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Why is what is good for the blogger is good his Blog

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While we were preparing the articles that all deal with the subject of productivity and the blogger's lifestyle, I remembered this weekend a cliché on blogs that many of us seem to forget. For the blogger concerned about his blog and his readership, what is good for him, is also for his blog. Conversely, what is good for our blog, is generally for us.

This truth is not only useful when it comes to being motivated, inspired and creative, it can also help us stay on track. Keeping that in mind, it helps me manage my blog and my life, vice versa. This allows my blog to exist in the long term, throughout my life.

What is bad?

Some of us may be tempted to take this as an excuse to avoid doing the thankless tasks. Of course, there are always in the blogging tasks that we hate to do. For me, it's about analyzing the statistics of the blog. But what is good for my blog is also good for me (Especially since my blog pays my bills!).

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This philosophy is not an excuse to forget the things we do not like to do. On the other hand, it is a call to action to deal with it and make sure that they allow our blog to achieve the success we expect. I hired an accountant, which was beneficial for me, and it helped me keep my blog!

And what is good?

But what about the tasks we do not want to do? If I'm thinking of setting up a new idea or strategy, and feel overwhelmed by it, this may have a tendency to affect my life beyond the blog, as well as on my blog itself . When that happens,

  • should I come back to the new idea, work on it and try to find some aspects of the plan that have to solve a real problem?
  • Or should I consider another idea instead?

For me, there is no reason to follow an idea that I can not profit from. It's not just me who thinks this way. This weekend, we listened to three American bloggers who made blogging a part of their lives, and let their lives enrich their blogs too.

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  • Karol K has revealed the 7 very inefficient blogger habits ... which is based on her own experience, as well as the lessons she learned from the people around her. As she demonstrates, these seven habits can make your life as a blogger much more difficult than it should be. Fortunately, she identified them all and eliminated them.
  • Jefferson and Michelle, a couple of bloggers (husband and wife), talked about some of the benefits of blogging in partnership (as a couple). Again, their story proves that if you're serious about your blog, which is usually good for him, can be good for you too.

Every day we see the work we do on our blogs, but we are not quick to look at the contribution of our blogs in our lives. The fact is that if we do not see the symbiotic and mutually beneficial relationship we have with our blog, it will be very difficult to keep blogging ... especially in difficult times.

What aspects of your life are good for you and your blog? I would love to hear your comments on this.

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