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Have you ever found that your favorite blogs often go to great lengths to connect with you? It even happens that they do so as long as you feel like you really know your interlocutors, don't you?

It's not something accidental. When you create a blog on which you communicate tips, tricks and the like, it is important that the people opposite can put them into practice and witness the effects. This cannot be done if there is not a good relationship between the authors and their readers, a relationship of trust. On the other hand, it's such a relationship that when your readers comment, you listen to what they have to say.

Basically, it is a virtual friendship that is created. We can therefore say, in our case, that I am here to help you, and that you are there to help me. It's a mutually beneficial relationship, one that will bring success to your blogging.

So, how will you replicate that commitment you see on your favorite blogs in your blog to you? Here are some steps that will help you.

Step 1. Open up

When you read a blog, what do you really know about the person behind the blog? Very little is not it? 🙂

If you're lucky, the blogger might have a bio and photo of him in the sidebar…but sometimes that's all you'll find.

You can only hope that your audience connects to you if you do not open. You can do this, for example, by creating a page " About ". This is not a page that will feature your blog or business, but you, the person behind the blog.

If you have a multi authors blog, you can create such a page for each of the authors on your blog. Here is what could be on a good page About "

1. Tell your full story : from birth to date. Give details about your life.

2. Do not hide anything : from the most shameful moments of your life to the most glorious, share everything; it will allow people to know all the facets of your person.

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3. Don't forget to add a photo People will not be able to connect to you unless you can see you. You can put a picture of yourself on your page " About“, Or create a cartoon version.

4. Talk about your goals : as much as you help your readers with your content, they can also help you. Talk about your future projects and goals on this page.

Step 2. Care about your audience

Your readers are people. If you don't want to help them and go above and beyond what is expected of you, how can you expect them to stay glued to you?

A simple way to show them they care about you is to reply to comments. Whenever a reader has a question, be sure to answer it; but don't stop at that.

You should do the same on the web. You can answer a variety of questions on Twitter, give specific details about Quora… all with the goal of helping others. Some of those you help may eventually become readers and share your content.

In addition to helping your readers through topics that relate to your blog, vYou should also try to help them solve their personal problems. It won't necessarily mean giving them money (though!), but in fact, don't be afraid to take your readers like family. You won't be able to help them solve all of their problems, but you can still try to help them, if possible for you.

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Doing more than expected shows you that vyou really care about others. And when you do this to your readers, they will do everything possible for you in case of need.

Step 3. Create an open line for communication

The page that most blogs don't have? This is the contact page. Why? Because most bloggers don't want to be bothered.

On BlogPasCher, however, not only can you call us, but you can even simply call back!

If you don't have an open line to communicate with your readers, it will limit the number of them that you will really know. And if you really value your time, just tell people what topics you don't cover on the phone or by email, and that will already narrow down the number of messages you receive.

If you do not want to receive messages from your readers, then you should not just blog. Blogging is not a one-sided relationship where you stuff people with information and hope they buy something from you.

It's a two-way street. Help others, and you'll see an increase in your traffic and sales, as a reward for your goodwill.

Step 4. Do not expect anything

Basically, blogging is all about helping others. The money comes next. If you help people, the money will follow you. Not making money from blogging should therefore not be a problem for you, because it is not the money that should drive you, but the desire to help others.

You have to bloom for love for the thing, and because you love to help and connect with people.

It might sound crazy to you, but at BlogPasCher, what makes us the happiest is making others happy. Although your smiles cannot be seen through our computers, your comments and emails are encouraging to the whole team.

You can make money blogging, yes. But if that's your primary goal, you're already off to a bad start. Your blog should aim to fill a gap in the blogosphere and help others. This is how all great blogs started. They are making money today, yes, but that is only a consequence of helping others.


If you do all that is mentioned above, I assure you that you will not only gain readers, but you will make friends; and your friends will help you succeed in blogging.

These friends might or might not put money in your business… but that's okay. If you are not able to convert your readers to friends, you will find that your traffic will not thrive, and you will probably make very little, or no money at all.

Don't start a blog with the goal of getting more readers for your site. Create one to build friendships.

What would you offer me besides these tips that I just shared with you?

Did this article help you? Thank you for sharing it with your friends!

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