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Blog: 16 Directions to find ideas for frail items

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Many of you have decided to really get back to writing this year, it's a good idea. Content writers who can be described as serious people know that each article they publish is a piece of a much larger marketing puzzle, which extends a blog into a set of authentic and useful knowledge about a specific topic.

But as we know, writing is often the easiest part. The part of finding an article idea is often the one that prevents us from moving forward ... even before serious things even begin. It can be difficult to consistently produce exceptional content on your blog; Content that encourages readers to stay on your pages and learn more about your unique selling proposition.

It's time to be creative

For example, suppose you are the Marketing Director of a shop that makes and sells boxing equipment. You need to put forward the passion, care and expertise that your company engages in the creation of its special product, but the problem is that your message is just two paragraphs of about 200 words. Your little piece of content is more like a press article like " about Only to a persuasive story.

You are stuck on the material (necessarily limited), while you have to develop several different articles that will allow boxers and boxing lovers to find the product you are selling. Instead of throwing in the towel and losing a marketing opportunity, look at your situation from a different angle.

With that in mind, here are 16 different approaches to writing blog posts (about a case of boxing equipment for example).

Note that each idea developed below can be replicated and applied to your niche, and turn it into a valuable resource in your industry. Focus on products

1. The X factor
Put each of your products in value in different articles, instead of making a complete list of all that you sell: gloves, bags, mouthguards, ribbons, etc. What are their particularities? What qualities make each of these items the perfect item?

2. Customer testimonials
After publishing articles that highlight each of your articles, create additional articles containing testimonials about these products

3. Discounts for readers
Show your appreciation for your readers by rewarding them with special offers or gifts. As an incentive to sign up for your site, you will also be able to offer a special coupon or discount on a physical product.

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4. Of good neighborly relations
If you do not sell clothes and accessories like shorts and bottled water, promote other business that do in this area. Write articles about your favorite shops and make links to their websites to create a camaraderie relationship.

5. Employee profiles
Demonstrate that your team is made of true boxing lovers, people with interests that can be clearly described. You can structure publications in the form " Question & Answers To make them easier to read. What is their day-to-day work? How do their skills contribute to the company's overall goal?

6. Behind the scenery
Tell stories about your daily activities. It may seem like worldly For you, but the routine of your organization gives some perspective on your operations. What does it look like to work for your business? What practices differentiate you from your competitors? Why do customers like your products?

7. A philosophical look
Use your blog to talk about your mission in a more personal way. The appropriate tone on your blog allows you to make professional jargon more understandable. Why do you and do you sell boxing equipment? What problems do your products solve? Why is the quality of your products incomparable?

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8. Captivating visuals
Put your products into action via slideshows and videos. This is especially useful if you are in an athletic or active industry like boxing. Images help potential customers understand what it's like to own your specific brand. Talk about important events

9. Journalism
Keep your news content up-to-date by writing articles on local and national battles on a regular basis. You can advertise upcoming events and also write articles about what's going on around these fights, newspeaks, etc.

10. Big-screen fights
Standard articles can revolve around 300 to 500 words, but on special occasions you can produce articles of almost 1500 words (The kind that Google really love), providing accurate details and analysis.

11. Field reports
Do you have correspondents present during a big fight or tournament? Is there a conference or fair in the area? Explain the principles you take from your customers' needs through associates who interact with a broader consumer scale.

12. Training and courses
Think about offering boxing classes in your shop, and use your blog to see if your consumers might be interested. If that's not possible, talk about the best boxing formations in your area. Educate and illuminez

13. Exclusive interviews
Since your blogging will not always value your business or products, look for ways to educate your readership. Ask professional boxers and educators to share their wisdom with your readers.

14. Deep instructions
Keep educating through boxing tips and techniques. What is the best way to treat injuries? How do you strengthen your muscles to achieve optimal performance? What types of food do boxers have to eat?

15. Journals and Resources
You can switch applications, websites, books and articles reviewed boxing magazines. Are they helpful or when they are just wasting time? Direct your customers to useful resources.

16. direct communication
Listen to your customers' questions, do not answer all of them on your website. You can do it through articles. If you already have a section with the most asked questions, reorient and republish your text in a series.

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Basically, build your own blogging arena. Content changes the brand of your business. Your blog is a space that helps to change the need for brand awareness, love, and trust that you need to fill to make your customers feel comfortable enough to make a purchase.

When you write blog articles with a editorial calendar well defined, your site becomes a channel that broadcasts your information. It is a media tool that potential buyers will visit to access interesting information. Your readers will direct their attention to your boxing ring and will want to fight the good fight with you.

Here ! How do you go about sharing the unique story of your business and attract more consumers?

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