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How to Write (write) articles that will boost your traffic overnight: the unstoppable checklist!

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Have you ever wondered if the content you write is of poor quality? Whether the answer is yes or no, you should know that if no one likes your content, you won't get any social sharing, no backlinks, and even less traffic.

Whether you are writing content for B2B or B2C sites, content creation is an art.

Follow the tips given below, and you will increase the propensity of your content to be shared, which will naturally help you to generate traffic.

Let's go, in 37 point, Not less!

(General) writing tips

Whether the audience is B2B or B2C, there are tips that can be described as general. You need to follow them to make sure your content looks great:

1. Use the words "you" and "I"In a content, these words create an impression of conversation between you and your readers, which will keep them engaged longer.

2. Keep it simple: do not try to use fancy words in your articles. If a student of the middle class (you understand me) can understand your vocabulary, then that's okay. Otherwise, you will lose a lot of readers.

3. Be direct: nobody likes to read fills. The faster you reach the goal, the better.

4. Use subtitles: Using titles in your article will make the content easier to navigate.

5. Make your big headline captivating: between creating a sense of urgency, arousing curiosity or making a promise, make sure your big title is attractive enough so people want to read the rest of your content.

7. A picture is worth a thousand words: A text without image makes the content boring. Images, well used, speak and have a real impact.

8. Your images must be relevant: Don't use pictures just to be said to have been used. Make sure they match your content.

9. Create expectation in your introduction: Once people read the introduction, they should know what to expect in the rest of the article.

10. Let your personality stand out: from vulnerability to humor, let your personality show. Let your readers get to know you.

11. Bold, italics, and underlining: If you want to emphasize a point, consider applying these formatting to certain sentences.

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12. Tell a story: stories captivate readers and maintain their interest.

13. Summarize all that: Make sure your readers understand what you want to convey when they finish reading your article.

Tips for B2B writing

Writing for a B2B blog is different from writing for a B2C blog. Here are some of the tips to follow if you want to create exceptionally good content aimed at business:

14. Support your points: statistics are everything. If you can not support your data, no one will take you seriously. Rest assured that your sources are credible.

15. Spread out your achievements: whether in your content, or in your biography, you must display your achievements. It will prove that you are an authority, which will help to maintain a follow-up.

16. Make your content practicalPeople should be able to read your content and know what to do next. Articles of type comment »To articles of type« list", your content is more convenient, the better.

17. Use informative videos and images: in the world B2B, use videos that will guide people through the steps they need to take to get a certain result is an easy way to deliver more value.

18. Give More: At the end of your article, consider the idea of ​​offering additional resources or guides. For example, having a downloadable PDF or a checklist will help you increase the value of your content.

19. Use statistics in your titles: Data-backed securities tend to get more clicks, and generate more traffic.

20. Your titles must have goals: If the headlines show a clear benefit, your audience will be more likely to read the article.

21. Don't forget an industry overview: writing practical content is not enough. Giving an overview of your industry is always valuable. This type of content helps establish some leadership.

22. Focus on Eternal Content: content that does not age after a year or two tends to have better results in the B2B world.

23. Focus on the long topics queue: the more specific you are in your content, the more backlinks and social sharing you will generate.

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24. Solve the problems of your consumers: Even if a problem is not related to your product, solving it through your content will increase the propensity of your consumers to return.

25. Update large amounts of your content regularlyYour content will not be forever unless you update it. This will also allow you to redistribute it each time you update it.

26. Spice up your content: B2B content is generally dry and boring to read. By adding emotion to it, you can keep your readers engaged.

27. Make your visual texts: B2B content typically contains a large amount of statistics and data. Consider using infographics instead of text for data-rich articles.

Tips for B2C writing

Now that we have faced the "how to write great content for business", let's take a look at how to make consumers love your writing.

28. Don't forget the emotional crack: consumers have short attention spans, shorter than B2B readers. Keep your content consistent, short, and to the point.

29. Be trendyIn the world of consumers, trend content tends to be more successful than everlasting content. Trend content is typically more oriented social" page (in French).

30. Timing makes all the difference: if you are the fastest on a topic, more readers and traffic will get you. Stay tuned for Google and Twitter trends to see what's hot.

31. Visuals are more important than text: consumers prefer visuals (images and videos) to the texts.

32. Connect your content to popular cultureIf you can incorporate what is happening in the world to your content, you will get more social sharing.

33. Use emotional visuals: From humor to sad stories, visuals that evoke emotion tend to get more social shares. The most popular emotions are fear, laughter, and fun.

34. Try Hybrid Content: From podcasts to videos to text, try using a mix of formats on your site to see what appeals to your audience most.

35. Quantity matters: In the B2B world, you can get by by posting only once a week. In the consumer world, you need to post several times a day if you want to generate a large audience.

36. Consumers want to participate: 80% of the most shared articles on the web are quizzes. Consumers love to engage and participate. Think about it.

37. Don't go too hard: Consumers tend to read content during their breaks, their downtime. Keep the contents light, so they don't feel overwhelmed.

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Create quality content that's just half the job. Promote it is the other.

Before you think about promoting your content, in any case, focus on writing quality content. You won't create perfect content all at once, but as you improve your writing skills you will see an increase in traffic.

The beautiful thing about this is that you will see results quickly!

What other trick can you offer to create content that is valuable to the reader?

If this article appeals to you, don't hesitate to share it on your favorite social networks!

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