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7 Lessons for writing irresistibly magnetic titles

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Many new bloggers (and sometimes even veterans) unfortunately spend 95% of their time creating content, and only 5% giving shape to titles. Unfortunately for the latter, most peaks in readers' attention drop just after a few seconds.

If you do not hook up your readers instantly, your content, written as it is, will not be noticed. And becoming viral becomes, at that moment, totally impossible.

Take at least 15 to 30 minutes to choose a magnetic title after designing your article.

List three to five titles that could definitely increase your clicks and views. After thinking deeply about each option, select the one that inspires you more than any other. Ask your friends and followers for feedback.

Even more, do tests and learn data that you will collect commitment statistics, such as social sharing and number of views. You can even rewrite your article titles at least three times for testing A / B using Twitter and email marketing. If you're serious about what you do, invest as much resources and time as possible to test and optimize your titles.

Let's go.

1. Use strong verbs
Use these verbs to get readers to click and share your content. Imagine yourself as a commander who wants to get his "subordinates" to act. Make sure your titles start with action verbs like "Read", "Download", or "Learn". Action verbs can be visualized, and the action requested can be performed more easily.

Keep it simple, and never use a strong verb for a spot other than the beginning of your title. Maximize the effectiveness of these words that encourage action.

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2. Use colorful adjectives
Colorful adjectives effectively magnetize readers who are still repulsive to your titles. Consider the use of colorful words to spark the imagination. If readers can see what you want to transmit, then you will generate more clicks.

Take a dictionary. Go through the manual to find attractive adjectives to catch the attention of your readers to the lasso. Test words like " magnificent ", " unconventional ", to engage the faculty of visualization of your readers.

3. Create curiosity
Reading questions stings interest. Interested visitors, on the web, establish the foundation for viral articles. Readers have trouble passing a questionable theme without clicking, as their mind will always search for the answer. Sharing quality knowledge is an approach that will always work to design magnetic titles.

Ask questions or expose "Secrets" of your industry, sector, or niche, attracts clicks because few people can resist the mystery. The great news writers write catchy texts filled with mysteries and intrigues. Closing each chapter with a question or secret that has yet to be revealed, how not to push the reader to read more?

4. Make lists (always)
Here's an approach that has proven itself in creating catchy titles. Test different numbers in your blog (one or two digits)And see what works best.

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Readers need bits of information to satisfy their curiosity. Share 7 tips ou 12 steps to solve a particular problem attracts the reader because he expects to find a practical answer to his specific question.

5. Use the magic words
" Quick ", " easy "and "Simple" are the magic words in the titles, which guarantee the instant increase of clicks. Do you want to know the quick fix, simple and easy to solve a problem you are having? Yes of course.

These words are part of the culture of the web today. However, rest assured that the solution is fast, easy or simple, so that your credibility remains intact. Promising a simple solution for a problem, but continuing with complex instructions, can damage your reputation online.

Also add the word "Lessons" to your list of magic words. People read blogs to learn, and no matter how much your trick seems " easy "It is always good to ink your findings in interviews, case studies, or data.

6. Take a pen and a leaf ...
It is always good to learn from professionals. Read a newspaper, or read the latest news on the web to find ideas for titles or attractive items, and turn yourself into a trusted provider in your community.

Creating the content ultimately seems like the part that requires the least effort, for the most results.

7. Titles are visual
We are in a social media mode. If you want to increase sharing opportunities and clicks for your articles, include eye-catching images that will eventually take up space on your homepage.

Spend enough time choosing the best image to add for each title.

What works well with your articles? I would like to discover which of your titles has had the most success, lower in the comments.

Was it an article in question form, or a digital article?

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