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Make your product or service known to our visitors and readers

If you target the owners of small enterprises, the bloggers, or simply the WordPress users, then you are in the right place. Thanks to BlogPasCher you can improve the visibility of your website, promote your company, your products and services or your WordPress themes and plugins.

With over 4.000 blog articles, 300.000 page views per month and one blog translated in addition to 102 languages, BlogPasCher is not only the number #1 website for WordPress resources in France and in French-speaking countries, we are also set to become so in many countries around the world.

BlogPasCher, for its blog part, is a website entirely dedicated to WordPress and blogging. We mainly publish tutorials on the use of WordPress, lists of the best themes and plugins as well as other resources related to WordPress and blogging.

This website ranks very well in search engines and attracts an audience interested in the following topics: SEO, Web writing, WordPress plugins, WordPress Themes, Tips from bloggers, Logos, Favicon, images, Tutorials on WordPress, Network Marketing Tips, Training on home work.

Services offered:

1. Paid magazine

Submit your product or service and we will write an article detailing all aspects (benefits and limitations) with screenshots. The review of the product, both impartial and fair will be published on our blog. The good news is that the detailed review of your product will remain in our archives as long as our blog exists ... either for life.

  • Cost : $ 500
  • Length of the journal: 800 words (minimum)
  • Duration on the site: unlimited

2. Submit your themes, plugins or other resources

Themes, plugins, favicons, web hosting, images, training and much more, no matter what kind of resources are involved in creating a website with WordPress or blogging, we will gladly recommend it to our visitors and loyal readers for the lowest price on the market.

We can also insert your link in the first position in one of the articles of your choice.

  • Cost : $ 150
  • Items to provide: A visual (850×400) + a short description your product or service (100 maximum words)
  • Duration on the site: unlimited

3. Advertising banners

We currently offer 3 different locations for banners: The sidebar, the footer and the start of articles as you can see in the picture below.

  • Duration on the site: 1 months
  • Estimated minimum clicks: 500 clicks / month
  • Items to provide: The banner ad (we can create one for only $ 50)
  • Dimensions accepted: 300 x 250 / 300 x 300 / 728 x 90 / 300x 600

Prices :

  • 1 week: $ 200 (700 estimated minimum unique clicks)
  • 2 weeks: $ 350 (1400 estimated minimum unique clicks)
  • 1 months: $ 650 (3000 estimated minimum unique clicks)

Important: If for any reason your advertising does not generate the minimum of promised clicks, then it will remain free on our blog until the quota is reached.

For an international promotion, the cost is $ 50 for a translation into 70 languages.

  • You can pay by Credit card ou Paypal
  • We accept cards Show, MasterCard, American Express et Discover
  • If you have any questions, please contact us. contact
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