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  • How to write an irresistible article introduction?
  • How to introduce a blog post?
  • How to write an introduction that makes you want to read more?
  • How to write a catchy introduction?

You are certainly asking yourself one of these questions at the moment ... Don't worry, I will give you some leads.

Once you've written your headline, you absolutely need to think about the next step: The Introduction. After the title, it's the most important part of your content. It's not just about a party advertising or summarizing the content of your article. NO.

How to write an irresistible article introduction

You must also know what first impression you want to give the reader.

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Then, let's go back to why we are here. 

Find a relevant grip

It's essential. As I just said, the hook is not designed to flatter. Design it especially to captivate, catch the reader's attention. Once you have laid the bait with your title, you must write an introduction that will withstand all the cravings of your reader to leave your blog.

Your introduction should reinforce the connection already created by the title.

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So how can you write an introduction that will make your readers want to know more about your article?

Here are two simple steps to writing your next intro.

1. Plant the decor

Everything is played from the first sentence or the first paragraph and all depends on the type of article you write. This is especially valid for all those visitors who land on your blog thanks to the traffic generated by the search engines. They are usually content to search for keywords related to their search in this part of your article.

A reader who already knows the quality of the content you publish will pay less attention.

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Regardless of the type of content, write an introduction that clearly tells the reader what to expect in the article he's about to read, the video he's about to watch, or the audio he's about to listen to.

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This is'a promise that must be strong. This staging makes it possible to clearly define the expectations of the reader. It also allows the reader to assess whether the time and attention it is willing to invest on your content is really worth it.

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Again, remember that most readers who come to your blog usually have their mouse pointers pointed at the " closing " (or on previous) of your blog. If you don't give her a reason to stay, you'll make it easier for her. And he will go.

"Give your reader the essentials without really revealing you"

2. Limit yourself to the essentials

All writing must serve something. That's how you create value. Since your introduction will not be long, you must limit yourself (once again) to the essential. It is therefore important to be precise, concise and strategic. An effective introduction causes an emotion.

You must clearly define the one you expect from your reader.

  • What do you want ?
  • Make him laugh?
  • Offer him a fact?
  • Share a relevant opinion or experience?
  • Challenge him?
  • Explain something to him?
  • Ask him a question?
  • Create controversy?
  • Make revelations?

Eliminate any sentence that does not allow you to achieve one of these goals.

No reader wants to read ramblings of the mind that lead nowhere. Solve the basics and tell him only what he needs to know. Like the title, a good introduction made a promise, a suite that will be useful and that will bring value to your reader.

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Writing a catchy introduction takes practice and a lot of daring. Nothing will be perfect from the start, but don't worry! As you write, you'll end up writing really good introductions. Everything is in the action!

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Personally, when I have trouble writing an introduction that will catch my reader, I start with the body of the article, then the conclusion and I end with the introduction. So, I'm certain to make a promise that I'm sure to keep.

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And you, how do you write your introductions? What experience do you want to share? What comment can you make of this article?

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