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How to find your passion: 7 practical tips

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About 75% of humans ignore their true passions. Obviously, most people just don't seem to be doing what they're supposed to be doing.

A life without passion is like a badly seasoned dish. Every bite will be a torture. Only passion can allow you to accept all the sacrifices that success and happiness require in life.

How to find your passion 7 tips practical advice

To make it easier, living with passion means increasing your chances of success. Without her, the slightest task will become a chore, and the slightest obstacle will discourage you.

Doing what you really love to do can only bring you happiness in life. Too many people are unhappy because they don't do what they love. They prefer to follow what their friends, family or society in general tell them.

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You must do what you love and not what society wants you to do. We are happy when we do what we love.

Passion requires commitment - you not only need to love what you hope to do, you must also have the will to do it and continue to do so. If you do not find your passion yet, then tell yourself that you have not looked for it yet. Passion is not an objective to achieve.

To be passionate is to find happiness (pleasure) to do something and not to achieve a result because passion is a process and not a reward.

Finding your passion is not as easy as it may seem. For some, discovery happens naturally, and for others, you have to ask yourself the right questions to determine exactly what you were born to do.

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Here are some questions that should allow you to discover your passion (if you haven't yet) ...

1. What makes me most happy?

Is there a particular event or topic that makes you happy and puts a smile on your face? If he makes you smile and makes you happy, then that's a good sign. Passion and happiness always go hand in hand. One always needs the other. A passion without happiness exists only in words.

2. What do you find easy?

In general, what we find easy to do is closely related to our passion. In addition, it is very difficult to hate something that we find easy to do. A true enthusiast knows how to turn difficulty into entertainment.

3. What boosts your creativity?

In which area of ​​your life are you most creative? Creativity is usually linked to passion. "Passion is the genesis of genius" Tony Robbins

4. What would you do for free?

Nowadays, nothing is done for nothing, ALL SELL AND PAY! This is how the system works. Most people prefer to seek money first, and then happiness. Think of something you would do for free, with the only reward being the fun of doing it.

"The one who does what he likes to do is happier than the one who has what he wants"

How many have what they want, but end up leaving it for what they love?

5. What do you like to talk about most?

Our conversation topics say a lot about what really interests us. This is also an excellent clue that allows us to know what we really appreciate in life. Most of the time, we are not fully aware of this. 

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It is for this reason that it is important to ask the question to those around us. I can guarantee you that some of their answers will surprise you.

“Getting to know yourself better is not just sticking to what you think of yourself, it's also trying to find out what others think of you”

6. What are you doing without considering failure?

Usually, we have complete confidence in ourselves when we do what we are passionate about. We are not afraid to fail, because doing what we love is success in itself. Again, passion is a process, not an outcome.

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Think about something you usually do without thinking about failure ...

"An enthusiast never fails, because he has already succeeded"

7. What do you regret not having done?

- We all have dreams, and yet life has the art of forcing difficult choices on us.

- If you were at the end of your life, what do you regret not having done?

- What would you have liked to do that you didn't have the chance to do?

There's nothing worse than coming to the end of the trip with regrets

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"Living your life is doing what you love"

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  1. This question of "finding your passion" is of great interest to us and we have launched a series of audio podcasts on this subject. It's about giving voice to passionate people! The subjects are very vast: sport, culture ...

    1. Hello, this article opened my eyes to many points. I will practice by applying these tips and find what I really like .... Thank you

  2. Hello, thank you for this article. Very good and easy tricks to set up.
    I also find it interesting to note all of these things. For example, in the evening, when thinking about your day, you may wonder what made us smile, made us happy, what we liked, etc.

    1. Shopping is more of a hobby than a passion, but you still LOVE IT! So ask yourself, how can my love for shopping help others?
      What is your particular talent? And find a way with your talent, to serve your love for shopping to others… NOW IT WILL BE A PASSION, and certainly people will be willing to pay you money for your service!
      Example: I like shopping and I am talented in communication… So I decide to host a program (or a blog, a newspaper article, etc.) on tips for good shopping, where I also bring together lovers shopping so that they can share their tips, experiences, etc.

  3. Hi Bertrand,
    It's funny this feeling "here I recognize myself in many points mentioned in the article" like I have already created a blog, but lack of time (writing articles is time-consuming) and technical knowledge too - learning how to make a blog as beautiful as yours requires a solid training in php, css, plugin, optimization, etc. programming. - which is sometimes discouraging, especially when you combine your work during the day, the contingencies of the house at night ... In short, unless you have the finances of a minister to order a communication box to take care of all this for a fee ... But some of your articles I liked because they are well written, realistic and do not promise tomorrow that sing as if by magic! ¨So, suddenly I signed up, because your way of bringing up subjects piques my curiosity and perhaps will give me back a taste for relaunching my web project who knows? Thank you Bertrand.

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