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How to write emails that will be automatically opened, read, and that will generate profit!

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You've carefully crafted an email. You polished every sentence. You've dug your brain to come up with the best possible subject for your email. You click on " publish », With a sigh of relief. It is done. But when you look at your email stats, you realize that the open rates are not as good as you might expect, and the clicks are really disappointing.

Is it such a big challenge to get people to open and read your emails? And then, that they click where you want? In fact, it doesn't have to be that difficult. You are about to know the most important tips there is about writing emails!loans ?

How to write highly anticipated emails?

Quick question: Which email do you most want to receive: an email from your best friend, or an email from a big corporation? And which of these two emails do you prefer to read? The choice is rather easy… isn't it?

So when you make emails to your list, what do you do ? Do you write as if you are addressing a large impersonal mass or do you write just like the marketing department of a large corporation would? If you want your readers to expect your emails, you should think about behaving more like a friend.

You know your friends, you trust them, and you like them ... is not it ? Try to reduce that style tone corporation », And create a more minimalist design. Choose a more conversational and respectful tone. Here are 8 steps to do this:

1. Stop talking about your list, stop talking about members. Write as if you were e-mailing to a single person. It will make your email more personal ... instantly.

2. Stop wasting people's time. Only make e-mails when you have something really useful to say.

3. Be useful. Do not make e-mails only when you need something from your readers. Be helpful, be generous, be friendly. Be like a real friend.

4. Use your real name as the sender name. Put your name and your reputation forward. It's more personal, is not it?

5. Be trustworthy. Make sure people know what to expect. Yes. Commercial messages must be part of your email marketing. It's not something bad. But be clear on that when people register.

6. Do not be scary. Feel free to personalize your emails, but do not repeat too often the name of the person you are talking to. It will look a bit too much like a call center script.

7. Be on their side. Remind people that they are not alone. Tell them that you understand their difficulties. Sympathize with them, and ask how you can help.

8. Reward them for reading. Rest assured that people benefit from reading your e-mails. How? For example, share a very useful tip! Make them feel better. Inspire them.

How to ensure that your emails are opened?

Most inboxes are congested, filled to the brim with little or no interesting, and even boring, emails. Your emails are easily drowned in the noisy flood of inboxes around the world (and as if that was not enough, the gmail tabs made them even more difficult to notice).

So, how do you write eye-catching objects that will make you stand out from the crowd, and seduce readers to the point of making them open your emails? The subjects of your emails should grab attention, as well as the headlines of your articles. Here are some tips about:

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1. Promise anything good. If people know specifically what they will learn, or how exactly you will make them happier, more informed or better in their business, they will want to read more.

2. Use strong words. Words that excite the senses and emotions attract attention, and make sure your object gets out of the box of overloaded inboxes.

3. Use a number. Yes ! Numbers (as 4 or 37) make sure that the eyes stop wandering in all directions.

4. Arouse curiosity. Do not be afraid to use odd words on occasion. By playing a little with the limits of the imaginable, you will make your readers want to know more.

5. Items List of common mistakes... nobody wants to be mistaken for an idiot

6. Do not be too clever. Simple and specific objects pawn the pawn to too smart alternatives ... every time!

7. Experiment Be a rebel and try something new. Dare to be different. You will be surprised what works and what does not work.

8. Learn from the best. Sign up for excellent e-mail lists and analyze their items. You are sure to learn something.

9. Stop relying on meaningless statistics like optimal lengths of topics for example. The average reader does not exist. Build a real relationship with your readers, so that they expect your e-mails and open them because they recognize your name ... and even if your object is really very badly written.

How to write emails that engender commitment

So people opened your emails. And after ? How do you keep their attention? How do you make them read your emails word by word?

Follow these tips 10:

1. Write quickly ... this is how your enthusiasm and personality will emerge.

2. An email not too long is enough. Edit your e-mails with rigor. Long, heavy emails kill the interest of your readers. Challenge yourself to divide your text in half during your next e-mail.

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3. Ask questions. Imagine having a face-to-face conversation with your reader. In such a situation, you will obviously ask questions ... is not it ?

4. Do not follow a strict formula. Formatted emails quickly annoy your readers.

5. Add a personal touch ... obviously. Your goal is for your readers to know you, love you and trust you ... right?

6. Do not automate your greetings. Try " all my best wishes " " greetings from a sunny England », Etc. Your greetings make you less robotic and more personal.

7. Develop a natural voice Stop thinking about e-mail marketing. Consider your emails as a way to talk to your customers and your readers.

8. Add personality. Use words and phrases that are specific to you. Be human

9. Do not be boring. Get ready to understand the warning signs of boring writing. Write short, poignant sentences. Be direct. And break some of the writing rules you were given in high school.

10. Stop being selfish. Do not be cold. Be sincerely concerned about your readers.

How to sell your e-mails

You do not write e-mails just for fun is not it ? As a business owner, you have to sell to stay in the race (whether you like it or not ). So, what is the best way to sell without selling your soul ? Let's see it a bit

1. Do not sell until the prospect is ready. Become first a friend and a reliable source of information, and your readers will be even more ready to buy what you offer.

2. Put profits in value. Do not sell your product. Otherwise, sell the benefit it offers to your consumer.

3. Show what drives fail. Most people have a real risk aversion. They want to avoid inconvenience, complications, and glitches. Remember to rephrase the benefits of your offer in the form of a problem that you will help to avoid.

4. Do not follow a strict formula. The e-mails formula Are robotic and terribly boring.

5. Walk towards your goal. Tell interesting stories that guide you to your business message.

6. Present a clear deadline. It prevents procrastination in your potential customers.

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7. Insert many links (to the same page). It increases the chances that people will click on this link.

8. Have impeccably clear calls to action. Tell your readers exactly what you want them to do next, and remind them why they really want to buy.

9. Remember the power of the PS (post scriptum). Remind readers of the deadline, or else remind them what they're going to miss if they don't accept your offer. The raw truth about your emails. Everyone's inboxes are overwhelmed. No one wants to receive one more.

You should be honored that people have chosen your list and are happy to receive your messages. Each registrant has given you your hard-earned trust. But be careful. Never take someone's attention for granted, because everyone's time is precious.

Week after week, you will have to prove your worth to your registrants. You will need to know them well to the point of being able to sympathize with them, and understand their challenges. Ask questions and offer to help. Write as if you were emailing a buddy, because that's how people will start to know, love, and trust you. Once you have earned these three things, you will then have the option to click on the " send And grow your business!

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