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Would you like to learn how to install Google Analytics in Elementor without plugin?

To install Google Analytics in WordPress without plugin, you can paste the tracking code into the files footer.php ou header.php of your theme. You can paste your Google Analytics tracking code into these files because they are loaded every time a user visits any post or page on your website.

If you are using Elementor Pro and using its functionality Theme Builder to create a custom header and footer for your website, Google Analytics will stop working because when you create a custom header and footer with Elementor Pro, they (the custom footer and footer custom header) will replace the default header and footer of your WordPress theme active.

You must reinstall Google Analytics for it to work again.

How to install Google Analytics in Elementor without plugin

There are several plugins that you can use to install Google Analytics on your Elementor website. If you prefer to install Google Analytics without a plugin, there is a way to do that as well.

Remember again. Google Analytics works by reading the tracking code you pasted into the file header.php or the file footer.php of your WordPress theme. The tracking code itself is available as a JavaScript script.

Elementor has an HTML widget that allows you to add HTML script as well as other scripts such as CSS and JavaScript. You can use this widget to add your Google Analytics tracking code to your custom header or custom footer.

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In this article, we'll show you how to add the tracking code to the custom footer. We will use an existing footer template.

First, go to Templates -> Theme Builder. On this page, click on the tab Footer. Hover your mouse over the footer template you are using on your website and click Edit with Elementor.

Add the HTML widget by dragging it to your custom footer on Elementor's edit box. You can place it anywhere in the footer.

How to install Google Analytics in Elementor without plugin

Paste your Google Analytics tracking code in the field HTML code of the left panel and click the button TO PUT UP TO DATE.

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You have successfully reinstalled your Google Analytics on your Elementor based website without plugin.

Installation of Google Analytics on Elementor

Since version 3.1.1, Elementor (the pro version) comes with a custom code function which you can use to add custom code. You can use this feature to install Google Analytics.

First, go to Elementor -> Custom Code on your WordPress dashboard. Add a new personalized code by clicking on the button Add New.

How to install Google Analytics in Elementor without plugin

Give your custom code a name and paste the Google Analytics tracking into the available field. In the option Rentals select the HTML tag you want to add to your code (we suggest you choose the tag head).

In the option Priority, you can leave it as default. Publish the custom code by clicking on the button Publish.

In the next step, you can set the display condition. If you want the tracking code loaded on every page of your website, you can just select Entire Site in the drop-down menu.

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Or if you want the tracking code to be loaded on a specific page, you can also select your preferred page from the drop-down menu. Finish by clicking the button Save & Close.

How to install Google Analytics in Elementor without plugin

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