If you have the opportunity to show your potential customers that you have something of value to them or their businesses. If you can convince your visitors that they absolutely need your services or products, you will have done more than half the job. Don't you believe me? The iPhone 6 and 6+ manufacturing cost margin (with assembly and material costs amount to 56% to 59% of the device price).


Why are people willing to pay so much more than what is needed to design a phone? Credibility and social acceptanceare the two expressions that justify all this success.

However, your business does not have the value of the Apple brand. So, we need to work on your credibility and convey information about your product quickly and efficiently.

A good image & an exemplary product: the first step in enhancing your brand

You must provide an excellent image of your products as well as copies of them. Multiple images from different angles with appropriate lighting and background, preferably measured zoom. Copies of the product with specific information about it.

It doesn't matter what you sell, whether it's children's diapers or high-end mobile phones, only your ability to showcase your product is important. If you fail to do it effectively, the rest is just academic. Your business will have a hard time getting by without sales. And if you can't showcase your product, you won't be able to study your potential customers.

Once you prove to a potential customer that your product has something special to offer, you have a chance. How can you do that? Create a better online store. There are many good WordPress themes that support WooCommerce.


One of our favorite themes is Chic, which offers all the essential features to put your products forward.


Another good option is the coveted theme resize. If you have a more diverse product line, resize offers tons of page templates to help you showcase what you have to offer. There are of course many other themes available to you, and once you find the one that best represents your products online, it's time to make some changes to your store.

What you will need too

Once a customer discovers a product that they might like, there are a multitude of steps between that appreciation and clicking that buy button.

Payment gateways

There are still a lot of people who are very concerned about the use of their bank card data on the internet. You will need to make sure that potential customers have all of the payment methods offered by your blog. 

If you are using WooCommerce, payment options by check, wire transfer, cash on delivery, and PayPal payments are available. But maybe you want to accept credit card payments through Stripe, Authorize.net or PayPal Pro, or offer digital downloads? There are hundreds of free and premium plugins that add multiple payment gateways to your store, no matter what ecommerce platform you are using.

Speed ​​of the site

Site speed is absolutely crucial for every site, every second counts. Slow sites with long load times affect your sales - A single second delay can drop your conversion rate.   A bad experience will drive visitors away, which translates into less revenue.

Email marketing

It remains a very effective method to bring customers back to your site. By collecting emails from users who have already made purchases on your blog, you will have the opportunity to entice them again by offering products that may interest them by email.Use email marketing to increase your sales volumes and boost conversion. One of the best ways to grow your email list it's using good plugins. Some people don't like them, but opting for them is a proven method.14-preview-1024x603

OptinMonster is one of the best conversion plugins available today. It is easy to install, customize and operate for even novice users. It has a host of built-in templates, options for layout, fonts, and even a built-in tracking feature to help you create the best possible optins for your blog. Looking for a free option? try Pop-up Maker. Even though it is free, this plugin offers a multitude of customization features, with responsive popups.

Notes and Product Reviews

70% of people will review or rate a product before making a purchase, and their reviews increase product conversion by almost 74%. Ratings and reviews constitute an automatic check on the system and its actors. This is the beauty of a free market in action. The good products are selling more, bad ones are disappearing.


Lots of premium and versatile themes, like Total , introduce customer testimonials in a personalized article type. Or if you use WooCommerce, customer reviews and comments are well designed there (they must be enabled by default).

Management of return visitors

Returning visitors are much easier to convert than first-time visitors. Returning visitors and first-time visitors are significantly different, so we must treat them differently. Try to personalize the experience of returning visitors, promo codes, discounts or special announcements can be a better trick to retain visitors or to entice them to buy.

 Your own practices

It's all up to you, and with a lot of time, you will be able to develop your own practices. Do not hesitate to test, you will never be criticized for trying. Each time you need to monitor the different results of your measurements, and based on these results, you can adapt your strategies.

That's all I could say today for improving your conversion rate. Don't hesitate to ask us questions, suggest your practices or share the article with your friends on your favorite social networks.