocable. We will not recreate the wheel, but we can at least put chains on it so that it moves more easily on the snow 🙂

So, what you need to know is that initially, when you started a search on Google, the algorithm was based only on site content and inbound links. The different results were simply displayed (titles, links and short description).

The authorship (fatherhood) was born from the notion of author recognized", Introduced thereafter. So it was a new Google criterion in assessing the quality of a site, based on its author. The author's photo was displayed alongside the results.

What advantages?

  • More visibility in Google's search results
  • More credibility thanks to the clear identification of the author
  • More weight for SEO because the " quality »Of the author impacted on the evaluation of the site

The inconvenients

  • You had to use the Google+ social network
  • Publication under the name of a brand or under a pseudonym is prohibited (you were obliged to publish under your real name)
  • Author blogs were clearly favored over business sites

So much for that (was) Of the authorship of Google.

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The eviction of authorship (paternity) from Google

The 29 last August, John Mueller, webmaster and trend analyst at Google has passed this announcement, rather surprising for many. The referral display in Google's results is stopped. The attribute "rel = author" becomes useless.

The algorithm therefore take more account of the author when ranking a site. If you had already based a good part of your strategy on it, it falls in the water ... but it's not that bad, because as long as the content you offer remains quality, you do not have fear to have.

Although it seems true that Google seemed to place great importance on sponsorship, and to use it to improve its search engine as much as possible, today the deletion is very effective.

You should have seen coming

In a few weeks, Google had initially reduced the visibility of author photos several times, to remove them completely by the end of last June.

The deletion was announced, and it finally proved.

What it means for you

  • You'll need to revisit the weighting of certain points in your strategy to improve your Google positioning

It is true that sponsorship brought a lot on some levels. Sites that use multiple authors had the opportunity to have good visibility, by aggregating the different Google+ accounts of their authors. Different faces would appear for different keywords sought and strongly present on the site, and traffic generated by search engines would grow.

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Having many authors will no longer influence positioning, from this point of view

  • You will need to focus (again and again) on the quality of your content

Eh yes! For a new author, it is important to know that the quality of the work is what will offer an interesting positioning to your site on Google. Rich and detailed articles, that's what Google likes. You can have a good profile on Google+, but be a poor author for Google.

If you want your site to be well positioned, apply the free tips on BlogPasCher and try to help your readers. You will only be rewarded.

John Mueller himself said in his remarks that these kinds of changes are meant to improve the user experience. He ends his remarks by saying (I quote and translate) " We realize that referrals have not always been easy to implement, and we greatly appreciate the ongoing effort you are making to improve your sites for your users. Thank you! "

What do you think of the eviction of paternity by Google?

Have there been too many spam emails from you?

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Do you believe that after all the efforts made to implement this element, removing it is a mistake?

I await your comments, the results of your research, and your analyzes!

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