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Blog: How to fly, cut and imitate, to create your own voice

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Obviously, you do not make heavy and boring papers. You do not want to look like a corporation. You want to look human. You want to look like ... yourself. You avoid gibberish. You write short sentences. You include stories to keep your readers awake. You write with passion.

When you write with a loud voice, it's easier to connect and engage your audience, and it's also easier to write articles that are shared and commented. But does it seem that creating your own voice is too difficult? It should not be so difficult. You just have to know how steal From different styles of blogs, and mix them to create your unique voice.

Let me explain.

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Nobody is born with a style or a voice. Nobody comes out of his mother's womb knowing who he is. At first we learn by imitating our heroes. We learn by copying. Find a blogger you like. Do not copy outrageously what he (or her) write, but copy his copywriting techniques:

  • Why are his opening paragraphs pushing you to read an article?
  • How do his subtitles push you to keep reading?
  • What is the general tone of his articles? Why do you feel so good?
  • What makes you smile ? What makes you shake your head in agreement? When do you sigh because he understands how well you feel?
  • How long are the articles? How are they structured?
  • What is the size of the paragraphs? What is the length of the sentences?
  • Does he have favorite words?
  • Does he use metaphors? How does he share the details about his life?
  • Are his articles inspiring, distracting, useful ... or are they a mix of all that?
  • How do your ending paragraphs make you feel good or encourage you to take action?

Create your own mix with favorite openings, conclusions, metaphors, paragraphs and words. Read your mix, analyze it, and read it again and again. TheWhen you start writing, you can try to copy the style of an author you likebut you will try as much as you like, but you will not be able to copy his style in every respect. What you need to do is polish your own style in your own way.

Your imitation of someone else's voice will never be perfect. Embrace this lack of perfection, because it is the beginning of your own voice. Every time I cook, I get better. I try the recipe of one or two people for the same dish, and I add my personal touch. At the end ... I am always satisfied, and I end up creating my own formulas.

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To develop your voice in blogging, you need to find two or three voices that you like. How do these voices differ from that of your first hero? What do you like about these voices? How can you incorporate some of their techniques into your blogging style? Study the writing techniques of a small selection of bloggers and add examples of tips that you like to your mix.

Your own voice in blogging

Having a strong voice in blogging is about setting the tone for your opinions, being a leader, and having a good dose of personality. Stop worrying that people might think you're crazy. May your personal eccentricity come out!

Feel free to be different, eccentric or even a little weird, because that's how you connect, engage, and grow your audience. People will necessarily identify with you and others will criticize you too, but be yourself in all circumstances. There is only that true, and that's exactly what people will look for when coming to your blog: your originality, your particularity, your personality.

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Even if you are inspired by other people for your blogging, the fact remains that what you will do, no one will do exactly like you. All that an individual is is the fruit of the imitation of many different people ... it does not prevent that each of us is unique and particular. So do not be afraid to imitate something that you like, while trying to improve it, or give it the look you like!

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