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How to set the right priorities for your blog?

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Okay, the priorities. It sounds good, but if you've built a successful blog before implementing it, then you might not know how to set it correctly. It's easy to be inspired by a successful blogger. But you must remember that we are all on different paths, with different experiences, and have different blogs.

Successful blogs require unique priorities and strategies to be profitable. My goal here is to help you understand what you need to do and in what order of importance, so that you do not put the cart before the horse.

The first step in determining your priorities is to make a quick assessment of where your blog and your business are currently located.

Let's look at some questions on which you can quickly note answers:

  • Do you have a blog or website where you are proud to send people?
  • Are there enough people who visit your blog on a regular basis?
  • Do people join your newsletter on a consistent basis?
  • Do you blog on a regular schedule that is comfortable for you?
  • Have you built a network of like-minded bloggers who support you and can support you?
  • Does your blog use SEO to find the right people?
  • Are you present on the social networks that engage your audience? Does your influence spread?

Well, these questions might be pushing you, but they are not meant to make you feel uncomfortable if you do not have all the answers. On the contrary, it is important to know what you are doing and what you have not yet achieved, because it will allow you to learn about your priorities.

What should I do first? How to define my priority?

My clients and readers have often asked me what should come first when start a blog or an online business.

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  • Have you set up the site yourself?
  • How do you find content?
  • Who takes care of your social profiles?
  • Do you create your products yourself?
  • How do you optimize your blog?
  • Who deals with SEO and traffic?

Yes, all this is scary I know.

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So how to do everything?

It could be easy to do all these things simultaneously. However, it is possible to maintain a blog by taking one step at a time. In fact, it's the only way to build a popular and profitable blog. Success is built differently from one blogger to another. But here are my tips for defining your priorities:

1- Start by creating your blog. If you do not have the skills, then you can still offer the services of BlogPasCher, it is with pleasure that we will take care of the creation of your professional blog. Without a blog, you are not a blogger. And without a blog optimized for success, you will never reach it. You understand that it's not enough just to have a blog.

2- If you know how to install a blog, then go to the next step: The choice of theme. You can find at Studiopress or on Themeforest. Do not spend a lot of money on the design of your blog, because the direction of your blog can change as you evolve.

3- Then create quality content. Normally, I should rank this step in first place because it is the most important. Your success will depend more on your content than anything else. So you have to learn how to write quality articles, but also find article ideas because without subject, there is no article.

4- Finally comes Promote your blog. no blog is known alone, and yours will not be the first to do it. And again, a well-optimized blog and regularly published quality content can do the work for you (at 75%). Which means that all these steps are closely related.

Also bet on social networks, partnerships and affiliation. Limit to 2 or 3 traffic sources.

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Set your priorities and stick to them!

Now that you know what steps you can take to really develop the online presence of your blog, you need to write down your priorities.

Keep your priorities in mind and stick to them!

What are your priorities ?

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