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Why should you create a community around your blog

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You will certainly notice that the strength of any successful blog is, in large part, the community that is being created around it. It is true that the quality of the content published on a blog plays a crucial role, but it is indeed the readership that is the strength of a blog.

The forum creates the discussion

In any niche, there are always hundreds of people who have questions to ask. However, responding individually to each of these people can be very difficult. The mails will quickly pile up and your readers will be more than dissatisfied. This is what happens to many bloggers.

By creating a discussion forum, you give readers the opportunity to respond to each other directly. This will allow members to find useful information, to have different points of view on a single issue. It's better than having one. In addition, it will increase traffic and the number of subscriptions to the site. Better yet, all these discussions will bring updates, which will in turn improve the SEO of your site.

A plugin like bbPress (dedicated to WordPress users) can allow you to easily create your forum in just a few clicks. And if you're looking for a tutorial on using this plugin, then I recommend the following article: How to add a bbPress forum on your blog.

The forum will not only increase the number of topics and information exchanged on the site, it will also and above all allow you to retain a maximum of visitors.

You can create spaces dedicated to specific topics, but also spaces for topics of all kinds. Through this type of space, you can even promote products and share discount coupons. It's also a good way to invite your members to join your affiliate program. Which, logically, will allow you to sell more products and services.

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The network creates the community

With a discussion forum already installed, the logical next step is the opportunity for members to create their own blog. WordPress MU (an option of WordPress still called Multi-site, offers this possibility).

Like, you can create your blog network in just a few clicks. That's what we did with GratoShop : the platform that allows you to create your online store free of charge and without any sales commissions.

These member spaces usually have banner ads, but with a monthly fee, they are automatically removed. Your members must also have the opportunity to upgrade their site, with what it will involve as additional charges, but also with related benefits, such as nice increases in storage space for example, in addition to themes and additional plug-ins.

Your blog must therefore develop a real sense of community (avatars, widgets, most recent publications, etc.) through all the possibilities and features offered and that you will offer. It feels really good to see friendships being born and developing among members.

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It's also good to see real support for your cause grow, not only through the relationships you create, but also through the recurring payments you receive. The multi-site WordPress offers many features that will allow you to make all this possible.

And if you do not know what it is, then please contact the team of BlogPasCher who will be happy to install all this for you.

Everyone is on Facebook

You'll be able to expand your fan base through your youtube channel, for example, by creating a viral video (a viral video); you can go through Twitter to automatically notify your followers of any new posts, celebrate your successes, etc.

On Facebook, refuse to be swallowed. Create a facebook page for your blog, while continuing to look for people in need of what you have to offer in the same network. Facebook creates the community in a totally new light, with friends, photo sharing, and instant gratification (I love!).

On Facebook, most visitors are looking for quick answers. You can then create a home page for those, to help them as quickly as they want. However, you must include links to your most useful resources (Available on your blog and forum).

There are still many ways to build a community around your blog and take it even further on the road to success: Ebooks, Podcasts, and more. In addition, if you are advocating for a cause, do not hesitate to ask for money by building a community of support for your cause. Active members of your community will understand that renting a server is not free.

Many will even ask you how to help you in what you do, when you have not even asked for anything yet. Do not refuse their help and let them contribute. They will feel more useful and will be much more involved in your project.

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So, if you're interested in building a community around something you're passionate about, feel free to use the WordPress Multi-site, discussion forums, and social networking to get consistent follow-up. But if you think your cause is not big enough for all this trouble, look again!

So, dear friends, tell me a little bit about how you are doing on your side. Let's start the discussion already, and build our community from there!

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