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How to write a number of articles ... Therefore while being very busy

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Here is an article that speaks to me particularly. Having a lot of things to do at the same time is the life I've been leading for a while today. And after going through many experiences in content creation while being "over-busy", I think I write knowingly! 🙂

You will never succeed in content marketing if you can not create content on a regular basis. However, you must essentially learn how to organize your content creation.

The good news is that it's not so difficult. When you find your rhythm, you'll be able to do it very well.

Here's how you can do:

1. Generate a list of potential topics

The first step is to find the topics you can write about. The easiest way to do this is to find blogs in your niche and see what they have done right.

However, do not be a copyist who is content to regurgitate the same old information you find on the blogs of your niche. What you need to do is pick up the topics and turn them in your own way.

Let's take the title a bit: The 18 Best WordPress Themes for Church and Religious

Here's how you can possibly return it:

  • The 18 Best WordPress Themes for Church and Religious [Infographic]
  • 18 essential WordPress themes that any church and religious needs
  • The 18 WordPress themes that are perfect for church or religious

There are just a few nuances, which will however make all the difference in the work to be done, and in the rendering.

You can write an article with any of these variations, and this one will work just as well as the original, especially if you have a similar audience. Even if in a practical way it does not have exactly the same results, it will still work well, because it is drawn from a job has had good results.

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Time limit : you should not spend more than ten minutes developing content ideas.

2. Create a sketch / plan

Once you know what to write on, create a sketch. As you do, I recommend you really write your introduction and conclusion. As for the body, list the main points that you want to cover, in the form of chips.

The introduction should not exceed a few paragraphs. She must tell your readers what they will learn, while being persuasive enough to convince them to read the rest of the article.

As for the body, you do not need to do too much chips. They must be sufficient to describe the ideas you will present. Your thoughts do not have to be complete sentences at this level. (You can worry about it in the next step). All you have to do at this level is to list three or four major points you want to cover with your article.

In writing the conclusion, you must reiterate what your readers have learned in the article. In case they decide to botch the reading of the latter, they will at least go away with something by reading the conclusion.

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Time limit You should not spend more than ten minutes creating your sketch. If it takes you longer than that, you should definitely be on a topic that is not really familiar to you.

3. Write

Now that you have your skeleton, it's time for you to write your article. Fortunately, the introduction and the conclusion are already made! You just have to fill the body, going deeper into what you want to cover in your article, chip by chip.

As you write the article, keep some things in mind:

  • Keep a reasonable length for your items (less than 1500 words) : it is clear that from a "search engine" point of view, this is not the ideal; but your readers will be more likely to read your content if you maintain a certain length and are direct.
  • Create the conversation : Use the words "you" and "I" in your article. It will help to create the conversation and "harpoon" your readers.
  • Use data : opinions are good, but the facts are better. Support the points you present with data, if you want more traffic. You will probably have more commitments if you do.
  • Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication Do not try to use words that are too complicated that no one understands. Keep your message simple. If an average student can understand it, you will have done things well. If you need to use images to communicate your points, do not hesitate.

When you write, do not worry about corrections. You can always re-read your articles and make changes later. Your goal at this level is just to write.

Time limit: you should not spend more than an hour on an article. The writing could take you about 45 minutes, and replay (with the necessary adjustments) will ask you for 15.

4. Review, add an image, and plan

Ideally, you should not have to do this step yourself. You should hire someone else to do it for you. There are sites where you can find the corresponding profiles. It will save you time.

You should focus on content creation, following a more organized process.

In terms of the publication schedule, HubSpot proposes Monday and Thursday as ideal days, and the morning would be the period to prefer.

Time limit: you should not spend time on this step. Hire someone to do it.

Ps: The other trick, if you really can not hire someone else for your proofreading, is to allow enough time between writing and re-reading. You reduce the risk of not seeing the mistakes that will be obvious after a good night's sleep, a good coffee, or a few moments of laughter with friends.


It's not difficult to organize your content creation process. You just need to know how many times you want to publish per week (or per month) and you'll keep it.

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Once you decide on a publication frequency, be sure to create a few items in excess of the required number. That way, if something does not work out as it should, you'll have backup items. You readers will feel that you are constant, even if you take a little rest in your content creation process.

So, if you have other tips to help your readers organize their content creation, share them with us!

PS: If you do not have time to organize your content creation, you can still hire an author. But I will recommend that you first try yourself before hiring someone else.

See you soon in the comments!

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