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Bloggers: Why do you love what you do?

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When you start an activity like blogging, where you are supposed to give yours to others, it is essential that you have a real love for what you do. In fact, what you pass on to others beyond the written word is a certain spirit, a certain state of mind, in the light of certain facts, or some knowledge that you share with those who read you.

There is a big difference between a person who does things by convenience, another who does them out of love, and another who does them by coercion: state of mind. And beyond the writings, it is what is transmitted.

Whether you are a great writing professional, an expert in techniques and tactics that work, it is quite possible to see through the words you write, to read between the lines. Consciously or unconsciously, those who read you feel what you transmit, and will either be hooked by your writing, be far away from it.

Love is an overpowering force that breaks all barriers, and if it is the case in the physical world, it is even more the case in the virtual world, and in the blogosphere! The energy that you will deploy in each article, the emotion that you will deposit in each publication, will make it the strength or the weakness.

If what you do is underpinned by a positive emotional energy, be sure that you will generate corresponding energies in those who read you, and they will experience even more happiness in doing so.

Love for what you do will make love to read to those who receive your posts, to those who will fall on your blog. The reading of each word will be a real pleasure, and it will provoke in the reader a positive emotion that will make him want to come back, to go further, simply because he will feel good reading you.

The energy that underlies a writing impregnates each word, and thus influences the reading. Likewise, it influences the writing of the article. In what state of mind are you when you write? Do you really like what you do?

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When you really like writing, for example, writing can bring you happiness, and this happiness will give a special tone to each of your articles.

Now, if you just have a broken heart, and your " drug »What writing does not quickly help you get rid of what you feel at that moment, stop writing, and pass the baton to a freelance author if you can, and especially if you are in a niche (And if you have the money).

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But if you run a fairly personal blog on which you usually share your daily life up to certain details, it will certainly be therapeutic to share what you feel.

At the same time, one should not fall into sentimentalism. Blog readers who are in a very specific niche need accurate information that will not be influenced by any emotional state that is. However, the craze and love that you put into what you do will be a good point for them to read you in preference to the blog " à côté "!

The blog is not just a space on which everyone speaks. It is also a real company. What you do can bring you back, relate to others, and create a whole creative revenue stream around what you stand for.

So even if there are blogs that have a potential to monetization better than others, you must know that in a way you will have accounts to be rendered To your readers if you do not do what you are committed to doing: Publish solutions to their problems as a blog post.

So do not get into the blogging, if you have to stop on the way. Be really sure that's what you want to do, be sure you're passionate about what you want to write on, be certain you're passionate about writing and passing on knowledge, and get started.

You must really love what you do and be sure of that love. Why ?

- Love for what you do will protect you from misplaced critics
In your journey, there are some who will tell you things that are difficult to describe but that could hurt your sensitivity. What you experience for your business will serve you or serve you at that time. If it's love, it will protect you and allow you to focus quickly on something other than what people say: your passion

- The love for what you do will allow you to continue working despite the difficulties
By launching into an activity, you must have objectives to reach, which will allow you to know if you are going ahead or not, and which will give you some satisfaction. Failure to do this for a while should not stop you. It's the love for the blogging, the passion, and the vision that you have of your blog, which will allow you to hold even when everything will seem to go against you.

- Love for what you do pushes you to improve
When you love, when you are passionate about something, the search never stops. In fact, you feel the need to know more about it, to improve a little more each day, to offer the best to your readers.

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Finding more about your field even gives you more love for it ... by offering better articles every time, your readers will enjoy your work more and your readership will grow. just because you like what you do.

We're really talking about everything BlogPasCher ! Is not it ? Yes ! We are really talking about everything you need to improve yourself and keep you on top of blogging. We just talked about love above.

Let's talk about love in the comments below! What do you think of the activity of creating a blog without really getting involved, paying authors, salespeople to monetize their blog without really putting them in their person?

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