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How to write articles that Google will love

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If you are a good author, then the 24 February 2011 was your day. In fact, it was that day that Google threw the low-quality content sites to garbage, the famous day when the Panda algorithm came into being (the name has since changed).

This algorithm has been specially designed for drop sites with low quality content in the search results. These are sites that have low value for users, copy content from other sites, or are simply not very useful.

Good news for good authors of the web

If you are a blogger, copywriter, or contributor for online content (and that you are really superb in your work) then Google will offer better SEO to your web pages. Which also means, more free traffic (More visitors to your site or blog).

As long as the content remains of very good quality.

What constitutes high quality content? Original content and information from research, insightful reports, and in-depth analysis. It means that if you are constantly writing quality content, then you will be able to rank high, much like the level of the competition you are naturally involved in ... and it is well watered!

Your competition? These are the offshore authors, the content generated by the machines, and ... the very bad authors hackers. Basically, these are people (or things) that produce online content almost for nothing.

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In fact, it means that you are really worth something, and that you still have beautiful things to show.

What makes you a good copywriter?

It's a bit difficult to answer that question, is it? 🙂 Let's try.

A good author Is someone who:

  • Includes SEO, but do not just live with it (In fact, the author lives for the reader)
  • Understands how to write attractive micro-content
  • Useful
  • Is a slave of the results
  • Is a slave to the needs of readers (see the first bullet)
  • Shakes your head positively when someone talks about keywords
  • Gets links, anchored texts, etc.
  • Do not have trouble loading headlines with information-rich words, so readers get what they need in microseconds
  • Produces articles « scannable And articles with captivating subtitles and useful links that dazzle readers
  • Understand the law of the web and obey it
  • Uses bulleted lists extensively
  • Is particularly in love with the metaphor of the inverted pyramid
  • Publish your copy so that it carries the essentials
  • Et he hates the superfluous

This is not an exhaustive list, but if you recognize yourself under five of these points, or less, then you still have work to do as a copywriter.

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If you are between 6 and 10 points, you are a good author (or say, a good blogger)... but you can still do better 🙂

If you fill the 13, then I take my hat off. And to close the loop, you are the ideal blogger that Google has in mind when it comes to writing high quality content. In fact, it also means that Google will improve the SEO of your site, and send you hundreds or even thousands of visitors every day.

What counts among the high quality content? 21 questions

The trick for write quality content for the web is to think like a Google engineer, who actually works for the search algorithms to be accurate.

Here are the questions that such an engineer can ask himself:

  • Is the subject's coverage light or thorough? Can you go deeper through original research or approach never seen before?
  • Is what you have written original? (Which means that the information is neither redundant nor duplicated nor stolen)
  • If you asked people for their credit card number, would they feel comfortable with such a transaction?
  • Have you corrected the grammar, typing, or the facts you have described?
  • Is the subject interesting for a reader, a researcher (or even a machine?)
  • Can you bring something that will not exactly appear under the same nomenclature in search engines ... and not just a semblance of grand title?
  • How many times have you published your article? Can you have it edited by someone else?
  • Is your approach to the subject biased or balanced?
  • Is the content produced or shared in bulk?
  • Would you trust your article if it gave a medical tip? Will people trust what you have written?
  • Does the site on which you post have authority?
  • Is your coverage of the subject complete?
  • Do you offer interesting information, beyond the obvious?
  • Would you share your article? Would you recommend it?
  • Does the article contain distracting elements such as calls to action, advertisements or promotions?
  • Would a magazine or newspaper print your article?
  • Is your article short, weak or unnecessary?
  • How much did you pay attention to details? (Your answer should be "a lot")
  • Would anyone complain if he saw this article?

Here. If you want to create content that ranks high, keep these questions in mind when writing your articles. Feel free to print this list and put it next to your laptop.

Keep the following in mind: Bad content somewhere on your site can infect the ranking of the whole site. You'd better rewrite these pages or delete them. ... and before sharing this article on Twitter tell me what I missed.

Would you add something to these questions? What character traits have I forgotten in the description of the good copywriter?

Tell me in the comments 🙂

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