Blogging does not mean " if you publish, they will come. »Your role as a blogger doesn't end as soon as you tap Publish. In fact, this is just the start.

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If you're like me, most of the articles you publish take an average of an hour or two to write, or even longer. While you're wasting all that time and energy, you want every article to work effectively for you after it's posted. It is also the interest of Create a blog : Work once, enjoy the benefits for life.

Every professional blogger would like his article:

  • demonstrates writing skills
  • attracts new readers to its website, and encourages them to stay
  • solves the problems encountered by regular readers
  • be shared on social networks
  • Encourages visitors to leave comments
  • retains the attention of advertisers, companies, potential customers and other partnership opportunities on your blog
  • improves the SEO of his blog
  • allows him to earn money, a lot of money even.

Yes, we want each of our posts to do all of these things, unfortunately we are not doing enough to achieve it. Our job is limited to posting and linking to this article.

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And yet, a published article can only continue to generate more value for our blog if we adapt it to the demands of our time.

In this article, I've tried to make it easy for you. I have come up with 30 different things you can do that will help give your blog a better chance for success. after publication.

1. If your topic is still popular, you could wait a few months and then republish your article with up-to-date information. Republishing your best content months later offers the opportunity for new readers to discover and share it. This will improve search engine ranking and attract new visitors to your website.

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2. Have you written articles filled with personal stories and lessons learned throughout your life? With a few ideas, these articles could be bundled into an e-book that you will sell on your blog and on Amazon. And if you don't know how to write an eBook, here is the step by step guide

3. If you have used a particular format for a successful article, such as a 20 question interview with an expert, or a set of subheadings on an article, try to use it from time to time on your stories. next articles.

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4. You can create a new page on your website called "Free resources" ou "Start here", and add a link to some of your most popular articles. Believe me, this will increase the number of views of your articles, but also, the Google referencing of the latter. You can also add some affiliate links to some useful products, this will save you some money. 

5. If you notice another blogger who asks a question that you have already answered on your blog, send him a link to one of your articles that addresses the subject in more detail as an answer.

6. You can write the 2nd part of a popular article and address another aspect of the matter.

7. Turn your articles into a magazine article. As the style of writing is very different, you will need to adapt your own. For example, you can take inspiration from an idea you've already written about.

7. Simplify your language and the message you are trying to convey will be accessible to the vast majority of readers. When you have a second, re-read some articles published a long time ago and rephrase some sentences. But don't allow more than 30 per item with this process. Beyond that, this action risks turning into a waste of time because this time can be used to write new articles.

8. Go back to your old articles and link them to the most recent articles on your blog, or to your products or services. A good internal link structure allows readers of your website to stay longer.

9. If you have created any tutorials, go back and verify that they contain adequate images, diagrams and screenshots. If not, take a little time to add some visuals and then announce the update to your audience. 

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10. Did you write short articles? Since they are less likely to get referenced today, edit them by adding additional information. If they are 300 words, then add another 500 words. However, be sure to add value, not just words.

11. If you want to share and sell your blogging skills, use your article to show potential customers what you can do. Showcase your skills, say why they should trust you ...

12. If you've written about a product (product review), service, or resource for someone, send them an email, or tweet to let them know that item is available. Who knows, it might even lead to a collaboration in the future. 

13. You can use old articles as springboards for ideas from a client article. I'm having trouble coming up with ideas for invited articles, and I usually find them by looking back, in my blog archives, which contain ideas and themes that I can expand on.

14. You can create a photo / video story, cartoon or explore ideas from an old article, and link to the old article when you launch your project.

15. You can create a press release based on a newsworthy story you wrote on a blog writing style, and use it to communicate with the local and national press.

16. Or, of course, you can put together an online portfolio for your customers, show them your best work on your blog and other blogs. 

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17. You can put together blog content to form the basis of a workshop or seminar, and thus deliver lectures in your niche.

18. You can embed links to your relevant articles in your Youtube videos.

19. You can write an article that presents the work already done for other freelance clients. This will allow you to gain credibility.

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20. Send your friends a link to your article and encourage them to share it with their friends and acquaintances. Most of your friends will be happy to share awesome things that coincide with their interests.

21. Advertise your article on social networks. Don't forget to follow the results!

22. Create an infographic that demonstrates the information used in your article, and share it with other bloggers or use it on social media. 

23. Create a Pinterest account based on the theme of your article and make sure you have created a link to your blog!

24. Do a survey based on a question from your article and place it on your sidebar, with a link to your article.

25. Start a discussion on a forum and use your article to support your argument. But remember, you only need to add links to forums if they add value.

26. Add a link to your article in your email signature, so that everyone who sees your email has the chance to click on it.

27. Share your old articles yourself. Those who blog for a long time, know very well that at the time Twitter and Google+ did not yet exist. And when we know how much Google tweets and “+” improve the SEO of a website, then we understand that it is very important to share your own (old) articles. In addition, it will encourage your readers to do the same.

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28. Review titles and descriptions for SEO. Yes, this is an important element. Maybe you didn't know how to do it back then (you were doing it wrong), or maybe none of the WordPress plugins All In One SEO Pack ou WordPress Seo, was not installed on your blog. Now that it is, you need to improve these settings for each of your posts.

29. Go and correct the spelling and grammar mistakes. Yes, go do it. There are certainly “typos” that “get in the way” of reading your article. Remove them and boost your credibility with “cleaner” content.

30. Group your old articles by subject or category and offer them to your readers. Next week for example, you can publish the category Web Writing, with a catchy title and a good intro, the next week you can come up with another category. This can fill in the gaps when you have nothing to publish.

There are lots of ways to extend the life of a blog post, beyond the " publish-and-forget ».

If you work extra by making sure that each of your articles, as much as possible, generates new readers, you will see your traffic increase and your bank account will receive income commensurate with your efforts.

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