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7 things that great copywriters would like you to know

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If everyone knew the secrets of making beverages such as Coca-Cola, it is certain that we would all be at home every night. but this is not the case. Nevertheless, today, here are some small secrets of great writers who can definitely change your blogging ...

Content Marketing Specialists (very intelligent) know enough to override their traditional marketplace siblings. Let's see the elements of persuasion old school Which will make your content improve.

1. Titles, titles, and titles!

The copywriters know that if the title is weak, we will never read the rest of the ad. It's the same for your content. If you have a vague or obscure title, about the best content the world has ever seen, it will still not be read. Even if you have an audience of a certain size, you still have to persuade them day after day, to continue to pay their attention. The big titles of good quality will help you there.

Now, the best headlines can not really support content that is really small and weak. But they will do a lot to increase the audience and commitment to quality content, and, of course, cause sharing, links, etc. If you can buy e-books that speak specifically about the subject, why not do it!

2. Stop being too smart

Well, it is true that you would not be an author if you did not have a certain love (same secret ) for the excellent handling of words. Jokes and other word games are really a treat for writers. But you must realize that ... it might not be a cup of tea for your audience!

It is good that you design very good articles. Thinking your language carefully will make it clearer and stronger, and that's exactly what you want, is not it? However, great copywriters know that too much intelligence often leads the audience to get lost ... Some peaks of intelligence here and there can add spice to your writing, but if you use it, do it sparingly ... and never in a big title.

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3. Develop your main idea

As a content marketer, you do not write (I hope so) long pages full of blurry information that does not really answer the questions that readers ask themselves. You publish information that educates and distracts your readers, and you make them as part of a general idea. Do not be just another author or blogger. Develop your content with a good fund idea.

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4. Do your research

The best copywriters are really stubborn researchers. It would be good for you to store at least seven times more high quality information than you can ever use. If you write authoritative content, it will only hold true if you are a learner obsessed ". Be tenacious and visit as many sites as possible about your subject.

Look for the rarest and most hidden resources, especially if they are difficult to access or hard to understand for the average reader. Do not be just an expert, but be a real bookworm about your subject. If you really have it in your stomach, it will show (Bigger ideas often come after a really thorough search, combined with some creativity and enough time to think about the problem.).

5. Find the thirsty crowd of your knowledge (and listen to it)

The success of great restaurants does not always lie in the fact that the cuisine is of high quality, positioning, low prices, etc. It's the presence of a hungry crowd in need of what your restaurant has to offer. And of course, it's the same for any type of business.

You must develop the habit of constantly searching for groups of people (steps) who are in need of a specific product or service. This crowd hungry It's your audience. These are the people who are hungry for what you have to say, the way you say it. The good thing about all this is that once you build an audience hungry You can ask them or observe what they want, specifically.

Instead of using questionnaires as common marketers do it physically, you can learn a lot by listening to what people say, both on your own website, on social networks, or on the forums. When you know what your audience wants, you can create the product " perfect Which will meet his needs. When you combine the product with good persuasion skills, you will be hard to stop!

6. You must know where you are going

When you write, it is to stimulate a very specific behavior. If you get it, you win. Otherwise, you fail. Each new idea you develop, each piece Content you create, you do it for a specific purpose (increase your audience, get more registrations by email, educate your market about your next product ...).

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There are endless goals you can accomplish with your content. However, simply publish for " see what will happen Should not be a habit for you.

7. Do not be annoying

To tell the truth by making it fascinating can only make it more interesting. You must make education fascinating.

  • Use personality
  • Use good imagery
  • Use your Big Idea
  • Use formatting that makes reading easier
  • Use humor
  • A bit of controversy will not be wrong

Do not capture attention like a clown, but arrange to make your content as useful as it is, more interesting and readable. Here ! If you have some extra tips to improve your writing ... I follow you!

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