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How to Attract Readers to Your Blog and Create Events

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You know the trick: every day new content to connect to your audience. You produce article by article, you make updates on your social networks on a regular basis, you type, type, and tap again.

And if you can break this cycle step by step with information in the form of a pack that will make your readers line up and register to consume it?

Enter content events

Content events are not blog posts, podcasts, newsletters, infographics, social media posts, or e-mails.

These events all have something in common:

  • They occur at specific times
  • You send invitations to attend
  • You collect RSVPs
  • You offer a kind of ' replay " of the event
  • You follow the people who attended the event once it is completed

The most important feature of a content event is that it is offered live.

Content events create a level of excitement and engagement that goes beyond the usual consumption of content.

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Because they occur at a specific time in time when those who offer it and those who attend feel that the occasion is special.

Three types of content events

There are three events that correspond to live content events. From the simplest to the most complex:

  • Live conferences (online)
  • Live webinars
  • Live presentations

If you have never held an event before, start with a tele-class. The technology is easy to manage, and you do not have a slideshow to create.

Otherwise, you can focus on something else:

The choice of the date of the event, and the technology you will use

Find a date and time that works for your audience, and register for a distance learning session. is a way that you can test if you are just starting out.

Producing an attractive event name

It is essential to write an irresistible event name. Do not be afraid to make a big promise and D'use a title that arouses curiosity.

Set your goal for the event

Do you want to save more people to your email list? Or do you want to offer a product or service after your presentation? Do you want to Provide solid information et build your authority ? (Why not 3 at once?)

Write a series of invitations to the event

Create a separate e-mail list for the event, and as people check in, make your e-mails specific so they do not go back to those who are already in the guest list.

Prepare a follow-up email that you will send after the event

Have a ready and waiting e-mail that you can use to offer a repeat " of the event.

Assemble the material you will use

Include an introduction, an overview of the information you will cover, some major points, and a summary of the lessons taught during the event. If you want your readers to take a specific action, include a call to action.

The basic preparation steps for a webinar and presentation are similar: Focus on your goal, invite people, introduce, and follow up.

Maximize the results of your content event

To boost the number of people who will attend your event, try a promotion strategy multiforme :

  • Email marketing, to invite regular members of your e-mail list to attend the event
  • Blog articles, to reach a wider audience
  • Publications on social networks, to reach the friends of your followers

For a bigger audience yet, think about:

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  • Ask colleagues with an audience similar to yours to talk about your event to their followers
  • Buy ads for social networks so your event is presented to more people
  • Write invited articles with an invitation to the content event in your mini description

Do not be shocked if it really takes a lot of time to put together the promotional material for your event, while at the same time you have to gather what you need to teach during the event itself..

Holding a content event is like planning a party dinner. You spend days or weeks planning, preparing, inviting, and following up on your guests. The event itself comes and goes quickly enough.

However, if you do it right, the effects of your content event will be felt for a long time, and your audience will appreciate the fact that you did not content yourself with some kibble as a menu!

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